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Thread: Legolas's Eye Color

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What happened with his eyes??? Is it an elf thing or what?
No, it is merely a case of bad continuity. Orlando Bloom/Legolas forgot to put the colored contact lenses in his eyes before the cameras rolled that day. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

[Edited on 4/2/2003 by Grondmaster]
Orlando Bloom/Legolas forgot to put the colored contact lenses in his eyes before the cameras rolled that day.

Ye, probably
I think when Orlando was filming huge battle scenes he doesn't wear his contacts in case one popped out and Legolas will then have multi-coloured eyes...I THINK. Elf Winking Smilie
Or it could just be P.Jackson who forgot to tell him to take them on, like he forgot to tell Liv Tyler she wasn't supposed to act as Glorfindel in FotR..

Could be! Big Smile Smilie
Lol Remi!

I was acctually quite disappointed, after I'd read about his eyes and other elves who's eyes was supposed to be something extraordinary and very beautiful, I was expecting something extraordinary and beautiful. His eyes were plain blue. Or purplish blue. Whatever.
Even more so with Treebeards eyes... I had acctually looked forward to looking into his eyes, after Pippin's description of how they looked in the book. Sad Smilie
Looks like his memory is short...
im so sorry grondmaster but that is wrong truly it is an elf thing it depends on the mood the elf is in their eyes can change color sor but it may have been he forgot to put them in but i dont think thats the case
Gosh, we do take in every detail don't we? I wear contacts myself. I personally don't have trouble with mine popping out but I wear rigid gas permeable lenses, not your traditional soft floppy contact lenses. I have heard they do that, maybe the technology has come further along by now that they don't. I would certainly hope that if contacts are touted as perfect for an active lifestyle, etc, they don't just fall out of your eye for something such as an actor's battle scene. What I have noticed with my lenses is that my eyes are MUCH more sensitive both to light and any speck of anything that gets in my eye...and maybe if Bloom was kicking up some dust in a battle scene, he left them out. It really hurts to get stuff in your eyes with them in, a LOT worse than when your eyes are "nude".

So by this discussion, I'm assuming that Orlando Bloom either wears colored contacts in real life or needed them as costuming to change his eye color to Legolas'.

As long as we are talking about eye color, I wonder if anyone noticed Gollum's eyes in the movie. I hadn't gotten to the part where Tolkien says that Gollum's and Smeagol's eyes change from blue to green, not sure who has which. At any rate, I didn't know about it either time that I saw the movie so I wasn't watching for it. Did anyone notice if Gollum's eyes change when he switches to Smeagol?
I didn`t notice the eye colour changing. I suppose that part of the film flew past my eyes. Big Laugh Smilie Okay, that wasn`t funny.............

Oh well, maybe I`ll notice it next time. I hope I don`t, because, it`s a negative and I don`t like negatives. Sad Smilie

Well, c ya l8tr. xx Cool Smilie
Did anyone notice if Gollum's eyes change when he switches to Smeagol?

I remember his eyes changing, but it wasn't the color that changed...his eyes dilated, but I don't remember if they dilated when he was Smeagol or when he was Gollum...sorry, that's really not much help Tongue Smilie
I checked, they stay blue the whole way through.
So PS you thought of me and my question at the movies? I'm touched, it seems almost like a date...sorry I wasn't thinking of it at the same time you did or looking up at the same moon on the same night or anything else remotely sappy. OK...getting nauseous now. But you are my type Squirrel, I couldn't help myself.

Hey Squirrel, I have been wondering about your signature, where does it come from? It's obviously a LOTR spoof, it sounds kind of BBC/Eric Idle-ish.
So PS you thought of me and my question at the movies? I'm touched,

not really, I hoiked out my DVD and had a watch again, thanks for the excuse.
And Perwing's right, it's from Bored of the Rings by the Harvard Lampoon.
I guess I really need to get my Bored of the Rings and finish it. I started and then mis-placed it. What I did read, was hilarious. Guess this weekend I will sit down and watch TTT again, it is too late tonight I would just pass out during it.
Squirrel and Mel, you both sound as if you have copies of TTT at home, it's not out yet is it? Do you have bootleg copies?
it might be a bootleg.....

Yeah, of course it is, it's not out til August, but I can't wait til then, and I'm not buying it until the Extended DVD comes out in November which is way too long to wait without seeing it.
I haven“t really paid attention to that but now that I cometo think of it......I do remember some scenes when he has brown eyes....but sometimes with blue eyes like for example in TT when he says that the white wizard approaches....you see he has blue eyes.... but in FOTR he has brown eyes when he weeps after the fall of Gandalf....THAT WAS SAD!!! He had a great sad face....Orlando you are the man!!! The dark lord we salute you! Bad! Smilie I am the prince of darkness!! hahaha ALL HAIL ME or Orlando for his great effort in LOTRBad King Smilie
I greatly agree that Orlando played the character very well. I couldn`t imagine anyone better. I used to like Tom Cruise very much, but I don`t think he`d be suitable for the part.
I always thought Legolas had grey eyes anyway? Disturbed Smilie

Either PJ's representation of him is very confused, or Legolas is very moody indeed!
I never thought he had grey eyes, but you know what they say: Men have mysterious eyes and no one knows what lies behind them.
Men have mysterious eyes and no one knows what lies behind them.

Maybe I'm biased, but I thought it's the women who have mysterious eyes. Wink Smilie
Come to think about the MAN/WOMEN eye thing, I think you`re right. Females do have mysterious eyes.

Bedroom eyes, would that be to invite them to his bedroom? I wouldn`t mind if he worked that charm on me. Big Laugh Smilie
All poor Legolas may do is give you a quarter and tell you to call him in ten years Sheryl, otherwise we would have to lock him up and throw away the key. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
HAHAHAHAHA! (That was said sarcastically by the way! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie )
You`re like me then, I can`t enjoy the film if I look for mistakes or look really closely either.
Actually, in LOTR, Legolas has blue eyes in in some scenes and brown in some. Ie Lothlorien

I wrote a short bit about this very issue, entitled "The Circle Closes."  I'd be happy to share it if there is a place to post on the website.

apparently there was a problem with the CGInot with the contacts (which sounds really weird), or something along those lines; Peter Jackson says something in one of the Appendices of the Two Towers.

I think they should just make more animated character or ask different-looking people to act different characters. For example, they could invite some Asian guys to act some Dwarves or some other characters  else.

Me and my friends were in cinema today and i can tell you for sure that on billboard Legolas has very blue eyes... I have seen the Hobbit the day it was released but I didnt pay attention for the colour of the eyes... :/

Welcome Luthien T,! And yes i can't tell if Legolas has yellow or blue eyes!

I didn't notice this until I saw this post. 

It actually happens a lot. For some reason I almost can't believe that the movie people

would miss something like this--especially over and over again. 

Maybe they did it on purpose wondering if anyone would take note.

(Personally, I think Legolas looked better without the colored contacts.) 

His eyes in the hobbit movies were unbearable! The blue contacts he wore in LOTR were at least natural looking. It's hard for me to watch the hobbit without fixating on that. They eyeliner doesn't really help. If anything, it emphasizes it more.