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Thread: Allow me to introduce my good friend, Star-of-Hope

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LOL!!! Tongue Smilie

Don't worry!! I'm here for the same reason you guys are. Some places just get too big!!!!
I'll shall keep your secret!! Big Laugh Smilie

Good to hear Sil.. I was little worried... but so far so good. no one here yet!

btw. how did you find PT anyways???

[Edited on 23/9/2002 by gimli_axe_wielder]
I've been coming here for a long time to read the news. I only just got around to registering now. Wink Smilie


(yeah I've got a sense of humour, haven't you noticed yet? Wink Smilie )
Super Scared SmilieSuper Scared SmilieSuper Scared SmilieSuper Scared SmilieSuper Scared SmilieSuper Scared Smilie

yowsa the Tigger Smilie nearly wet his pants he was so Super Scared Smilie

They must have a sense of humour .... Tongue Smilie
mean ol squirrely.. They may look cute an furry, but watch out!!!!!!!!!!!
Very Big Grin Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie oh...life just keeps getting better.Tigger Smilie worraworraworraworraworra

Does it? Get better? I hope it does cos right now I'm so nervous I can't say anything that makes sense and I'm ill because I'm nervous, I'm tired cos I didn't sleep cos I'm nervous and it's gonna be a long day today. Paranoid Smilie
of course it just gets better Big Smile Smilie

Life according to Tigger Smilie

Look forward, never back, aim high,
aspire to be your best, love well,
and always look for the best in others.

That way life can only get better and better Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 7/10/2002 by Star-of-Hope]
Lets hear it for the betterereredderred life!!!!
Huh!!!! I'm lost!!!! Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie
Me too. O well!
Dwarves are such silly creatures!!! Tongue Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
dwarves silly ????

thats rather an Understatement
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie
*smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooches* for Star!!!! Angel Smilie I

Big Laugh Smilie

Twinkle Twinkle little Star,
How I wonder where you are!!

Hi Ring buddy, hope you're well.

Cool Smilie Wink Smilie
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