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Thread: Oh Gimli....!!! (Beware!!! Attempted humorous post inside)

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Cos it's fun? Big Laugh Smilie
YooHooo....Gimli!!!! Please won't you put on this tracking device I designed and put it on!!!! I need to know where you are at all times!!! It's not too big and will fit nicely into your beard!!!

Big Laugh Smilie Cool Smilie
Come on,guys,leave the poor dwarf alone(...not...)....geez,this might be fun!...I bet that if you climb a ladder you'll get to my kneez Cool Smilie .And,Silmaril-that might be hard-what if he chews it off?along with the beard....
hey Sil... is it like the one in the movie Running Man??? If I go to far, ie: away from the boards, my head will explode?????
Yes, something like that!! Big Smile Smilie

It also lets me know where you are at all times!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Super Scared Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie

Still stalking the dwarf are we? There's more than one dwarf on the board now, but the other one hasn't shown his face in here yet. Lucky for him... Very Big Grin Smilie
pocketsesss lurking has become a sport Cool Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Sillie Marillie what have we done Shocked Elf Smilie

we have created a monster... a pocketses monster!!!

Wink Smilie
cough cough..

AHEM.. silLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY??? where are you?????
has poor Gimly lost his stalker.. That is.. so sad.. Sad Smilie
Here I am!!! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie

Sadly, my evil boss has decided that we can no longer surf the net!!!! So I have to sneak on here via modem when I can!! Mad Smilie

Don't worry Gimli, once a stalker always a stalker!!! Big Laugh Smilie
oh joy.... Big Laugh Smilie

good to see you anyways.. Who does that boss think he is! making you work... ha.. the nerve of some people!
It's good to see you too! Don't see you around TORC much (not that I'm around much myself!!) Wink Smilie

LOL!! Yeah, my boss has his prorities crossed. Big Smile Smilie
my boss is cool, he doesn't mind me on the computer.. im on ALL day usually... as long as I stock the shelves, take care of the customers, that sort of thing, he is fine with me playin around on the internet...

and as for torc.. yea, its a love hate relationship.. im in a hate mood at the moment Big Laugh Smilie

well, its bed time here, so I will talk to ya later Sil.. good to talk to you again Smile Smilie

[Edited on 14/3/2003 by gimli_axe_wielder]
Uhm.. What's Torc?? Question Smilie
Gimli you just come to your creator for some help against the silmarill.....I think I can break that jewel open.....Iīll just get FŽanor to help me....he will listen I think Big Laugh Smilie

[Edited on 6/5/2003 by AulŽ]
torc is the name of another website whose words I will not utter here. Tongue Smilie

as for the sil. I bet if we hit him on the head just right, he will split right down the middle Orc Grinning Smilie
Hehehehehe yup.....that is correct.....AulŽ can fix ANYTHING!!!! Just check the name AulŽ = Invention!!!
NUFF SAID!! Orc Smiling Smilie

[Edited on 19/3/2003 by AulŽ]
This incredible thread, is the best I`ve read! Keep it going guys and girls.

Do you know, I`m quite lazy when it comes to reading threads.

If they`re long and boring I don`t read them. If they`re long and interesting, I read them. If they`re short and boring, I read most of it and then give up. If it`s short and interesting, I read it.

I can`t read a thread that loads and loads and loads e.t.c... of people have participated in, unless it`s as interesting as this.

I actually managed to read all three pages of this and didn`t get bored. No affence to anyone. Not that others threads get boring, it`s just this one keeps you laughing.

Well c ya l8tr xx
When I checked there were only 2 pages. Smile Smilie I don't have a stalker. Sad Smilie Not sure if thats a good thiog por bad thing. BTW how many people are in Gimli's pocket now?
Not me, I don't like deep, dark, dank, damp, dreary, or dull places. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey thatīs okey Grondy.....Iīll tell Gollum to slip down his pocket in your placeOrc Smiling Smilie.....he likes does kind of places! Orc Smiling Smilie

[Edited on 25/3/2003 by AulŽ]
Ladyoflegolas quickly checks her pockets which are empty thankfully.
They are not empty ladyoflegolas! I am there with Silmaril! hahahahaha
Mine are empty so you can`t do anything to mine.

Sheryl minimises her self to the size of a pocketwatch and jumps into LadyofLegolas`s pocket! Hmm..... What`s in here then? Oh look, I`ve just found what looks like....Yuck!! a tissue with guey stuff on it! Oh, no! I`m stuck to it!! Help!! Big Laugh Smilie
I hope you enjoy PT.
I`ve managed to free myself but I appear to have a green guey substance all over me! Yuck, yuck,yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!! Sheryl`s learnt her lesson. To not go near tissues that are scrunched up. She still likes to explore in peoples pockets though!Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie What did you find Silmaril and Aule? I hope it wasn`t as gruesome as what I found. No affence. Wink Smilie
*AulŽ comes out of ladyoflegolas' pocket all white in his face......He looks at a surprised Sheryl....draws a deep breath.....and says: "Well spank my *** and call me Charlie, but darned if I may that mustīve been Gothmog and Melkor drinking boose.....I had to handle two drunken masters(Tongue Smilie ) but now I have put them both in chackles....Angainor is backBig Smile Smilie"*
argggg.. something bit me! damn rabbits....

alright Sil.. it seems I'm becoming your stalker now..

Big Laugh Smilie
Go Gimli it`s ya birthday we`re gonna party like it`s ya birthday,e.t.c..... Big Smile Smilie

The tune of the new song, don`t know what it`s called.
Get out of there! You're messing up my make0up bag.
*Aule appears with face covered in cherry lipstick
Aule you saucy begger! Big Laugh Smilie Can I borrow that cherry lip stick some time, if Aule hasn`t already squashed it. Wink Smilie
Hmmm, you must be a small little feller Aule if you fit in people's pockets! Big Smile Smilie
The cherry lipstick is completley ruined and that was NOT my tissue!!!!! Mad Smilie Ladyoflegolas prepares to drop-kick Aule!
AmariŽ has been sitting in a corner eating pop-corn and enjoying the show, but now the bowl is empty so she takes the salty unpopped pop corn from the bowl and throws on the pocket-sized cherry-lipstick-covered AulŽ while giggeling.
*McIron pops head out of AmariŽ's pocket, wondering what's going on*

Do you have any more popcorn left? I need only one Big Smile Smilie

It sure is nice in here. Cosy and warm, and apparently a lot more postThreadIDy than other peoples pockets.. Waving Hello Smilie

Thirsty anyone? *serves tea*
*Gives GrevBukMcJern a nice big popcorn that miraculusly has survived*
Hi there, sleep well? Look it's a freak show, ain't it fun?

Grev Buk McJern is my favorite name from Don Rosas family tree btw! Big Smile Smilie
No thanks, I don`t like tea. Yuck!!! Sheryl takes one of the pieces of popcorn off of Aule, eats it and says, "Yum, nothing like a bit of cherry flavour to top it off!" Big Laugh Smilie
Right, tea is nasty, much better to have Mountain Dew! Did I hear someone say popcorn???
*Sheryl dives in and swims around eating her way out...* Big Laugh Smilie Thank you, that was some lovely pop corn.... Tongue Smilie

Mountain Dew??HUH??
/me holds up a big bowl of newly poped popcorn. "Here, dig in."
Mountain Dew is a very nice fizzy drink, Eru knows what's in it though.
Who is Eru? Everyone seems to know who Eru is except for me! Sad Smilie
The creator, made all of Middle Earth and everything else you care to mention.
Eru = Ilķvatar = The one God of Tolkiens world.
ok.. where is he...


You called!!! Big Smile Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

Star!!!!! *smooooooooches* Big Smile Smilie I

You're right, we've created a monster!!! Pixie Smilie
Typical.. he's always hiding somewhere..... not a very good stalker you know..
If you only knew!!! Very Big Grin Smilie

You might not see me, but I can always see you!!!

Bad King Smilie
Gimli, I'm afraid I haven't been a very good stalker lately!!

Tongue Smilie
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