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Thread: Guess the Heavymetal/Rock song!!

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Yep it was Zep your turn Val.
Are you God, are you man, do you live in fear
Are we trash in your can, a bubble in your beer
I just need some information
Tell me what's my destination.
Deep purple - Mr. Universe.
(Yes, I cheated. Gooooooogle!) Big Smile Smilie

You walk on by,
without feeling to your stroll

You walk alone

it's just another contradiction
you're not alone
I am breathing life into this dead thread!

The answer is Lacuna Coil, Comalies
and shame on you Grev for cheating.................................I would......cough...never do....that.....
I cheated, BUT only because I wanted to bring the thread to life again...it deserves it having 7 pages and all... so heres the new song (very easy, i should just tell you guys the answer) and lets not cheat anymore! Do as I say, not as I do.. haha

People try to put us d-d-d-down,
Talking bout my generation!
Just because we get around,
Talking bout my generation!
Oh God... Hilary Duff?? I believe... no offense, but.... me no like Hilary... Very Mad Smilie my sister does though, hence I knew the lyrics...

If someone guesses this one without cheating, I promise to give them a big hug!!!

Standing by the window
eyes upon the moon
hoping that the memory
will leave her spirit soon
Oh boy you do not even know how off you are! lol It's okay though

First off Hilary Duff stinks and can't sing for lint. Her voice is obviously tampered with by computers so she can make more money the greedy little nusance. Unlike the real musicians who have tried hard and gone through debt just to play their music.

We can use yours but someone can guess on mine for fun.. it's a real easy one if you have ever in your life heard it.
Oh yeah and hilary duff isnt rock or metal so she wouldnt even fit in..
By the way your post cracked me up hahaha
Well well well... So PT has yet another Dream Theater fan eh? Although "Wait for Sleep" is not exactly a "Heavymetal" song, i'm glad there's someone else listening to my favourite band around here.

My question will be a tough one;

Won't you believe in the darkness I'm mournin
Blaze in the night is the sign of the warnin
You don't remember the pride you believed in
Now you're to reap the reward for deceivin
I asked my daughter she thinks it's a group called Anatolia. Is this correct?

Is that correct? hehe sorry I really like music and want to continue this game...

You may have better things to do, but I dont!!!

yes I am a little impatient.
I think the group is called Pentagram and the lyrics are Anatolia.

Someone else may start a new one.
yippee!!! Here goes, I do one from the same band as the other one I did that someone said was hilary duff Sad Smilie l hehe jk

Pick up my guiter and play,
Just like yesterday,
Then I'll get on my knees and pray,
We won't get fooled again!

hehe one of my favorite songs!
the who- wont get fooled again
Sorry for the Hilary Duff thing, anyways, I hate her, she probably hates me, and I'm so glad that that song was not hers. to continue with another song...

Just one more night
One more score
Another question in my mind,
can't take no more
Kissing the tears form my face as
they fall
To the ground in silence
in twilight and faded time
Spirits cold, with no love
Bells ring a lonely chime
Candle fires
These lit dreams can't burn alone
Winds of change bring songs
upon my memory
An empty heart and soul
intoxicates me
This darkened page orchestrates
my final destiny
Not knowing what,
what tomorrow will bring
From within the mirrors eyes
I'm forced to run away and hide
I feel those mystic eyes subside
And leave my blind
Through passages in time
A prisoner locked beind the door
Lonely roses slowly wither and die
I can't escape this captive misery
Heart stone cold, under supremacy
Thrown into a raging sea of tyranny
Lifes vile walls have tangled me in threads
Eternally caught in my futures threads
Play the violent strings of my symphony
Transcend the absence of this fantasy
Just another vision
Washed away with the tide
No place for forgotten ones
I cannot deny
What lies beyond, beyond this fantasy
phil collins-one more night?

sail away where no ball or chain can keep us from the roaringing waves
together udivided but foreever we'll be free
so sail away aboard our rig
the moon is full and so are we
seven druncken pirates we're the seven deadly sins

well the years went by and several died and left us somewwhat reeling..........
can we hear some of the complete songs from the three movies Pixie Smilie
hi Alf! try to guess that song! best band ever...
Floggin Molly - I will be honest I didn't know, my daughter told me. I haven't heard of them but will have a little listen....but are they as good, wonderful, superdooper as Rush. Cool Smilie
they are amaaazing
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