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Thread: Mistakes

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Ah, it felt so good to abuse my power one last time. Can't change it back now, oh well... it was funny while it lasted.
Can you do it again? apparently i missed it.
The mistake I can think of is that there are only 8 Nazgūl chasing after Arwen in the Flight to the Ford sequence. ??When the camera is prob. in a helicopter, and u c the Wraiths in a formation racing towards Arwen from above, u can count; there're only 8.
Yeah Celebrķan....I did forget that I really loved the movies at first.....but then I saw all the faults in it and the anger kept bubbling up inside me.....and I turned to books instead of movies.....I rather read a good book then watch a crappy movie.....but now I hate the movies and PJ.....but that doesn“t mean that the scene when Gandalf fell was not sad......although it was wrong to...he should“ve cried it when falling not clinging on to the ledge and saying: Fly you fools!
if you know what I mean.....but as they all said: Mr. Aulė has taken over and Dr. Aulė is gone.....Wink Smilie
Moderator Smilie I had to remove a whole hoaf of posts here; come on guys, keep it clean. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Moderator Smilie
Hope you understand that I'm not out to get you Aulė.

Heavens no! I didn“t think that....I know why you did write it because you are curious and I think you are entitled to know that I had a grand change of heart.....
So don“t worry sugarWink Smilie I ain“t sad or mad....
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