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Thread: Beautiful Men - The Drool Thread

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Dalton did his best work as the Emerald Prince in Flash Gordon. He always seemed to over-act everything else, though he's attractive. Yes, I agree Pierce B. is too skinny to be Bond, but he was so Bond-like as Remington Steele - there was an absolute outcry when he was passed over for Dalton after Roger Moore retired the role.

Can you do your paper on the First Ladies of Russia? Have they done anything interesting, aside from keeping the mink/sable industry afloat?
I remember that hoo-haa about Brosnan vs. Dalton Bond thing! Seemed that the Bond people had always targeted Brosnan, but Remington Steele had such a strong following that he wasn't allowed to break his contract. I didn't like him as Bond though, but I liked him way back as the Saint.

Russian First Ladies are not supposed to do anything. Russians are still conservative in that sense, Raisa Maximova was constantly in the spotlight for trying to be different and she was absolutely hated at home for it (although the West loved her). Although you must question the wisdom of flaunting the fashionable outfits, trips to the West and hobnobbing with foreigners when her fellow countrymen were standing in bread queues & drinking moonshine. Not very smart. As for the current one - intelligent (graduate of the philological department of the Leningrad State University if I'm not mistaken), and now a happy matron. Grr.
Pierce Brosnan is without doubt the best Bond since Connery! He has managed the impossible, to merge the vulnerability and humanity of Fleming's original "man with loneliness forced upon him" with the movie image of the unbreakable "Man of Steel". Dalton was a great Bond, but too much like the Bond of the Books for movies, whereas Moore was TOO comical. Dalton couldn't deliver a classic Bond one-liner to save his life, whereas Pierce can do it as well as Connery ever could.

Pierce Brosnan is without doubt the best Bond since Connery!

Dalton was a great Bond, but too much like the Bond of the Books for movies


Are you drooling Plastic? I didn't see any drool.

I liked Pierce as Remington Steele but not as Bond. TImothy Dalton was perfect IMO. I liked him as the Barron in Flash Gordon too and Max Von Sydow was even kinda hunky... Hail Ming! (did you catch Richard O'Brien in Flash Gordon?? It's astounding....)

Richard O'Brien had all the best lines in D&D and if they would have just let him be in every scene, he could have saved that movie Smile Smilie

I want more of the mummy magi dude, with his cool accent.
Pierce Brosnan.. :P :P :P Mr. James Bond. Need i say more? if only he was 30 years younger.. *sigh*

and Colin Firth.. :P :P :P
and of course, dear old Orlando. :P :P :P

yeah british (and irish and scottish) guys rule! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

I do like Collin Firth and British Chaps aren't bad, Americans are very pleasing to look upon, but Aussies (and Kiwi's) both look and sound faboo... here's a few:

Mel Gibson
Michael Hurst (slurp)
Hugh Jackman
Russell Crowe
Kevin Smith (yummmmmmy)
Who's Colin Firth again?

I've always had a soft spot for Ralph Fiennes. Awfully sad looking chap.
Mr Firth would be best known as Mr Darcy in the BBCs Pride and Prejudice.
And Mr Fiennes is a fine actor, liked his Heathcliff. Not Drooling though Wink Smilie
Colin Firth *adds to puddle of drool left by everyone else* :P
Acctualy Jeff Hardy isn't that bad looking either...
Ahhh...so that's Colin Firth, eh? Nope, don't like him.

WOOOHOOO! Finally found out who played Ramualdo & Tarabas in Cave of the Golden Rose! Ramualdo = KIM ROSSI STUART (Italian, yummy drool, the 2nd most gorgeous man alive) , and Tarabas = Nicholas Rogers (Aussie bloke? Didn't know that!).
Here's a link http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/7637/CGR.htm Wink Smilie

The bloke who played Antonio in 'Roseanna's Grave' (Mark Frankel) was gorgeous, unfortunately he died of a motorcycle accident a few years ago. RIP.
Me, Pman and Grondy can vouch for the British men comment.
Colin Firth is fantastic! His Valmont was wonderful, as was his Darcy in Bridgette Jones' Diary. But his best role so far was, of course, Darcy in P&P. Sigh.

Ralph Fiennes is one of my favorites - he's soooo much better looking than his brother - never understood the fuss over Joseph compared to Ralph. I love that Ralph Fiennes always plays some sort of tortured lover. It cracks me up. Between the English Patient and the End of the Affair - there couldn't be a dry eye in the house. He's great, but I'd have to have him lighten up a bit.
Colin Firth is fantastic! His Valmont was wonderful...

No way! No one can beat Malkovitch's Valmont! But agree with you about Ralph Fiennes & the tortured lover bit, he'd better not do any more otherwise he'll forever be stuck in that role. He is such a good actor - he blew me away in Schindler's List.
They are different Valmonts, not in competition because the movies were very different. Malkovich's Valmont and the story surrounding him is much more like the book, while Firth's Valmont and the screenplay is from a play of the same name - Valmont - based on the book, but with some liberalities taken. It's like apples and oranges, and not mutually exclusive.

I also like Malkovich as Valmont - but ONLY as Valmont - otherwise, I think he is the WORST actor on record - he plays the exact same character in each role - he's very one demensional. I think he was good in being John Malkovich, but it was a different kind of movie. I've never really understood hollywood's fascination with him. It is that he's ugly, but they can't stop looking at him - like a car wreck?
He's a wonderfully shaggy Irish actor who's made some good movies (Excalibur, Miller's Crossing, Usual Suspects, Little Women), some bad ones (Cool World, Mad Dog Time, Stigmata, End of Days, although he was good in that one) and a lot inbetween (Into the West, Smilla's Sense of Snow, Man in the Iron Mask, Enemy of the State, briefly). He was married to Ellen Barkin for a while. And he's terribly, terribly sexy.

AT LAST!!! I found someone who's with me. I loved him in Usual Suspects, Little Women, Stigmata, End of days (that last one sucks, but he was fantastic) and Man in the Iron mask. He's fantastic! And he's got two children with Ellen, though they divorced last year, after having lived separately since 1992 (?). Ellen then got married with some kinda freak (he's bald, I mean, yuk! and he didn't look!!). Oh well. At least Gabe's free now. Big Smile Smilie

I didn't read all the rest here, sorry, I hereby apologize for interrupting the thread and drool on! Big Smile Smilie
Well, I was comparing Malkovitch's Valmont against Firth's version, and I preferred Malkovitch, that's all. I found 'Valmont' (movie) rather tedious actually, and never got around to finishing it. Smile Smilie But Dangerous Liaisons...man! It was quite faithful to the book, used American actors but was still so good so I was quite impressed....

Dunno what it is about Malkovitch...I just find him strangely sexy. He's just ugly enough to be attractive I think. A bit like Brannaugh in Henry V...yum...or Crowe in Gladiator.
I can understand that, but I think your attraction has more to do with the director of the movie, rather than the actor. I was first attracted to Valmont when he gets out of bed in the middle of the night b/c Michelle's character was running away - his dark, vampire like look was highly appealing. That one moment defined my attraction in the movie, but I can't credit Malkovich for that - gotta credit the art director, costume designer, make-up artist, editor, directors, and music composer.
Actually, I had always found Valmont intruiging. An earlier underdeveloped prototype would be the Duc de Nemours (a better role for Colin Firth maybe?) in Princesse de la Clevés (sp?), who I didn't fully approve of - but Valmont in DL took it many steps further yet still had a noble ending which moved me.

I was quite apprehensive before the movie since DL was one of my favourite books, but was reassured the moment Malkovitch came on. I think he was born for the role - of course it helped that Close & Pfeiffer (a bit stiff though) weren't too bad either. Smile Smilie
Apparently you know what the hell you're talking about - unlike me. Big Smile Smilie
Oops sorry Yummy. The Princess de Cleves (can't remember the correct title) was an old French novel written by a court gossip, Madame something. It's about a young, virtuous, newly married noblewoman who was pursued by some duke (it was either Nemours or based on Nemours). It's about how she resisted until the end, even though it was quite fashionable for the French aristocracy to take on lovers aplenty. Anyway, I thought that Nemours would be a better role for Colin Firth, since he wasn't thoroughly evil like Valmont in DL - more like a brash, handsome, immoral blueblood but not quite as 'evil' as Valmont. Anyway I didn't approve of him because he actively pursued his lady (even though she was happily married) without thought or respect of her marriage vows (which she did take seriously). A bit full of himself.

Ah well. Can't remember anyway, it's been years since I read either. Sad Smilie
Sounds like something I'd enjoy - I'll see if I can locate an english translation around - my days of actually reading in French are long gone. Smile Smilie
You guys stopped drooling and started an intellectual discussion... what will the men think now?
Oh! Sorry! um . . . let's see . . . Ewen McGregor! He makes me drool! As does Ioan Griffiths (horatio hornblower). mmm mmm good!
I liked de Niro in Godfather II, but his hair was too short. Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 is very sexy...ok, ok, I know he's gay. sob.
Hey what about the classic film men... like Eyrol Flynn, Cary Grant, Yul Brenner, rtc. etc. etc (sorry couldn't help myself)
Oooohhh! Cary Grant, definitely! Drool. :P
Yule Brenner - what a man!
Don't know them... De Niro's ok though. Robert Redford? Richard Gere? Anthony Hopkins? Sean Connery? Connery's still sexy to me. He was really good in Entrapment, with Zeta-Jones. Smile Smilie
And John Malkovitch is great too. Or Jeremy Irons. Hmmm...
Jeremy Irons was nice in Brideshead Revisited, but I liked the other bloke - the blond. Anthony? Andrew? Can't remember his name.

Gere - ugh.
My heart is broken. Kevin Smith (the NZ actor, not the American director) has passed away after being critically injured in a fall in China. He was a gorgeous man, a charming actor and he seemed like a nice guy to boot. Plus, he was beyond sexy as Ares in Xena. I'll really miss seeing him.

Here's a link if you want an official report:


Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 is very sexy...ok, ok, I know he's gay
WHAT??? No way! but...but...I was going to marry him!...oh that's so unfair...
My heart is broken. Kevin Smith (the NZ actor, not the American director) has passed away after being critically injured in a fall in China

OH NO!!! What a bummer. I got his autograph at a Xena con. He was a great guy, I was really pulling for his career! What a great looking guy in black leather! ....sigh.... how depressing...
someone cheer me up!
*Falls off his chair in a comical manner in an attempt to cheer Faye up*
*Does her bit by dropping pie on Plastic's head*

Chika - yeah I was pretty devastated myself. My husband told me I think - he read it somewhere. Sad Smilie
I think I'll just blame it on the Chinese... Kevin smith is like a national treasure in NZ! I think they should declare war!

Well, he was definitely one of the hottest guys on Xena and Hercules. I also found Michael Hurst/ Iolaus very apealing... and Karl Urban made an excellent Caesar/Cupid. Lots of great lookers on that show.
Swampfaye- I'm not sure I'd want poor little New Zealand to attack big mean China, but yeah, I'm still sad over poor Kevin. How depressing.

And you'll be happy to know that Karl Urban is playing Eomer, so we'll see him soon. No Michael Hurst though.
Coollies... and we'd help NZ out with China... actually we just need any excuse!
As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded by a band of angry attacking Indians,
Who's this 'we' you talking about, paleface?
Cool Smilie
Ungoliant - The fellow you're talking about from Brideshead Revisited is Anthony Andrews, one of my absolute FAVORITES for TV movies. God, I love that man. His best and my absolute favorite TV movie is the Scalett Pimpernel - just fabulous! I'm going to see if it's available on DVD.
Theres something so childlike about Elijah Wood that I just can;t drool over him yet, though I know he is very attractive - i am sure he will make a very charming 30 something...

I think the entire cast of Batlestar Galactica had it going on.
Yummy - that's it, Anthony Andrews! He was gorgeous in Brideshead Revisited, although most of my girlfriends back then preferred Jeremy Irons.

Just saw a clip of one of Warren Beatty's old movies...he was beautiful back then. Wow!
Byrne baby Byrne...
I moved these here from Planet-tolkien was an ezboard??? under Website General Discussion

Allyssa posted on 6/7/2002 at 12:54
And who is Gabriel Byrne?
Chikakat posted on 6/7/2002 at 15:02
Gabriel Byrne is some actor guy that Tommy seems to be somewhat hung up over. Wink Smilie
TomBombadillo posted on 7/7/2002 at 11:44
And who is Gabriel Byrne?
Police Smilie
Shocked Smilie I thought that by now everyone knew... Shocked Smilie

No, chika's right. *too lazy to spend more words on it* Animated Wink Smilie
Allyssa posted on 7/7/2002 at 13:29

This guy? no way! Super Scared Smilie
TomBombadillo posted on 18/7/2002 at 11:07
The very same. Cool Smilie

There *are* better pics of him you know. Take a look at:



This is where you got the MITIM pictures from, Allyssa, but if you check out the other galleries, you can even see him as a kid! (pictures in my head)
And there are loads more sites, but I'm not going to trouble you with them. Animated Wink Smilie
hot guys are hot. they are... um... hot. like i said. hot. sexy guys are sexy. yummy guys are yummy and tasty guys are tasty. i love them all, unless they're bummunchers. (bummunch. he) i'd like to say more, but... i'll drive you all insane! mwaha haha!

ps: justin (not timberlake) is the nicest, funniest and cutest guy ever. he goes to my acting class. i love him. he's movie to vancouver. boo hoo. Very Sad Smilie that's enough for now.
Elijah Wod?! U have clearly lost your mind! He looks like a little boy and, quite frankly, has the sort of strained look like someone had elctricuted him. Now I agree with Orlando Bloom, but admitted, the boy has got to get himself some co-ordination skills as far as clothes r concerned, and even maybe Sean and Viggo, but Elijah? Erm, no Smoke Smilie
Welcome to the forum Ita_istar. Smile Smilie
Thankies! glad to be here!! Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 13/12/2002 by Grondmaster]
Ita_istar: Okay, I just have to ask: Where did you find the extra six rings for your Signature? What were their names? Who wore them? Or is that just a line from a non-Tolkien story? Big Smile Smilie
Why is there no mention of my name in this thread? I Love You Smilie
Or me for that matter? I would welcome some drool. Sad Smilie Wink Smilie

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