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Thread: You think you have problems

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Isn't your post far more political than Ross's? Tongue Smilie
Yes, you're right: I'll edit my previous comment and wait for Amarie to delete my posts.
All of the UK is a republic. The definition of a democracy is that everyone gets to vote on everything. The definition of a republic is that people vote for a representative who then goes to the central goverment and in theory votes on behalf of their constitunacy. However as politicians are power hungry egomaniacs, this doesn't usually happen.
Oh yes and if Lancashire did ceceed from the UK it would be a true Monarchy, with me as Duke (much better title than King, Emperor etc. As it means Warlord.) Mwuahahahahaha. Tongue Smilie
Are you sure you're not dreaming? Of course I would be the Queen, and you could perhaps be my footstool if you behave.
Are you from Lancashire and are your feet really that big?
Seriously, Loni, the question is do you really want to rest your feet on Ross? Big Laugh Smilie

One thing through, it is a good thing that we keep politics quiet here. I can see (by what my responce to some posts would be) how easy it is to lose one's keyboard temper.
One thing through, it is a good thing that we keep politics quiet here. I can see (by what my responce to some posts would be) how easy it is to lose one's keyboard temper.

Hmm.. That is the part I don't get. I don't see why people should take personal issue with other peoples ideas? Of course one can feel passionately for/against some views, but why make that a personal issue? On other boards, e.g userfriendly.org, politics are discussed dayly without problems. People attacs other peoples arguments, not their person.

I'm not saying we should have political discussions here, we can do that somewhere else. There is a time and forum for everything, it doesn't have to be this. Big Smile Smilie I'm just really not understanding how people manage to get so upset because others have different ideas. Although those who do get all red and hot over other "truths" than they themselves belive in, are probably those who would benefit most by being presented with them. To live in a shell is bad for the individual, but even worse for society as a whole.

Ross: Heh! Big Smile Smilie Your voting scandal was just on BBC World, Dateline London. May lead to the downfall of Blair they say. Are you going to replace him? Tongue Smilie
Right then this has gotten off the subject at hand what the heck is goin' on with the politics. This was supposed ta be about us laughin' at grown people dressin' up as complete eejits and then ye throw in the odd remark and it goes to pot.
So enough of the political guff and get back to the reason were here, and that is to laugh at stupid folk....now just because it's americans doesn' mean im singlin' out ye out. There's plenty more of ye out there across the world I have seen the evidence.
Idiots? Yes, we are all over the world! Big Smile Smilie Ironically though:
"Idiot" is a greek word, meaning someone that is not interested in politics.... Big Smile Smilie

But etymyology aside (or is that about the bugs? I'm always mixing), how come those who dress up are the idiots, if they have more fun than those shaking their heads at them? Juggling Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie
Yes, you're right: I'll edit my previous comment and wait for Amarie to delete my posts.
Fine fine, I'll clean up your mess. What would you do without me? You lazy, hopeless old man.. Wink Smilie

*copy and paste Ross's post* Me having a point? Wow!

I know how you feel. A few days ago, Virumor said "I agree with Amarie" in a post. I nearly fainted!

how come those who dress up is the idiots, if they have more fun than those shaking their heads at them?
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Now THAT is a point!
Hey we have fun ye know...we laugh our b*llocks off at ye's
Are you from Lancashire and are your feet really that big?

Well, maybe. I'm across the world from it, does that count? Anyway, you don't ahve to be from Lancashire to be the queen. My feet ARE that big. (For an ant)


Seriously, Loni, the question is do you really want to rest your feet on Ross?

Give him a plastic cover and he'll be fine.
Yes we do, we laugh until we lose allbreath and then pass out. But to be fair Dar I think unless you find a new link this thread has dried up on that point.
Not at all, it is important to point out that those laughing at people always have much more fun than those being laughed at. And come on, dressing up? Grown adults? It's the funniest thing in the world, there must be more links? Check out the first church of Presleytarians if you can find it, they're a riot.
Elvis-looking-nothing-alikes? Well that is funny, but we've seen it so many times before. Get us a link to a Star-Trek or Star Wars convention. Now THAT would be funny!
Or those two-headed, three-armed Beatle-juician look-alikes wearing the darked-out danger-glasses. Cool Elf Smilie
Ross it never dries up mate, I have plenty ta show and now is my next wee selection.
Now I am a big fan of Transformers but there is no way in heck I'd do this.
Check this stuff out......Click Here.

Moderator Smilie (Grondy was here)
Ok be afraid be very afraid. This aint for the weak of heart.......Click Here and what is wrong with this blokes rearend.

Moderator Smilie (Grondy was here too. Please watch your language.)
and heres another my friends and I tell ye this.....HE IS THE LAW. Click Here.

Moderator Smilie (Grondy was here)
I love them transformer guys.... and Tron? Why? I couldn't wait for it all to download, sorry Dar, laughing too much, I'll try again later....
Reminds me of times long ago when i was a "Goth" (for shame, heh), i had a bunch a good mates we all did RPG's together, but some wanted to go the step further and do live action - RPGs. Either Fantasy stuff or worse still Vampire RPG, hmmm so these planks would dress up and play out their fantasy's in the Pub where we all drank - Embarressing is not the word!

Seriously though, people who claim to be your friends dressing up as werewolves and vampires n wotnot going to the Pub on a friday night is NOT Big or Clever!
theres nothing wrong with dressing up like a star wars or any other fantasy book/movie character as long as you have a good reason or excuse like:im drunk,im high,im a looney bin escapee,i was being paid,it was for charity,i was trying to embaras someone,or the ever popular "it was an excuse to carry a medieval weapon" but going into a pub like that?and assuming the role,thats just wrong,its not even insanity,

but im surprised to hear the British insulting the Americans odd behavior,if i based what yall were like by your tv shows then all yall must be wearin sundresses and skippin around with some guy behind you bangin two coconuts together so it sounds like a horse on cobble stones,i have actually made a horse galloping motion and gotten someone to beat two coconuts together before
Do you think I am Optimus Prime and the friend of the interior designer (NOT decorator) realise that they haven't blanked their faces out. What pillocks.
As for the Dredds' if they had bothered to read the comics they may have noticed that Dredd is actually muxcular, what utter weiners. Ok, let the heckling comence. Big Laugh Smilie
Aye man the Dredd guys....what goes through there minds. Now if ye have the phyisque fer it go fer it like but if yer some 8 stone weeny stay in bed and do a crossword bub,ye don't belong with the rest of the world.
Optimus Prime is particular funny but I found one of a couple a folks dressed up as Thundercats....that shall be on its way very soon.
But the one ta rule them all Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie...Tron man.... first time I saw this me and me bro we laughed....we laughed and then we were confused. What is going on with that guys butt....it aint natural. Come ta think of it he aint natural. I think he is the poster boy for no woman, no life.
Imagine if all these folk got tagether like they be unstoppable, cause we would have fallen to our knees laughin'.
thanks to that first site you gave us darous everytime i type in "p" which used to take me to pt i end up at that idiotic patcave site.
No prob at all mate that is what im here for and if any of ye folk have pics of strange peeps well post em up so we can all have a laugh.
I know what you mean, some people shouldn't wear lycra, he's one of those people. He looks like a beached sea cow. The fact he's so proud about it is the funniest thing. Getting arsey about the previous owner using epoxy resin. Hell it's not even a first hand saddo suit, it's been somebody else's who realised that he will never make friends this way.

har har har
What plebs. Also where's the Hurricane's arm bandages. and he's using the wrong arm (hmm me thinks i should stop playing smackdown at my mates, but hang on then we won't be annoying his wife, as she's banned us from the beavis and butthead impressions). Casey jones, I bet all the young pups on here think he's being Eminem.
Plastic it aint lettin me see ta images...gonna go through google and try it but Cobre commander I have ta see this man.
It's the proper cobra commander in the blue hood. Now somebody being Destro, that would be funny.
go to www.homestarrunner.com and click on intro,its one of the most messed up things ive ever seen its even dummer than anything id do!not as insane though.
Fantastic wee site cheat commandos i want the toys. I havent laughed for quite a good while. Good site mate
it took two months of my friends torturing me with that site before i started thinking it was funny then i realized i should laugh AT people on that site not WITH them,but the intro is just messed up!
Im back and fer a limited time now let us laugh at this young fella.....and ye want ta know why cause HE HAS THE POWER.....http://napodano.com/images/mostruos/heman.jpg
and so does this guy...http://www.galactus.it/immagini/mostre/lucca2002/he-man.GIF
Oy! I like Homestar Runner! §gets real huffy§
Hehe, funny pictures. Someone needs to tell those men they need help... or more clothing...
I don't know which is funnier, I think it has to be the first one, because the seond one knows that he looks like a tit. PLus he's gone retro on his outfit, so I'll give him a little bit of respect. Not much though. Hey Dar see if you can find Grizlar.
( dont get all huffy homestarrunner is funny but its completely idiotic,it makes monty python look like a bunch of geniuses)
Oi Gimp-boy, Monty Python were a bunch of genius'. When you release what is cutting edge for what ever time period you're in then you can slag them off. So remeber, "I'm Brian and so's my wife."
i agree monty python were geniuses,but what im saying is that homestar and the "king of the town" and the rest of those lorvicks are so dumb that they make sir lacelot(in the holy grail)look like a genius,thats how dumb those characters on homestar are.
If I cut in and say something, you'll make it into an argument, won't you, Ross, just to get me going again?? Hmm...I'll have to spend my time thinking up some good arguing ammo in the meantime...here's something for now: Tongue Smilie

Wink Smilie
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