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Thread: Two Trees

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Planet Tolkien v9, code name Two Trees, is now under development. Updates will be posted here.

Oooooh, I'm so excited!! Loving the Trees in the background here, very nice. Smile Smilie

 Is there anything you can give away before it goes online, Taz?

Great! Looking forward to it!!! Big Smile Smilie

(And yes, I'm still about even though I pretty busy with life at the moment!)

Ooooohhhh niceBig Smile Smilie

I love the treesSmile Smilie


Are you just changing the website background or are you going to do more?

Two Trees is much more than just a background image, it's a living, breathing Planet Tolkien!

It will be interesting to see! Is there a "progress schedule" or some try-out date?

The beta will be ready for summer, members will be asked to test features as and when prior.

It's summer now, though not for you I guess!

Ohhhh, I am intrigued, excited and curious!!!

Hi everyone, just to let you know that the development of Two Trees has recommenced! I will be posting regular updates here as the new version of PT progresses.

I'm so excited!!! Smile Smilie

I dont really understand what was happening here but I dont have time to explore.

One thing about the two tree though, it sort of sums up to me what Tolkien felt about the Sil

and the wonder of all that was coursing through his mind at the time A world so wondrous

and mystical and all the things he wanted to bring to life, from well, heaven. and yet he

really did not know what all to do , since, well he never visited that place at all, so the two trees,

made by less than perfect creature but yet close enough to the beginning to make it the work

of works so to speak.

Clayton-Ashley found two trees, very elvish looking one gold and one silver and he rested them

on a sort of pewter carven platter and I can never look at them without finding myself back at

the beginning And Clayton-Ashley is to be a gold smith. Life can be very wierd.

It has been long since we had words for this initiative. I hope they'll bring some light around here.

Hi everyone 

The lengthy delay, has been caused by my deciding to re-write the whole website. You see, the site was written by me more than 11 years ago, using a language called PHP. Needless to say, technologies and my own experience and abilities have moved on a lot since then. Many of the role-playing features I want to have in Two Trees are somewhat ambitious, and I am currently too limited by the code I wrote before time – thus, I have decided to re-write the entire website in Ruby on Rails, a language I am more familiar with.

I am beginning with the re-write of the forum, as this is the most difficult and important task. I will keep you all updated with my progress.

Exciting! Looking forward to the changes

I'm looking forward to it. Good luck and may all the powers of your processor stay... faithful?

ETA four weeks to version 1 of Two Trees 

I'm so excited for this!!!! Smile Smilie

Greetings everyone. Smile Smilie And woah, this is great news Taz!. I've been waiting for this one with excitement. Big Smile Smilie

But it seems that I've to wait a bit more anyway, so good luck with the project! Smile Smilie

I know ya'll succeed.

So that's why PT has been so slow lately! It's merely the calm before the storm...

Bring it on Big Smile Smilie