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Thread: HEY, I a newbe!!!

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Hi, just like to tell you that I'm a newbie too. I'm Bluewynd and although my friend have encouraged me to read Tolkien's works before, it's only now where I got the time to read them. Right now I finished The Sil, The Hobbit and currently reading LOTR. I know I still have a long way, and I'm hoping I can learn from you guys. Nice meeting you all, seeya! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT Blue! Waving Hello Smilie
Hi i am new my name is lizz i live in australia and a huge fan of the movie, currently reading the book and trying to use my ticket to see lord of the rings return of the kings but the cinema won't let me use it

"yes they are elves' said legolas; 'and they say that you breathe so loud they could shoot you in the dark.' Sam hastily put his hand over his mouth
Hi to all the newbies.
Hello there, Bluewynd and Elizabethevenstar Waving Hello Smilie

I hope you both have a great time at Planet Tolkien, and that we see more of the pair of you around here.
Welcome to our website Bluewynd and Elizabethevenstar . Happy Elf Smilie I hope you enjoy yourselves and will share it with us.
Welcome to PT Bluewynd and Elizabethevenstar,I hope to see you two in chat or around the forums. Happy Elf Smilie
thank you all for the lovely welcome it certainly cheered me up after the scare i had today but i won't bother you with that kind of stuff.

"yes they are elves' said legolas; 'and they say that you breathe so loud they could shoot you in the dark.' Sam hastily put his hand over his mouth
thank you all for the lovely welcome it certainly cheered me up after the scare i had today but i won't bother you with that kind of stuff.
Well you can post that kind of stuff under The brooding club if you've a mind to it.
thank you i have gladly posted its good that i have talked about it, ur a kind decent chap
Hi!!!!!I'm a new user. Hi everyone!I love lord of the rings!Just wanted to say that.
-lady Luthien

elen sila lumen omentilvo!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien!! Everyone is really nice here hope you like it!!! Big Smile Smilie

Hello Lady luthien,I hope you enjoy being a member Smile Smilie Tell us a little about yourself.

Or are you just to busy exploring this action packed site?? Just kidding!!! Big Smile Smilie Yea I would like to know alittle about you too!!!
Very new to the site -- and to message boards in general. Hope I'll be able to check in once in a while. Will someone please tell me where to find avatars and how to download them to my computer? (I have dial-up, so I don't want to be stuck for twenty minutes & then find I've been kicked off!) Thank you!
Welcome Sister Polly! We will be nice to you.(And as soon as we have you fattened up, we will all have a rather nice sister soup! Big Laugh Smilie ) Enjoy your stay here, and may it be... well, enjoyable(btb, I hate the term newbe. my bros use it too often)
Welcome Sister polly bramble. (Are you a nun?) You'll get the hang of message boards soon enough (oh, you have!) as long as you remember one simple rule......

just post more than HobbitHOmie05! Bwahahahahaha!

As for Avatars - can't help you there but there are wil be someone passing through soon who can.

Well been awhile since i have had to call meself a newbie (reminisces on those fond memories of Neverwinter Nights games all those months ago... "sobs") but hey i've familiarised myself with some of the chat and well you all seem like a really nice bunch.

Greetings to ye then, "bows" fellow Tolkien folkers, i am Aelric Aelricsson, grandson of Aelrica and of clan Ael...et cetera, et cetera... Cool Smilie

I wondered at the the potential of this site for use as a means by which i can eat up some surplus time whilst slaving at my desk.
Is it possible for someone of a storytelling disposition to find an outlet here for my humble talents? If so i'd very much like to contribute...

Farewell Tolkein Hordelings "waves"

Wink Smilie
Greetings friends, I am new in this land, will you accept my sword?
Hi there Sister polly , and welcome to planet-tolkien.com
Hope youŽll enjoy yourself here and trust me, using the message board is easy, it took me some time to learn how to use it but I can use it now! Big Smile Smilie
Hi there Grimwump and welcome to planet-tolkien.com Big Smile Smilie
hurumph! nay welcome for lil ole me eh? well thats just dandy, i feel like crying
Very Sad Smilie
Welcome Katakutur, Lord aelric (don't cry silly!), Grimwump (thank you, I have always wanted a sword!) and Sister polly bramble! Waving Hello Smilie

Is it possible for someone of a storytelling disposition to find an outlet here for my humble talents? If so i'd very much like to contribute...

Oh there is plenty for you to do! Check out the Writers Guilds, and this place is practically swarming with RPGs and stories.Wink Smilie We really need writers for The Quest for the Straigh Road, so everybody; you are very welcome to join! Just write what you think or would like to happen next and include new people if you want to. Smile Smilie
hey Out_of_Sheol. im pretty new too so dont feel bad. But WELCOME!!!!!!!!
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Welcome Grimwump and Lord aelric! I ask you friend, "Is it tassty? Is it sscrupssous?" are you ready to be tasted?Very Big Grin Smilie Just kidding. May your stay here be full of suprises and new friendships! Ohh yeeah!
Jeez forgot jus how lame it feels being a newb... and to my eternal shame i used to terrorise poor little newbs on Neverwinter Nights Online, twas fun n frolics though, but the Cosmos remembers such indiscretions and i must pay for my henious sins.
No more shall I be a Silly high level Fiend dispensing justice with willful abandon, capriciously tormenting lesser mortals for my own amusement *nostalgic moment - tear in one's eye* oh the memories...

Very Evil Smilie
Neverwinter Nights Online

I have a friend who used to play that a lot but now he's moved onto Star wars Galaxies.
So, I am newbie ... and a good site you folks have here... Smoke Smilie we had a similiar one here in Serbia...
I see there is a lot of Tolkien fanatics here ...I like that... Cool Smilie ...
I am into Tolkien for some years...very inspirative writer. Thou I have Black Metal band completely inspired by his works...
Also I studied Slovenian(slavic) and Nordic mythology for years so if you need something about that stuff...contact me...
All the Best You All and Cheerz!!


Welcome to PT, Eldarion. I hope you enjoy your visits with us. Smile Smilie
Welcome to the site, Eldarion. I hope you enjoy yourself here. Waving Hello Smilie
Hi i am new also and just wanted to say hi to every one else!
Hey, Aron10! I hope you'll enjoy being a part of P-T! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Aron 10. Waving Hello Smilie I hope you have an enjoyable time here.
Thank you both and how do you earn meathreal
Hello and welcome. I'm newish and had the same problem. Try logging in twice.
hey thanks again Wiggle Smilie
U have to responce to posts and other kinds of things and you can lose it also
I don't think those functions have been switched on yet, Aron. Eventually, the Private Message feature will cost mithril to send posts. Also, from what Taz once mentioned, "virtual" jobs will become available enabling you earn mithril, but the better paid ones will also cost mithril for "training". I think mithril will also be used for each location to buy "treats" (quizzes etc). It sounded pretty exciting, but I think Taz has been tied up since the launch of this site, cleaning up a few bugs.

Hopefully, one day soon, though.....
hey have you seen my new post for you Pixie Smilie Cyclops Smilie Sleeping Smilie Moderator Smilie Deal Smilie Super Scared Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Juggling Smilie Making Out Smilie Teacher Smilie
Hey! you can call me wooffy, I am not really new here. I had an old account but I couldnt use it anymore because I forgot the password and I got a new e mail change. TTYL!

Hey everyone! I am new to this site today as I was browsing for an online reading guide for The Silmarillion. My dad read all of the Tolkien books to me when I was little. Starting in middle school, I read The Hobbit and all of the Lord of the Rings books, and I have been rereading them ever since. I recently started The Silmarillion last week, and I am finding myself thoroughly confused of where I am and who's who. Soooo, I think I'll leave all that to the other message board Winking Smilie
I am a student at the University of Florida and majoring in Animal Science and I will be applying to vet school in the fall. I am a huge Tolkien fan, and I am proud to be reading his masterpieces than some of the other meaningless stuff all of my friends read now a days (ex: Confessions of a Shop-a-holic??? That's not a real book...) Anyway, I'm so excited to be a member now!
Welcome Girl of the Gator... may your time here be blessed with smelly flowers and the careful avoidance of guano!

Stick with the Silmarillion, it's a book that doesnt read like a novel more like a "selected histories", so dont be put off its well worth persevering with.

Very Mad Smilie
Hi LotR GG. I've already greeted you in the Silmarillion section, but hey, Hi again. Have a great time here. Waving Hello Smilie
Wab! I think you should go to the boy trouble forum, Val
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