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Thread: DID YA MISS ME????

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Ross? Ross? In 'Friends' there is a Ross, but do I know an other Ross? Tongue Smilie

Thank you Fea! Have a big hug from me!

And Grev, I do remember you. I think I saw you a lot in that movie game, isn't it?
So your still alive there Ross? That's good to know! I don't know what happened to Sheryl, I haven't seen her about at all in several months.
Sheryl is still around (my sis! Wink Smilie). I'll ask her to visit the forums and give you the news on what's going on in her life.
No I'm no longer alive. I'm now Ross Shoe Tongue Smilie
Actually I prefer Ross Diggle, It's more comic. Big Smile Smilie
Ross the wraith now eh?
Hi folks..... Anyone miss me??? From where I'm sitting, it seems as though I've been gone for ages. A couple of weeks ago my PC burned its motherboard out, and my other machine only has a ADSL modem (which I cannot use here). I've now got it fixed, and a nice upgrade in the process (plus I've a brand new machine coming on Tuesday too - I was desperate to get back on line). Oh well, I'm getting a cyber-cafe in my bedroom. I'm sure my son won't be upset (the girlfriend might though, as I've just blown the wedding money)

Unfortunately, my hard drive was also damaged and I've lost all my files (including all my settings). It may take me a few more days to get working properly, so until then, I've got to go again.... I'll be back soon. Catch you all around.
Good to have you back, honey. I sure missed you. Hey everyone, Val finally decided to show back up! (Sorry about the wedding money though.Honestly)
You used the wedding money?? Oh dear, you are in trouble my friend! You'll never hear the end of it! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Good to have you back though! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Juggling Smilie
Hey Val!
Nice to hear from you again! I was wondering what had happened to you.
Oh, computers. You can never trust them.
Spend your wedding money? Big trouble for you, my friend. Guess you will have to take a second (or is it third) job. Tongue Smilie
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