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Thread: The Return of just what exactly are you reading right now?

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Elfstone: Have you tried Blade Runner II: The Edge of Human by KW Jeter? Not as good as the original, but for those who want more Dekker: beggars mustn't be choosy.

I'm going to reread John Buchan's The Thirty Nine Steps and possibly even his other three Richard Hannay adventure novels.
Elfstone: Have you tried Blade Runner II: The Edge of Human by KW Jeter? Not as good as the original, but for those who want more Dekker: beggars mustn't be choosy.

No Grondy I havenít, I wasnít even aware that book existed. In all honesty, I probably wonít read it because itís not official in anyway, and really just fan fiction, which Iím personally not big on (though I do understand what you mean by beggars not being choosy).

If Philip Dick had written a sequel to DADOES, then I would be all over it, but he only wrote the one story, and really Ridley Scottís film Blade Runner is just a spin off of Dickís book, and outside of a few things, the two are extremely different.

I do love BR though, itís one of my all time favorite films, and the reasons I love the film so much havenít changed even though I just finally got around to reading Dickís original story (which is by far superior to the story in the film, but no big surprise there).

Iíve been on a big time BR kick lately because it had been almost ten years since the last time I saw the directorís cut, and I finally recently purchased the film on DVD for my personal collection, and have watched it a few times over the past couple of weeks.

I just never realized before how deep that film really is, and how there is so much more going on under the surface then most people realize. That sent me on a quest, and I became obsessed with going deeper, and looking for answers which is why I had to finally read DADOES. Iím afraid that if I tried KW Jeterís book I would be severely disappointed since again, itís just fan fic, and a spin off of a spin off.

One of the best things about both Dickís book, and the film BR is the fact that there arenít (and never will be) any sequels so you canít get a lot of the definite answers youíre looking for. You just have to decide for yourself on the most important questions, and thatís just the way both Dick, and Ridley Scott intended things to be because both the book, and the movie were made to mess with your head!
Disturbed Smilie
I haven't read BR II for quite a while, but I seem to remember that one of the head games in it was the rumor that Dekker may also have been a replicant.
but I seem to remember that one of the head games in it was the rumor that Dekker may also have been a replicant.

Thatís one of the big eternal questions about both DADOES, and the film Blade Runner. In DADOES, Dick seems to make it pretty clear (at least to me) that Deckard is human, but the possibility is left open that perhaps heís an android. The general consensus out there amongst most is that Deckard is human in the book though, and there really isnít any argument about that.

Now on the other hand, in the original version of BR that was released in 1982, Deckard is definitely human as well (and Harrison Ford has said that he believes Deckard to be human, and that he played the part under the assumption that Deckard was human). However, when the directorís cut of BR came out in 1992, it seemed to point to Deckard being a replicant. In fact, there really is no debate in my mind now (for reasons I wonít go into here) that Deckard is definitely a replicant in the directorís cut. Ridley Scott has even said in recent years that Deckard is a replicant in his story.

This is a fiercely debated hot topic though (much bigger even than anything like ďdid the Balrog have wingsĒ, etc.), and people are extremely divided over this issue. There are basically two camps when it comes to the hardcore BR fans, there is the ďDeck is a RepĒ camp, and the ďDeck is humanĒ camp, and youíre either on one side of the fence or the other if youíre a serious BR devotee.
Elf Smilie
I have yet to read the original story, but I've got the Director's Cut BR on VHS, so if I can't find anything on the 500 plus channels tonight, I'll give it another watch. (Most night's I'm dissatisfied with what's available.) I wonder if we could serve pickled replicant eyeballs in the Khazad-dum Inn. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I'm now re-reading Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels, which was the basis for the TV movie "Gettysburg". It is just as good the third time.
Re-reading Douglas Adam's So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, the fourth book in the trilogy, which I think is my favorite of the five.
For the first time in a LONg long time, I'm reading more than one book. I'm reading REturn of the King, The Book of Lost Tales Part One, and I"m memorising Mythopoeia. I've just finished Yes Minister. Some of you oldies will remember the TV series?
Last week I was reading Wieland and this week, I'm reading The House of Seven Gables. I'm taking a 19th century American Gothic class...very interesting. I also am reading a bit of history on mesmerism because I have to give a presentation on it this week. Oh man, I better get back to it...
Just a huge folder I brought back from a course I was on last week, containing pages and boring pages of notes about Police And Criminal Evidence (PACE), Human Rights Acts, and recent changes to Environmental Law. At times I feel like throwing it out of the window, but if I'm going to enforce it, I've got to know it. I've a couple of research reports about a small reef-forming worm (Sabellaria) I've got to read before I have a meeting with English Nature too.... What happened to the times when reading used to be fun?
Oh, come on, Val...what could be more interesting than reading about a reef-forming worm?...he, he. Smile Smilie
I'm reading Return of the King at the moment. My progress is... a little slow. The slowest, in fact. I can't tak eit to school and most of my time at home is spent doing music practises and homework, so I can only read it at home. I'm kind of going a chapter in two weeks at the moment. And it all started so well!!!
Re-reading Campaigning with Grant by Horace Porter, who was one of General U.S. Grant's Aide-de-Camps during his command of the American Civil War's 'Army of the Potomac' against the Confererate's 'Army of Virginia'..
Just finished reading... can't remember the title, something like, The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes... a collection of Holmes stories by different authors... very good and true to Conan Doyle's style and the characters.
I'm on the second book of Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy and enjoying it.
I have reached Chapter FOur. Great, eh?
At the moment I am reading... I always read several books at the same time, bad habit, but hey... Crime and Punishment by Dostojevski, The Light Fantastic by Prattchet, Among Druids and High Kings and Huxley's Antic Hay.
A crazy book by Mary Roach called 'STIFF' which is about the secret lives of human cadavers plus Bill Bryson's Made In America.
The Light Fantasitc by Pratchett
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Good book! I just started The Roaring Trumpet by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt. Well, started re-reading it...
a book about the world war 1 invasion of Gallipoli, called......"Gallipoli". dont have it on hand though for the author unfortunately
Just finished The House of Seven Gables, which I loved, as well as a bunch of Edgar Allen Poe stories. I loved The House of Seven Gables; in fact, I think it's better than The Scarlett Letter, but then again, I haven't read that one in, oh, 15 years or so. Hawthorne is actually a better writer than I thought he was. His word choice and construction of sentences is just beautiful. Regarding Poe -- It's funny, but I read "The Pit and the Pendulum" when I was in high school and really liked it; this time, I was a bit disappointed with the ending; it was kind of a let down.
The Guns of Navarone by Alistair Maclean.
Ok, we had a good discussion about "The Pit and the Pendulum" in class last night, so I like the ending again. Smile Smilie
X. Jonesóof Scotland Yard (1935) by Harry Stephan Keeler, wherein he enumerates yet another solution to the infamous Andre Marceau murder.
Friedrich Nietzscheīs Ecce Hommo and The Antichrist
Wilbur Smith (surprise!) - The Power of the Sword

I'm finally reading a non-Tolkien book. I'm reading Pride and PRejudice. *all young members die of boredom* It grows on you. I first read it when I was six. Didn't understand or remember a word of it, but it was famous and everyone thought I was clever when I was reading it so I read it. Then I read it a few years ago. IT WAS SOOO BORING!!!!! It was EEEWW. Then I read it again. And I was like 'tolerable, but eew" And now I'm like "GOTTA READ!!! GOTTA READ!!!" I like it when Elizabeth is all shamed. Cause then I'm like "SHAME!!!!! I KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!" WEll, that's AFTER I've read that bit. When I'm reading it I'm like "SHame. You poor poor thing." BUT WAB!!
I am currently reading the book by stephen donaldson called White Gold Wielder. It is part of an awesome series that gives him the right to stand next to Tolkien, i think. Two series with three books in each I love it!! but a more adult book than LOTR
Have stated in another posting, 'There And Back Again' by Sean Astin it is about LOTR but also gives a lot about him and his life in acting. Good book!

Love Wilbur Smith In Love Smilie

Has anyone read the prequel to Rebecca it's called 'Rebeccas Tale' also really good.

Have just finised reading/looking at 'The Artwork of Amy Brown'. Beautiful pictures of fairies. I have 2 tattoos of her fairies (plus a few other tattoos Animated Wink Smilie !!)
I finished Seabiscuit a little while ago... Although I really like horses, to my shame I did not know that story, and have not yet seen the movie. The book was excellent- it took a little while to get into, but once I started I finished a lot faster than I thought I would. Also, strangely, when I finished it I had this immense urge to write non-fiction, which has never happened to me before...
I just finished Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, I really got a kick out of it. Vetinari hires a con man to run the postal service, which hasn't delivered any letters in something like 15 years. The con man almost meets his match when he takes on the clacks, who have been run like some of our major corporations: like into the ground. Do the names "Enron and Worldcom" remind you of anything?

Currently I'm reading The U.S. Coast Guard in World War II by Malcolm F. Willoughby
At the moment I'm just reading more and more Pratchett (Lords and Ladies). I noticed lots of people on this site like Pratchett, too. Pratchett and LOTR - a good combination!
I love Pratchett and Grondy has just reminded me that I need to get 'Going Postal'.

I've just finished reading Robin Hobb's 'Tawny Man' trilogy, having read 'Farseer' and 'Liveship' and I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend them to any fantasy fans who haven't read them yet. The three series have a few common threads that join them together and they are great!
I have just started reading UT. Have just finished the bit about Turin - oh woe is me - this is sooo sad. Very Sad Smilie

Question Smilie I have a question though, can anyone tell me what happened to Hurin after Morgoth got him and put him in a chair - I think I missed a bit or was that it. Or perhaps there is more at the end of the book - can anyone help??

Thanks Read Smilie
can anyone tell me what happened to Hurin after Morgoth got him and put him in a chair
After his release he slew Mim in Nargothrond and brought the Nauglamir to King Thingol.

Tonight I start a reread of Jeff Shaara's The Last Full Measure the sequel to his father's American Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels.
Well, I've read 4 books over the weekend. And what's amazing - I was at a friend's house half the weekend, and then she came over to mine. How did I have the time? Well, I TOLD her that on my birthday I was going to FORCE her to watch the Scarlet Pimpernel. Because she would like it. I asked her why she liked Johnny Depp on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Because he was witty, of course. Well then, I said "you'll like the Scarlet Zit." and she was like 'no I won't.' And she was adamant. And then I got out all the Scarlet Zit books from the library. all three of them. And I went to her house on Friday after school and we got to her farm and it was dark and we listened to the Phantom of the Opera CD. While I read. And she glanced at me whenever I giggled. And she was burning with curiosity. And I noticed, when she THOUGHT I was asleep, she picked up another. And she started reading it. Blablabla.... by the end of the weekend we've read all 3 AND the one in my bro's bookshelf. HAHA. I TOLD her. She's still in a bit of self-denial. She's still like "MAYBE I liked it." but she did. She DID. Or else she wouldn't've been so desperate to read all of them and she wouldn't read out passages to me of the ones I hadn't read and blablabla.

And now I"m reading "Whizz for Atomms" by Geoffrey Willans and Ronald SEarle. It has no plot, no nothing. It's just a rambling rambling rambling thingy on school life in the 50s. Told through the eyes of molesworth senior. It's cool. One word in 2 is deliberately misspelt. And the grammar is horrible. Guys - do any of you know what 'chiz' means?
no but I was -40 at this time so... I dont expect to know much.
I think "Chiz" was the brand name of a soda pop made in the State of Minnesoda (pun intended). However, I never heard of it during my school days back in the 50's as I lived on the Left Coast and we had our own local brand named soda pops. "Pioneer" was made in Davenport WA, our county seat, a town of about 1600 population.
No, that can't be it. Maybe I'll never know what 'chiz' means. IT's schoolboy slang, anyway.

Well, I'm reading new books!!!! I"m reading like... four/five at a time. I NEVER do that. But these books can be read in episodes, so it's okay. I"m reading "Carry On Jeeves" (first edition, it's REALLY old) and that's in bits. And I"m reading "A Short HIstory of Britain" and of course that's in bits. Oh, aren't I a boring old crustacean. I'm reading history, and it's not for school. It's for interest. ARRGH!!! And I'm reading.. no, I've just finished "Whizz for Atomms." and I'm reading another book, but you lot wouldn't care about it...
Why not, Loni? I mean, why would any book anyone reads be any more or less interesting to us than others? Unless of course, they're by Tolkien...
Anyway, I'm in the middle of the Warlock series by Christopher Stasheff. I'm on The Warlock Heretical.
I'm again reading the fifth book in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Mostly Harmless.
Now I'm reading for the second or third time The Kindly Ones, which is Volume 9 of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series The Sandman Library.
I'm reading "A Short History of Britain," and that has made my family think I am even WEIRDER. But it's preparation for my career. I should've taken History this year, but I didn't. So I'm reading HIstory books instead. And besides, they'd probably pack the year full of New Zealand - Maori Politically Correct nonsense. Completely useless. And I'm reading "The Book of Lost Tales - Part One," which is getting hard to read. It's real cool, but I keep suddenly breaking off and doing a Bilbo. Thinking, rather than reading. ABout random stuff. Like... "I wonder... surely there were others before Eriol? And what would have happened to them? And the nature of limpe? And boring stuff? And BLA DI BLA DI BLA!!! And I wonder what time in history did Eriol leave England? Had the Romans got there yet? Was he Celtic or Ilberian or what? BLA DI BLA DI BLA!!!" And then I start daydreaming random stories I just thought of but will never write down.
I'm currently in the middle of "The Great Tree of Avalon" by TA Barron. It's really cool book. I'm also reading the Silmarillion and Series of Unfortunate Events (The latest book) But both of them are on hold. I WAS reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I really want to see the movie, but I'm not going back to the library until Wednesday, so I'll have to continue it when I get there (I renewed it too many times). :P Has anyone read the Legend of Lady Ilena?
well, im re-reading harry potter 4 for like the 5th time but its still just as good as the first time i read it. So psyched for the movie!!!!!!
You read Harry Potter 5? What did you think? I think the series was alright until the fifth, in my opinion. Well, it started to go in the fourth. But anyway... that's just my opinion.
I, personally, love all they books so far, except Harry needs SERIOUS anger management.

WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN LONI!? Why did he leave?
Still reading The dark tower,***WARNING SPOILERS*** this is the last one so I'm savouring it, *mordred* Roland's/The crimson kings/susanna's/Mia's son is truely as nasty as was preticted, Imagien a half human half black widow baby that can change at will, grows at a phenomonal rate and is born with more knowlage than the average person attains in his/her life time. I know that at least one of the ka-tet is going to come to a sticky end in a few more chapters, I'm guessing it's Oy. So far only 2 charactors from other SK books have shown up, Pere Don Callahan from 'Salems lot' who came to the clearing at the end of the path in a most valiant and heroic way, and Ted Bratigan from Hearts in atlantis. I would have expected Ralph Robets from insomnia and definately Tom Sawyer from Talisman and black house, but neither have appeared as yet and I don't really expect them to.pity really. On another strange note though, Stephen King himself has made himself a fairly major charactor and I just read that***************************************************************

He is the gardian of Gans beam, the beam of the elephant/wolf and when he was hit by that car a few yrs ago(in real life) that it was an attempt to break that particular beam, which I find very clever and facinating. So far I'm enjoying this last trip to mid world/end world, I feel the DT series easily rivals that of Prof Tolkiens'.
Rigth now I have started to read LOTR again . I cant get enough of it !!!!But I am going to buy Unfinished Tales and Morgoths Ring.I also want to read more of the story from Middle-Earth.
I have read a lot from Stephen King , my favorite so far is MISSERY Super Scared Smilie
The History of the American Sailing Navy - The Ships and Their Development by Howard I Chapelle. A big heavy tome with lots of drawings and semi-boring paragraphs that are often interesting; though I can only take about fifteen pages before I fall alsleep for the night, which is why I am reading it in bed. Were I to read a really good book in bed at my normal 1 AM bedtime, I'd be still awake when the sun came up: speaking from experience.
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