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Thread: Romance in The Hobbit - book and movie

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Yes, well while we're at, let's throw in some sexy water-nymphs and Dryads <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . Then it would be more like Heavy Metal Magazine :mrgreen: (Metal Hurlant to our European Friends). While I would find that entertaining in any other film, in The Hobbit anything other than an Arwen/Aragorn pairing would feel majorly out of place.. But I could probably live with it 8-) .

I don't think I could live with anything but an Aragorn/Arwen or a Bard/girlfriend romance. Anything with Beorn seems out of place and it shows utter disrespect for Beorn. It takes away from his majesty.
Well, yes, the aragorn arwen idea is good, only Viggo Mortensen is way too old to play a younger aragorn... and plus, their story was told in the trilogy. I like the Bard idea, but why not put in the story of Beren and Luthien. They could tell the story, like weave it in somehow, maybe with the Bard thing, idk
I don't see a need for a romance, yet i must agree, romances draw in bigger audiences...
Although I would love to see Beren & Luthien on the silver screen, I would totally hate and abhor it in the Hobbit. For one: B&L happened thousands of years before the Hobbit. This means that neither Beren nor Luthien are in the story of the Hobbit, so it would be totally random if they were in the movie.
AH, the thing about a sexy mate for Beorn made me laugh. Fur loinskin and boots, chain-mail or plated-bikini top. A megan fox of the hobbit!! XDDD it would bring in the nerd/rping group..

Yeah, I dont think that would work for Beorn.. He kinda personifies Tolkiens vision of hidden manliness and strength, I kinda think... maybe. Im really hopping they dont cut Beorn altogether, though.

And we've already had the Arwen/Aragorn story told. They couldnt do it again...

I really like the idea of Tom and Goldberry. It would be like a peace offering to all those who were miffed at their absence in the trilogy. I just dont think the film makers will do that. It just seems a bit random. It doesnt fit into tolkiens pattern, either. (yknow where a hardship is followed by a resting place over and over- ie, Beorn's after the Misty Mountains, Laketown after Mirkwood, Rivendell after the first leg of the journey, etc)

But Bard? Sure, why not. He seemed a bit unremarkable to me to be the one to kill smaug. In typical Tolkien fashion, only base, archaic descriptions of Bard's visual nature are given. We are left to infer the rest. We're given the opportunity to imagine about him. He seems like the best choice.
Ok, I've just re-read the Hobbit, and my answer is a bit more clearer. So Bard seems to be the reasonable choice, but in the book, he doesn't have that kingliness about him like Aragorn, more grim and bleak. For me, it's hard to see him having a relationship... I think there should'nt be a romance at all. personally... or make it between elves or something...
I think that the Bard would be a unique choice. It is independent. It does not require anybody.
[quote="kukuruza":3kb9wbne]It does not require anybody.[/quote:3kb9wbne]

Wouldn't it require someone for him to have a romance with? <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
Hmm, usually I will shrug off cinematic tweaks to a story as serving the needs of a different medium. Still, the first [i:1b1iavn5]Hobbit[/i:1b1iavn5] movie ought not to have any romantic story in it, because romance was not part of the tale. Tolkien was decidedly old school about certain things in children's stories. Maybe we could get through at least one film without the obligatory boy meets girl scene? Too much of it takes away time from the real story, and too little of it is ridiculously obvious tokenism. (Yeah, yeah, I know, this is Hollywood we are talking about, I'll just end up playing Canute again.)

Now, a brief romance scene played for laughs might work, in Bilbo's case, anyway. Having a brief bit at the beginning of the film with Bilbo Baggins being considered a desirable bachelor catch, and then have him dropped from consideration after his disappearance and strange return would be good for a chuckle or two. (He's ruined his prospects, ruined I tell you! :lol:)

The chances for success in the second, LOTR-prequel film are much better. The tale of Aragorn & Arwen makes good Hollywood-style cinematic hearts & flowers stuff. Following the path of a few fanfics and making "Thorongil" the unintentional rival of Denethor for the fair lady Finduilas would be good for a good triangle subplot, to be nicely resolved by Aragorn disappearing into the wilds again.
Hadn't noticed this thread before... eegad!

So whaddya think now that you're here? (though it's not like I can't guess <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> )

Darn tootin' you know what I think! :x

Exactly :mrgreen: :lol: . I couldn't agree more Odo.

"It's a dangerous road, GB, knowing what I think. It's a road that might take you anywhere." (With apologies to T).

Oh!! And I have another romantic storyline!! If Galadriel is about to come back in the Hobbit, I think they can show her and Elrond together?? Maybe even Arwen is Their daughter?? What do you think?? :lol: :lol:
But she's not their daughter, Dear Lady - not in the least... but... well... she could be... you never can tell... what with movie magic and poetic license and the will to dominate and all....


Excuse my language, Dear Lady, for 'eegad' is used in the place of another word which is surely not to be used in the presence of well-to-do hobbits lasses or lovely elvish maidens, one of which I assume you to be; and I beg your pardon, Dear Lady, if you happen to be neither.


You are not, pray tell, one of those body-doubles I've been hearing tell of...!? :oops: Nay, Dear Lady! You are clearly far too innocent and fair for that!


I hope GB doesn't read this - for he seems quite fond of you, and I fear he will fill up with with umbrage and righteous discontent! Yes, I have shown myself for the vulgar Stoor from Rushock Bog below Needlehole that I truly am. Yea, I have shown my quality, and it is of the lowest sort. Clearly no gentle-hobbit!
Dear Odo! Don't be so harsh to yourself!! <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
I believe you are a fair hobbit, not a spoiled one! <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

Thank you for sweet compliments, it's very pleasant. :roll:

And by the way, why you say that GB is fond of me? That actually would be nice... :oops: :oops:
GB would suggest I'm not harsh enough!

I'm a brown haired hobbit, but very fair minded, if that's what you meant? And I'm never spoiled enough!

Please accept the compliments with my best wishes, for anyone such a delicious name as ladyadagio surely deserves no less!

And is it not clear that GB is fond of you? Can't you feel the love?


NB This is indeed a romantic thread - I'm feeling a funny sensation just now... it began at the end of my finger....
Great!!! Now I'm blushing :oops: :mrgreen: , and I can't think of any witty responses :roll: .

Dear GB, I'm honestly flattered I made you blush! :roll:
Maybe it's because of this romantic subject?? :mrgreen:
Ah 'romance', it's everywhere, even when read between the lines of The Hobbit! Sigh!


NB GB, please don't blush, these things are quite natural.... Sigh!(I think the Lady likes you back!)
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