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How do I create a new Message Board Topic (Thread)?

Should you wish to make a comment on a subject that you cannot find in any of the other Topics, it is possible for you to create a new Thread. Doing this is very similar to posting a message, but instead of your post becoming the bottom message on a string of posts, your message will be the first post in a new Thread. By clicking New Topic either at the bottom of a list of posts, or at the bottom of a page of threads, you will access a message box similar to the one you use for sending normal posts. The only difference is, at the top there is a section asking for the name you wish your thread to be called. This name will appear as the title (subject) of your thread on the Thread Index.

If you use this function can you please take care to post your topic in the most relevant section, and try to ensure your topic theme does not already exist. This often happens in the Characters section where two topics occasionally run side by side concerning the same character. It can cause quite a lot of confusion for other members, and a lot of work for the Council member who has to move the posts from one thread to the other. Also please try to make the subject of your thread meaningful; a single word title seldom carrys enough information unless it is a name in the Characters section.