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The Wind

Author - Marriel Baggins

Written on - Friday 31st May 2013 (01:37am)

Ocean waves and dead leaves,
Flying kites and precious things,
Whispers in the attic's eaves,
Treasures of the wind.

Blowing to the rain's fall,
Howling at the storm's call,
Screaming through the mountains tall,
The songs of the wind.

Bringing in the new air,
Combing through a girls hair,
Paper's patient silver snare,
Dances of the wind.

Walls, windows, stone doors,
Trees, mountains, second floors,
Wind's solemn silent horrors,
Tamers of the wind.

Catching, singing,
Dancing, blowing,
Never stopping ever knowing,
Life of the wind.

By Marriel Baggins

May the wind never cease to blow. Smile Smilie