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The Rainmaker & The Windbringer

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Monday 24th June 2013 (10:40pm)

Those of you who don't use the poetry thread, I'll upload this as a journal for your enjoyment.


- Oerath.

The Rainmaker & The Windbringer

Everytime when you hear the ocean roaring
Everytime when you see a storm approaching
Don't be afraid, just look up high
And you may see them walking on the clouds of the sky

Two beings so old and wise
They've seen the world and all of it's wonders
They've existed among us for more than a thousand lifetimes
They're called The Rainmaker and The Windbringer
For they're the creators of wind, rain and thunder!

Always when you ask for rain
You'll have a taste of their powers, so great and divine
Always when you're lost and in pain
They will paint the sky with the colors of blue and white
And decrease the darkness of the night

So that you could find your way back to your home
Back to that cozy and warm place where you do belong

Always when you're seeking shelter from a terrifying storm
Remember their names, call upon them for aid and wisdom
Shout into the wind and listen what kind of answers it brings back to you
Follow the signs in the sky and they will lead you back..

To the lands where the sky is clear and blue

O' The Rainmaker and The Windbringer
Whoever gave birth to you two
Must have been the most hallow and godly being
That this strange and magical world has ever seen

Or were they born in the eye of a raging storm
Did they travel here from the outer space or even from far beyond
This small and silent galaxy.. Either way..
I don't know what story to believe
But I know that they're real
Their existence is not just another dream

And as I now stand on the edge of this lonely cliff, looking far to the sea
I place my right hand on my chest and raise my head towards the sky
And say..
'Whenever I go, I know that I won't get caught in a storm.. Because you two will always protect the people of this world.. You've the power and the will to save us all from the coming of The Great Fall..'

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen