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Thread: What do you look like?

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Okay, just put up a piccy of the cover to my bands latest demo CD, if you have nothing better to do, go see at http://plastic.tazonline.org/cdcover.asp I'm the one who's all hair, with the brown guitar (homemade custom telecaster-type thing, if you're interested in that sort of technical stuff)
Right, here are some mugshots of myself. I must say, I prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. They stare at you ominously. My eyes always go the reddest when flash is used. I look like a demon, LOL

Anyway, most of these are in natural light and I coloured my red eyes dark in the last one so that I look more human.

Here is the page. scroll right down to see tham all.

Remi, once again I can make you happy, send it to plasticsquirrel@planet-tolkien.com and I will happily stick it up for you. btw, love your sig if I haven't said so before.
Got it Remi, will put it up same as all the others stashed on my site, when I get round to it (ask anyone you like, they'll tell you it takes a while)
Okay, at Mellie's request, all the pt pics are now linked on one index at http://www.plasticsquirrel.co.uk/ptpeople.asp

Now with added Remi!
Ok Iīve put up a "better" pic.
Sorry Grondy, Iīm not showing my pearly whites but I hope itīs give you a clue how I look like..... Big Laugh Smilie

Love those piccies, Ishayala! Cool Smilie

I've got another cool piccie of my cat, because the ones on the Skwerls website are not really fantastic. Can I send it over, P-man? Big Smile Smilie
Luthien, OMG! Those are some really good artwork! Woaw! You're REALLY good! Super Wow Smilie

I should post my pic in here as well, if it is okay with Plastic I e-mail it?
Luthien, your artwork is awesome...I'm so impressed! Big Smile Smilie
Lovely picture Ishayala. Big Smile Smilie
Aaw, thank you, Samwise! But don't count on too much, I don't know about the quality of the pic. Smile Smilie
Got the pic Aire, will put it up soon. And go for it Tommy, more Cats, just what i need...
Thanxx Tommy and Samwise

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Okay all, Airecristiel can now be seen at http://www.plasticsquirrel.co.uk/air.asp (possibly Air.asp, depending on how I typed it) or theres a link at http://www.plasticsquirrel.co.uk/ptpeople.asp where you can see even more people.
Thank you so much PlasticSquirrel!! Big Smile Smilie
Lol, Well it's acctually not a screwdriver, it's the closest I ever got to a Tinto del Verano. Wink Smilie Except I excluded the wine. Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 7/2/2003 by Airecristiel]
Has anyone ever heard of pedophiles? That`s the reason I`m not going to say what I look like. No affence. I`m not saying you`re one. Smile Smilie
Then you better stay away from Ori's house Sheryl, so you don't turn him into one. Teacher Smilie
Yikes! I missed something...

Very responsible of you, Sheryl. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie I wouldn't recommend telling anyone where you live either, with the exception of maybe what country and general region (north, south, east or west). No one needs to know any of that information. And obviously, you shouldn't tell them your full real name.

If you are interested, I have put my Yahoo profile on my PT profile...there are pics, my hair is a little shorter than in most of those pictures and I also wear contacts now.

http://profiles.yahoo.com/musicimprovedme is the link...

Everyone is sharing some nice pictures!

[Edited on 11/2/2003 by musicimprovedme]
Okay, after much procrastinating, I have finally got Elda's piccy up
Go see it here:

and don't forget-
Juggling Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Thanks Plastic!
Huh? What? ME? ME of all people??

(now that you mention it, I do recall someone telling me that once, but I wouldn't believe him)

But I really don't think so! Still... Woaw! What a compliment! Big Smile Smilie
Thank you very much!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Hey Air(e) you know...come to think of it you rerally DO look like Mariah Carey. Juggling Smilie
Mariah Carey WISHED she looked like Aire. Just had to point that fact out.
A very good way of putting it Prog!!! Big Smile Smilie
Not only are you tall Arco but you're skinny as can be,have you tried eating? Wink Smilie
Oh woaw!
I'm sorry I saw this so late but..
THANK YOU Perwing, Elda and Prog! Big Smile Smilie
You're all too nice! Big Smile Smilie
The pics are here at PT now:

Open the fan art link, click where it says Planet-Tolkien Art Gallery

And now you'll see Aire smiling at you, since she is the first pic in the album. Just click on her and you are there. Smile Smilie
It's true, I've deleted all the pics from my server, so as to leave space for more useful stuff, sorry, but like Amarie says, they're all up here at PT now (except for me, and I'm around).
Eeek! So now I'm terrorising PT as well? Orc Grinning Smilie Like I have done for years... Smile Smilie
Wow, can you believe I only have 3 pics of me saved on the computer?!Ņ! One is of me when I was like 5 in my underwear playing the sandbox, one is more recent, but I was dirtbiking and you can't even see my face, and one from my last fencing tornament, but I have a mask on and it's blurry! I need to remember to get a newer pic! Wink Smilie
Edited for the 2nd time; this time actually truthfully.

I'm about 6'0'' and weigh close to 125 lbs. My hair is dark blond, straight, and reasonably short. I have grey eyes, though they were blue when I first wrote this post. I'm extremely pale skinned, and have a weird birthmark on my left cheek; a symbol formed by four freckles. To me, it looks like an arm holding a bow, as in the constellation Orion, but that's my interpretation. It doesn't really look out of the ordinary. On that note, I probably wouldn't stand out in a crowd.

-Arco (I would have shortened/changed my username, but I didn't want to lose my multitude of posts).
I have a pic of me up on my website, and a few on My Pic Page, but there not very good and they don't get bigger Sad Smilie
But if ya want a peek here's the link: http://www.dizy.ontheweb.com
Don't laugh! Sad Smilie §blushes§
The link didn't seem to work, Andrea.
Are you sure Val? It works for me. Smile Smilie
Worked for me too. Must just be your dial-up Val, or the ubiquitous pop-up ad accompanying her webpage just exceeded your wait-for-it setting. Elf Winking Smilie
Val, it worked for me too. I even signed her guest book.
I could see your page an all photos Andrea but I was unable to enter the guestbook!
Then you better stay away from Ori's house Sheryl, so you don't turn him into one. Teacher Smilie

I know this is really REALLY late, but wot do u mean Grondy?
Thanks all!!! Big Smile Smilie
Celebrian and I are on PT-personal! Celeb is the one with the lovely curls. Big Smile Smilie It's a pic of us in our viking costumes from the local Viking play "The kings ring". We fight and we roar and we brun down the village. It's so much fun!!!! Burn old man!! BUURN!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Sheryl: That quote was in response to this one of yours
Has anyone ever heard of pedophiles? That`s the reason I`m not going to say what I look like. No affence. I`m not saying you`re one. Smile Smilie
It only meant instead of stalking Ori, you should stay away from him for about seven or eight years.
The link didn't seem to work, Andrea.
It's working fine for me now. The other day I was just getting the white page saying "cannot download site".
Grondy, look, I don`t stalk him! Tongue Smilie
Lol! That's a really good picture of you and Celeb, Amarie! You look like vikings! Big Smile Smilie Really cool! Now I wanna dress up as one as well! Big Laugh Smilie
Were you in the play?
I don't have pictures of moi and the animals yet,so this will have to do:
Dark brown hair that's fluffy and curly,long too I suppose.
Im 5'2(some where around that),fairly plump(lol).And I got dark brown eyes and am mostly Russian(Welsh too) and a tad of Irish.I don't know what else you'all would wanna know.
And great pics Celeb and Amarie!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
§Runs in fright from the Vikings§ Lol, nice pics Celeb and AmariŽ!
Were you in the play?
Yeah we're in the play! For every summer the last 7 years!! That's our costumes. Big Smile Smilie I'm going to make a "the kings ring" section on my webpage soon, just have to remeber to find some pictures at my parents house. We are about 300 people on and of stage and we're have the best saga play I've seen so far (and that includes the big "St Olav play" at Stiklestad. It was a huuuge dissapiontment..)

I finally have a picture of me, not a good photo, but you get the idea.

Geez,who knew our Pere was such a cutie Wink Smilie
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