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The Last of Your Dreams

Author - Oerath Windsoul

Written on - Friday 30th August 2013 (04:49pm)

Hello folks. I found this old piece of work from my archives and I noticed that I had only presented this one in the 'Do you have a poem..' thread and that it definitely deserves to be uploaded as a journal.

It's one of those rare works that you write only to realize afterwards that it was one of your better works.

This one carries the title of 'The Last of Your Dreams'.

The Last of Your Dreams

When I was walking in the forest yesterday..
I picked up one forest flower, but it just withered in my cold hands
And at that moment, I realized that time is like an impenetrable fortress, it cannot be destroyed by the wind nor by a storm of sand

(It cannot be conquered..
Many have tried, but they all have failed..
I cannot escape it..
Death is something that can be only delayed..)

And now I feel that the last chapter of my life is closing, but I'm not sure am I ready to leave this world behind
There's something that calls out for me, something that is beyond the reach of both day and night

And I don't want my existence to fade away..
I say to you that I'd even cast my own soul into the well of infinity just to live for one more day..

There is so much left to be done, I want to find the truth about the moon and the sun
I want to feel the warm touch of the evening rain, I want to feel the soft breeze of wind on my cold face
I wish I could just lay down on the green and wet grass and look at the stars and the moon as time would just silently pass
But I fear it's too late, now my life is in the hands of fate..

Nothing is ever what it seems.. I cannot believe that this may well be the last of my dreams..
But I guess there's hope as long as I live.. And even though the whole sky is weeping for me..
I don't want to cry.. I'll save the tears that my bold and wise heart so strongly tries to deny..
If any of the gods truly exist, then they should help me to find my way back through this endless mist..

If I could just find a source of light, then I could at least see all of the shadows of this cold and moonless night..
It's cruel that I don't even know will I live to see another day.. Though the crows that keep flying above me seem to know more about me than just my name..
But would they fly onward from land to land.. To seek for someone who could redeem my soul.. To seek for someone who could offer me more than just hope and even stretch his or her hand..
And save me from the prison of my own fears.. If he could do that, then maybe he could also give me wings, so that I could just fly away..

There's one rainbow I'd really like to see.. Before I finally awake to the tormenting call of reality..
There's this person and one lovely bridge, a statue, a castle and hundreds of other things I'd still like to visit, do or see, but I'm slowly running out of time it seems
And soon I will throw myself into the embrace of the darkest of all streams.. Hoping to find peace and purity from it's waters so blue and clean..

So.. Before I've to depart from this sacred realm, heed out my wise words..

The end of one's life is just the beginning of one's journey..
Death isn't final, it doesn't end everything..
Remember that no matter how much you experience or see during your life..
It doesn't matter much in the end, 'cause you cannot take anything of it with you when you die..
Love the people that you want to love and be whoever you want to be..
And when you're finally at the end of your road, do not be afraid..
Just let it be done.. Just dream the last of your dreams..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen