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Thread: Pratchett's Discworld Novels

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Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Yeeeey!!! I finaly loged on! I had some problems with that part. Well , Pratchett books eh?Well i think ther great!!! Im reading every one i can get my hands on . Oh and dont tease me about of my english because im from Croatia and so i didnt have a lot of practice . See ya next time!!! Elf Winking Smilie
Welcome to our forum Etharion. Happy Elf Smilie I also love the Diskworld series, I have all of them that have come out in paperback and am rereading them for the first time. I just finished Guards! Guards! and have yet to decide whether I like best: the stories about the 'city watch' or about the 'witches three'; they're all pretty hilarious.

I wish Douglas Adams was still alive so we could enjoy more of his humor too.

I just can't decide who's the best: Adams or Pratchett. If I really had to choose I think I would pick Adams, because I really really like his humour. It's a different kind of humour than Pratchett's, which makes it almost impossible to choose. But I enjoy reading them both. And a big thank you to all you folks here who introduced me to them. Thumbs Up Smilie
Lets talk about our favorite characters . Mine is Death . I mean is he cool or what.(acctualy he is a antropomorphic somthong thingy...). Did you just see him in "Hogfather" and "Soul music" , hes great . The second one is Foul Ole Ron and his legendary SMELL. Shocked Elf Smilie
I'm also partial to CMOT* Dibbler who seems to have a cousin, counterpart, or doppleganger in every location where a crowd is want to concentrate.

"Red Hots! Get your red hots here! Two for a dollar; Three for two dollars" Such a deal, but don't ask what the ingredienrts are, or how they are made.

Oh yeah hes good to. And the Nac Mac Feglle are good to, from the Carpe Juglum . You know the little blue people.
I've only read the first two books of the series, but Death is a great character, indeed. And I also love the Luggage, he's dead funny. And Twoflower's dragon in the second book, I forgot his name. I like dragons. Big Smile Smilie
Like the Nac Mac Feegle? Then why not read "The Wee Free Men" and it's sequel the name opf which escapes me but it's only just come out. They get to star in their own two books. Meant to be for kids, but the Witches make a cameo appearance in the first one, and it's pretty good reading. Oh and tell me if the second one's any good cos I don't have it yet.
And Twoflower's dragon in the second book, I forgot his name. I like dragons.

(kinda weird to quote yourself, but what the)

There's no dragon in the second book. Sorry about that. It's in the first book, and his name is Ninereeds. Had to check back on that.
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