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Thread: PT way back when......

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How on earth did people have the time, the teachers and expertise to have weekly sessions learning say quenya or other lessons. Who taught and how did you reconcile the time differences all round the world? I simply cannot figure all this out.

Who has had these lessons Lee Lee?  I would love to learn proper Sindarin, I think Quenya would be beyond me, Latin is hard enough! x

Nell would post a time and an extra chat room was put aside for those who would like to join. I'm not sure but I think she would use British time and people would have to work it out depending on where they were.

PT used to be incredibly busy with sometimes 50 or 60 posts a day, and there was always someone in the chat room, I'd get up early before work and have a good old time in there. I miss it and many of the characters who where here, Darious, Perwing, Plastic squirrel, Mel, Airecristle, Ross and Aule just to name a few.

oh well, we can only hope that some return and PT becomes as busy as it was once again when the Hobbit movies come out. 

Funny how one person gives a nickname to someone and another still a different name. At first I did not know to whom you were referring when you said Nell, I always call her Fen, I think from Christmas Carol. I loved the character of Fanny to whom her brother always referred as Fan and it sounds right to me.

Plastic and all the others you mentioned were before my time , but I used to, when I had the time , read a great deal of their  posts and their back and forth wit and funny arguments were the best. Even I missed them. How does that happen that someone somehow gets so busy with life they forgot the place that brought them so much joy? I ;guess worries and family upheavels, health, that sort of thing. Though, I rather see myself as Grondy, having this dear place be part of my life until I too set sail across the sea.

How I dearly wish someone was able to do what Fen did and I think a boat load of very young elves and others would fill this place. Any one wish to apply for the position?

Did you say you find latin hard? I wonder why, what is your native tongue if I might ask?

Nell is a nickname for Rednell, her real name isn't/wasn't used much in the forum. Smile Smilie 

I was a student back then in "The Good Old Days". Now I have a job and two little kids and a house that needs cleaning and an never-ending pile of laundry. 

I am now rather curious about why Brego studies Latin (though I sort of remember it being mentioned before here on PT...) It is a rather complicated language from the little I have heard. I am rather impressed, actually. Smile Smilie

Yes I know her name, but to me she and one other are simply Fen and it is because i think of the pictures of their faces on the face thread .I promise though to not be so lazy and call each who he or she really is. I have had that problem for a while now. I seem to categorize people into groups of cherished names. Just think if i end up in a room with ten people I have nicknamed say john john and realize I don't remember a single one of their names for real.

I took German my first 2 semesters, and it was pretty hard for me, even though English is my native language. I couldn't imagine taking Latin, i just don't do languages well....... so sad

Preparing for the online discussion courses was very time consuming but very rewarding. We used an IRC chat room at the time; which was quite conducive for what we were doing at the time. Val facilitated his Silmarillon course discussions in the forums. You can find the scripts from the chat room course discussions and Val's forums in the online course threads. You should go through them. There is some great insight from participants.

how I wish I would have known you and the other council members and all the rest then. I sometimes felt left out and almost sad when I would go through the conversations and fell the electricity of thought and comradeship between you all. Magic, there was no other word, a word our dear professor would have snorted at! Is there any reason why we could not go back to doing something like that if we could find the skilled people and interested others to do so? It would be such an honor to participate in something like that.

I am really unsure about the past events, since I originally joined as a member over four or five years ago, still, some of you remember me, but I'm not sure how many posts I wrote. My english wasn't that good back then.

But, I wish I would've stayed from that moment on. I feel like I missed a lot, but luckily I returned. Smile Smilie

I'm a relatively new member here and I had never heard of these lessons/chat sessions before! I'm sure they were amazing!

Talking about Latin, I studied it for 5 years. I'm Italian and here in Italy 80% of the people study Latin in high school, and some also study Greek. I always found the Latin culture very fascinating but it has a lot of difficult grammar, and it's very hard to pick up even for us Italians (and as you might know, Italian is VERY similar to Latin).

This summer I had the pleasure to briefly talk about this issue with Alberto Angela, which is one of the most cultured people here in Italy, he hosts an infinite quantity of cultural TV programs and has written 3 books on the Roman Empire (they're worth the money so take a look at them if you can). I asked him what he thought about the way Latin is taught in Italian schools and his answer was "You NEED to know Latin, of course you do. But the problem is not Latin itself, it's the professors". He then explained that Latin should be more a means to discover the past and the society of the past, rather than merely a school subject. And i 100% agree.

I read someone here saying "speaking Latin"...well nobody can "speak" Latin, not even the best professors can. If you study it, you understand why. You might say "but they used to speak it in the past", yes but in my opinion it's impossible to do if it's not your very first language,.

Some of you mentioned German... well I studied it for almost 6 years and it's also very difficult but you know, it's a language that can be (of course) spoken... totally different than Latin... believe me!

Maybe this is off-topic but i just wanted to make this point clear cause it has already happened to me many times to talk to English / American people who have this wrong idea of Latin.