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Thread: I need to get my girl back!

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:falls in shock:

Taz can make mistakes????

That means that Taz is HUMAN???????

:falls down again from shock:
I would never knowingly make fun of tennesseans, I respect people'e rights to marry their pets. Glad you're not a fully-fledged tennessean, and sopme of my best friends are form Tennessee.... hell, Elvis lived there, so it's all good.
Damn! I can't help myself. I have texted her twice since I said I would leave her alone and try to move on, and have just sent another apology letter begging her to forgive me and take me back Got The Blues Smilie *sigh* I just wish she could realise that I love her and that I was sorry Very Sad Smilie
Life can be hard... But you're only human, and we all make mistakes. We can give you all the advice you need (and I think some of us really have), but your heart doesn't always follow what your mind tells you to do.

Just hang in there pal, it *will* get beter somehow or other.
Taz my friend I have been exactly where you are, and done exactly these foolish things. It has never ever worked, and I have merely come out at the end of it feeling very embarrassed at acting such a fool and begging like a moron. I think the time may have come for you to move on mate. You will feel better in the long run if you don't keep doing the begging thing, believe me.
Yes plus the fact if she does take you back now, she will forever treat you like dirt as she now knows she can. Go out find a bird you fancy, talk to her, take her home. Problem solved!
Got to agree with Plastic and Ross, Taz. Your one chance is to play the one card they almost always fall for, that green spikey dragon called jealousy. When all else fails, them seeing you with a new girlfriend often has them banging on your door. While Claire knows you will do anything and everything to get her back, she can afford to sit back and watch you beg. If she is playing you along, knowing she is about to lose you to someone else might just make her want you back. If it doesn't, well at least you've got someone else warm and cuddly who you can be buying flowers and maltesers for in a year's time.
I agree, though she isn't playing me-along by any stretch of the imagination. I asked her to meet, again, to talk yesterday and she simply said it was over and to stop texting. So, errrr, that was blunt enough I think now to use that new "Lock Thread" feature on this topic. Thanks all for your support as always.
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