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Thread: Hello, I'm New!

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Hi! 'Nother new one here.

Hm, found this place while researching for a new fanfiction. So, 'Hi!' everyone!

Welcome to planet-Tolkien Gayacarkaion and Aithilin. Happy Elf Smilie Great to see new faces to keep the old fogies no their toes. Well actualy I'm the only old fogey around here, any others are young. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hello, I am new to PT. I did leave a journal entry that explains a little mor about how I ended up here. Hope you all enjoy.
Welcome to the site, Less1die. I hope you enjoy yourself around here.
welcome to PT, all u newbies. Enjoy yourselves!
Hi Less1die, Welcome to P-T. If you have any questions that you can't find answers to in our Help Threads or in the Help files found via the link in the Menu on the left under "Your Account", ask and someone will try to help you out, though we may have to read your journal entry to find how you got in. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien!!! Have fun!!!
Welcome Isolder, Aithilin and Less1die. As you can see by my posting numbers I am rather new to PT also. You will find everyone here very friendly and possessing a wealth of Tolkien knowledge. Enjoy your stay and I look forward to reading your posts!
Welcome to PT new ones! I hope you will enjoy your time here.
Hey everyone ! I'm new too just wanted to say hi and all that ! I love PT !!
Welcome Eowéniel_ka-ean (a.k.a. Jessica in the chat room.) Big Smile Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
Hey everyone ! I'm new too just wanted to say hi and all that ! I love PT !!

Nice to hear Eowéniel_ka-ean, welcome to PT, glad to have you here with us! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to the site, Eowéniel_ka-ean. I hope you have fun here. If you need any help, just give a shout and someone will put you right.
Hey Jess!
Welcome to PT!!! Hope ur having fun. see ya around, 'specially in chat. Welcome to all the other newbies! (sorry, can't remember how to spell all of um.)
Greetings .fellow middle earthians Smile Smilie

My names Rohan and No I havent been named after "Rohan" from the Middle Earth Big Smile Smilie....Anyways I Still remember the day I chanced upon "The Fellowship Of the Rings" lying in a dusty corner of our school library( 9th grade). I was kinda apprehensive of the book but decided to read it anyway...and I was instantly hooked. That was 10 years ago. Smile Smilie

Middle Earth is an enchanted charming world .. with its lush valleys and enchanted forests,craggy highlands and haunted mines .... a home away from home?!

Fare Ye well

Wow, lots of new people to welcome this month. Waving Hello Smilie
Aithilin, Gayacarkaion, Less1die, Eowéniel_ka-ean and Moriannon, I hope you enjoy your visits to PT. We are very happy to have you aboard. Smile Smilie
Eowéniel_ka-ean and Moriannon, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. I hope you enjoy your stay. Happy Elf Smilie
Hi everyone! I found this place a few days ago and i really like it. It's one of the best Tolkien sites I've seen yet. I hope to see everyone around here and further my love of lotr and the elvish culture.
Welcome to PT, Ithildess amandil! I'm glad you enjoy PT as much as I have. Hope to see you around, and come visit us in chat sometime (my nick there is the same here or Gothinne..). Smile Smilie
My names Rohan and No I havent been named after "Rohan" from the Middle Earth

Well, what do you know? My neighbour's name is Rohan Marx. He's running for the Regional Council, but he's not a boring old man. (No offence to the other candidates You give him some forks or spoons and he'll make you a scuplture of a dragon! He is SOOOO cool.

But seriously, folks...

Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Pary Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Christmas Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie WELCOME TO PT, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Pary Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Christmas Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Welcome to PT! Have fun and enjoy!
Good Lord, there are a ton of people that I have not said hello to in my short abscence! How terribly neglectful!

To all of you who are new to PT, I offer my friendship and truly hope that your visits here will be as fulfilling to you as they have been for me! Cheers! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Ithildess amandil, I hope to see you around in the future. Happy Elf Smilie
Greetings to everyone! I'm new here and so thrilled to find this site. I've been a fan for a long while now. Always nice to find others that are likeminded as to yourself. I look forward to meeting everyone here and to enjoying my time on the site and hopefully find some rps I can join in.

Lady Gabbrielle
** bows**

Welcome, Lady Gabbrielle! Glad to have you aboard! Enjoy PT! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well met Lady Gabbrielle, we already met shortly in the chat. I hope you will enjoy your stay here!
Greetings to all newcomers. Ill tell you....dont stop coming to PT!! I have been thinking im always gona stay a newcome here but my number of posts are growing rapidly and i find myself a solid part of PT!
Welcome to the site, Ladygabbrielle. I look forward to seeing you around here. We have quite a number of storyboard type RPG's around the site if that is your sort of thing. Have fun.
Lady Gabbrielle: Welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie
aaaaaaaaaaaw! *big hug
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