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Thread: LOTR Quiz

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Where did the mithril lodes in Moria lead too?
To the lair of the Big Bad Balrog?
But where Wink Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
In the deepest, darkest, dampest, dreaded, depths under the roots of the three mountains?

I'll have to look it up to be more specific, maybe tomorrow.
Ill give you it! Elk Grinning Smilie

When Sam asked Gandalf why the dwarves wanted to come back to Moria Gandalf talked about mithril and the lodes which led far under Caradhras to darkness.
Can you describe the four different types or colors of eyes that Thorin's Company saw in the pitch black darkness of Mirkwood?

What colour was Bard the Bowman's arrow?

Bard the bowman's arrow is black.indecision

What is the last riddle that Bilbo asks that Gollum cant answer?angel

"What have I got in my pocket?"

What is the name of Gandalf's sword?

Glamdring Big Smile Smilie


How were the platforms in the trees of Lothlorien called?

Must be Flets.


What gift did  Bilbo give to Hugo Bracegirdle on his birthday and why?

Just checking to see how the thread thing works...


Answer is an (empty) book-case. Hugo was a great borrower of books, and worse than usual at returning them.

What does Sam dig out of his memory on the road to the Fords of Bruinen?

Was it a poem about Bilbo's three trolls?

That'll do Smile Smilie question away...

Who was the mightiest warrior of mortal men?

Elendil? Aragorn? ill go with elendil

Ill go with a really easy one:

Who is Aragorns wife?

a) Eowyn, b) Arwen or c) Galadriel?

Incorrect Answer Smeagol! My question still stands Wink Smilie

Tricky one this, while we have quite a few  "mighty warriors" I'll have to say Turin Turambar was the man.

Turin was a mighty warrior but he was not said to be the mighiest! Smile Smilie

I've read this somewhere but can't remember where. Alright Beren then.

Nope! Smile Smilie

Its got to be Hurin - otherwise we'll have to move into the TA.

Correct answer Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie When he cast himself in the sea after he learned of the lies of Morgoth it is said something like so ended the mightiest warrior of old.


Who would Gandalf take to the woods, but not to her sisters?

Must be Illoreth!

Ioreth it was - your turn then.

Name the youngest son of Isildur


So who brought the shards of Narsil back to him?



The famous smith who made Narsil also made one other (very) famous item.

What was it?

The Dragonhelm of Dor lomin, worn by Turin.

But what other famous thing did he make?

Telchar of Nogrond made also Angrist - the knife, wielded by Beren, that cut a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth.


What is the name of the wood that surrounds the beacon-hill of Halifirien? 

Firien Wood, I believe. I apologize in advance if I'm wrong, but in the interest of keeping this thread humming, I'll post another question.


Which person mockingly sent a necklace made of dragons teeth to some seriously pissed off dwarves? (He later regretted this act)

No you are correct - 'tis Firien Wood.


And the answer to your question is Fram, son of Frumgar, Lord of the Eotheod.


How far back are Aragorn and Elrond related? (Hint:  they're cousins, but to what degree?)

Cousins to the 64th degree. I think. Probably not correct, but in the interest of keeping this going I'm going to give another question.


On the shores of what lake was the original capital city of Arnor founded?


And the answer to yours is the northern lake Nenuial, founded by Elendil.

My question is...who was the chieftain of  the Men of Brethil and in which age did he rule? (Hint:  he was the son of Halmir.)

Haldir, in the first age.


What was the name of the prison cells where Hobbits who crossed Sharkey were sent?

The Lockholes in Brywater I think...

Love the scene where Lobelia is freed!

Name a Farming Family of Hobbits who shared the lane with the Maggots?

After scouring my brain, I gave up and ctr+f the word "lane" on my electronic versions of LotR. I did find it, however, and it is the Puddifoots of Stock.


What was Boromir's horn made of?

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