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Ah Wobbits! A bit like Hobwits! I knew I'd seen this kind of thing before! There are others too, I should think. LotRized Hobbits, Hobwits, Blobpits, Snobgits, Dogbits - yes, it's great fun... but publish them? Will profit come of it? Will money be made from the poor rotting bones of our dear Professor? :shock: Oh dear, I hope not, that would not be respectable; no, not at all! If written just for fun - then how could I, of all people, complain? Is "The Wobbit" '[i:3fadav5t]Spam'[/i:3fadav5t] or just a bit of idle fun for fans?
Wrong thread? :?
Parodies fall under the fair use clause of most countries copyright laws. Fan Fiction doesn't because it makes us of the original copyrighted characters whereas parodies are clearly distinct creations.

Parodies can even be published for profit, like [i:1ep2z34g]Bored of the Rings[/i:1ep2z34g] was and [i:1ep2z34g]The Wobbit[/i:1ep2z34g] apparently will be.
Am I being prudish, but isn't it a wee bit presumptious to lob unexpectedly at the door of our little hobbit hole, say what a nice and jolly bunch of hobbit movie news folk we seem, and immediately spruik about the mechandise under your arm, presumably with a view to receiving some free publicity?

We all talk about our artistry here - but no one, as far as I know, lobbed here on the doorstep with the clear intent to sell us their book up front (or buttons, for that matter!) Wouldn't it have been nicer to join the fun here, make friends, and later tell us about your loving (and, dare I say, [i:3hy5x44z]reverent[/i:3hy5x44z]) parody of our favorite book some time later - and at a tactful moment! I do feel a bit used here. Sorry guys. I am an old fuddy duddy, I know....

Um is our new friend now going to enter discussions, or join in the silly nonsense all you guys generally ply here - or is it going to be: "Oh look at my book! Don't forget to buy it!" [i:3hy5x44z][b:3hy5x44z]Sorry[/b:3hy5x44z][/i:3hy5x44z], I'm being a fuddy duddy again... No, I'm [i:3hy5x44z][b:3hy5x44z]not[/b:3hy5x44z][/i:3hy5x44z] sorry! (Sorry!)

Eldo, I wasn't sure if I should jump onto the new "Wobbit" thread(s) with such a critical intent - but I did want to raise the issue, and thought my own thread might be a place to do so. After all, people can look at my fanfiction-cum-parody and make their own judgements about what is proper Hobbit Movie News forum protocol and what's not! Perhaps I breached it myself!
Well, hopefully Paul will join the discussions and become an actual member of the community instead of just plugging his book. *shrugs* If not, well, he's not impeding our discussions and is at least relevant to the topic of the board. It doesn't hurt that I find his material to be genuinely funny, either.

In any event, I trust GB's decisions about what to do.
As do I, dearest Eldo, as do I. I've said my piece and shall now let the matter drop. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
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