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Thread: isn't it supposed to be "praNcing pony?'

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Long as everyone's on time. Else I get stuck up til way too late at night, and I'm late for work and my boss gets real mad! We did have pretty regular sunday nights not so long back. Before that it was saturdays so I never got there due to my *drink habit.
Sure, Sunday's ok. 7 pm GMT, must be... 8 pm here on the continent? Guess so. Think I can make it on Saturday, not sure though, but I'll do my best... Smile Smilie
Thanks for thinking of me Grondie, but now anytime is fine for me since I've finished my project, and am unemployed again! Big Smile Smilie Hopefully the next couple of months will be free so I can laze about at home and beat Plastic & Tommy's posts!

So Sunday is ok, anytime you guys want it. Saturday is cool too.
Okay, so as not to interfere with anybody's carousing, we'll make it Sunday nights.

Now Tommy, if we start at 8 PM GMT that will be at 9 PM for you, is that going to be too late or will you be imprisoned, incomunicado at school?

And of course for our down under contingent, were she interested, we'd be starting somewhere between 4 and 6 AM Mondays, depending where she is situated. This probably wouldn't be very conveinent.
Guess I'll be able to make it over here, but now I can't log in to the chat room! HELLLLPPP!!!! Sad Smilie
Ahhhh, poor Tommy. Sundays is fine Grondy.
8PM GMT is...3PM EST? I never remember if I'm 6 hours behind or 5...doesn't matter anyway, won't be able to get there.
Booo! No Chika. How come?
Endless hours of flute stuff...what else do I ever do? Though I might be able to drop in after a bit though...I usually get home around 4:30ish...

(Thanks, Grondy, by the way...)
Ah! Music the food of love. You are forgiven, play on sweet muse, play on.... Smile Smilie
Where Grondy where??? I must be able to make it if I get your hint!!! Smile Smilie
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