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Hi all, there's been a bit of action on PT the last few days so in hopes of increasing momentum I thought I'd write something. Unfortunately my writing/poetry skills are very limited so I thought I'd just tell you all what I've been up to of late and perhaps others might join in.


I think my first born Connagh had just arrived about the time PT began to wind down, well he's just about to turn 11 and continues to be a delight now as much as he was back then. He was diagnosed with high functioning autism at about 4 1/2 but (especially now I am experienced) I see this as a gift rather than a negative. His writing/comic book drawing and game/design skills amaze me everyday, he is also currently studying for the junior spelling B champs. He has two younger brothers Shea and Devyn who are right little ratbags but show promise in every way.


My mental problems came to the forefront about 5 years ago and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, plus I have a mess of other mental issues that I'll keep to myself. This meant I could no longer keep dairy farming as the stress became too much. I spent the next 2 years falling from one unsuccessful job to another until I decided to go it alone and  started my own woodworking business called FatCow Woodcraft, it's been a slow uphill battle but to my amazement (and utter relief) it's begining to take off. Please check out FatCow Woodcraft on Facebook to see my stuff.


And lastly we are coming up to our 1st anniversary of home ownership so phew... K, that's all from me, what are you guys up to?