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Thread: Eru's thoughts (Ainur)

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if matter entering a black hole approaches c as a limit, then perhaps matter leaving a white hole approaches it from the other direction
I figure what extinguished of a few batches of dinosaur species in the way back time, was the blowback from a black hole which just happened to intersect the earth in its orbit. That thar high energy beam just frizzled their hair, feathers, flesh, and eggs, causing another bunch of species bite the dust.

I figure this happens every few million years, but its like the great earthquakes that occur on the Great Circle of Fire where I live, if it happens it happens; we humans can't do anything to stop it. The Lord's will be done.
If a black hole ever intersected the earth's orbit, than the earth and the rest of the solar system would've been swallowed as well.

Besides, a blowback from a black hole is impossible : nothing can escape out of it, not matter, nor any form of electromagnetic radiation. This is the reason that mankind only knows black holes exist because it's in fact the matter that's about to be swallowed, that makes a final death cry in the form of X-radiation.

Although i am not a geologist, nor a palaeontologist, I thought it was already established that the dinosaurs died out because of volcanic eruptions and earth quakes due to the continental drift, together with the impact of one or several meteors.
Last I heard, the conclusion on what killed the dinosaurs was "inconclusive" though the existence of the Gulf of Mexico and a large impact crater in the Yucatan is pretty compelling evidence for a meteor strike. Blowback isn't impossible, though it's not my bet; that would take an awful lot of Hawking radiation, but there's enough matter in a stellar system it's tenable. I'm taking the Star Trek comment as a compliment, btw; tachyons are an established, if freaky, part of theoretical particle physics. And besides, I think the warp drive is tenable, too; you just have to generate an em field of sufficient intensity that nothing from the outside can get through, and then the laws of relativity don't apply to anything inside (or, more accurately, their "relative" motion to the rest of the universe is no longer problematic since they're no longer "connected" to it in any meaningful sense.) Not that any of this has anything to do with Eru at this point....
It wasn't the blackhole that intersected earth in its orbit, but the very narrow stream of high energy particles that are now thought to escape perpendicular to its plane. The blackhole can be millions of lightyears away and still do damage if something passes through its beam. Of course this is still theoretical. Checkout Astronomy magazine.

They have also found a crater off Australia that they think caused an even greater extinction 251 Million years ago, this since they found the one in the Gulf of Mexico that probably did that dastardly deed 65 million years ago.
Yes Virginia, this thread has gone severely off-topic...
I suppose you don't believe in Fat Santa Smilie either. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I should probably delete the last few posts; any votes for their being kept?
Tsk, everyone knows Santa lives in Lapland : Santa's village.

Why delete any posts in this thread ? They're at least interesting. I suggest you delete some posts in "who's next?" instead, before that thread starts getting popular again...
Grondy - I don't have a problem with the off-topic posts. It was a minor diversion, and an interesting one.

As far as Miruvor's suggestion.... I'll continue that one in the Website Suggestions forum.
Morambar posted in Assignment 1...

He represents not the expression of an evil inherent in Eru (who might be said to be incapable of evil since all of Ea is his creation and his to do with as he pleases, evil be here defined as something counter to the will of the proprietor,) but the supreme example of free will in the closest thing to independence anything relying on the Flame Imperishable for existence can be. It seems natural then, if not wholly inevitable, that such a creature will desire, sooner or later, to be wholly independent in a way it can never be; that it is impossible does not eliminate the desire.

I like this explanation. It is simple and believable.
Aw, shucks, thanks, Vee. Nice to know I'll always have at least one post. Elf Winking Smilie On reflection it reminds me of a comment someone else made about how Morgoth wanted to create life and when he found he couldn't turned to the spiteful perversion of life out of frustration and spite: "If I can't have it nobody will." That might be nearly inevitable, too, as free and self determinant life is a constant reminder of the desire he can never fulfill. Unfortunately I can't attribute and thereby credit that thought since I can only narrow it to somewhere in Assignments six through nine. What I get for showing up late, huh?

If all has its uttermost source in Eru, then there is no free will. Melkor thought he was harming the music, but it was exactly what Eru had planned. All is his plan. Ungoliant has to have a source, because Eru made all, yes?. Eru made evil; that doesn't make Eru evil, but he has a plan that no one can comprehend. All were made to live and or die in the world to be a part of his Great Play. Every obstacle takes a bow on the otherside when all ends.


I love this topic, because "free will" and "plan" or "destiny" are complete contradictions and can not exist at the same time. If God were all-knowing, all-powerful and every other word prefixed with "all", then he is the one whom is moving the pieces across the chess board.

Perhaps Eru/God is a thing beyond good and evil and just is.

I don't understand why some question whether Eru knew the mind of Melkor when everything begins and ends in Eru. Eru is the source of everything, right? He is "all" everything, therefore, he knew. It was all his plan. There is no free will, because all that happens is part of the Great Plan. Perhaps Ea is one big experiment.

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