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My Middle-Earth Discovery

Author - Nirwen Celemirsel

Written on - Wednesday 16th July 2014 (09:32pm)

I first found out about it when my dad got the trilogy (movies) from the library and watched them by himself. I was naturally curious, but thought it was stupid when I saw the trailer. Then, about a year later, my dad saw them at the library (again) and decided to watch them (again). But this time he let me watch them with him, even though I still thought it was a little dumb. But all doubt fell away when I was a few minutes into it! I LOVED it! After staying up until three in the morning to finish watching Return of the King, I went to bed dreaming of elves, dwarves, and castle assaults. The next day when we went back to the library, I checked out all three of the books and read them. They were even better than the movies in my opinion, but I know quite a few people that would argue that point. I then read the Hobbit, and thought it was great too! I heard of the Silmarillion and decided to read it too, but the library doesn't have it, and I'll have to get it on Amazon, but I know it'll be worth it. I bought the LOTR trilogy almost a year ago, and have seen them so many times I know the lines by heart. I plan on getting the three Hobbit movies when they come out. I'm a devoted Legolas fan, and the Elves are my favorite beings that Tolkien created. Anyway . . . I think that's about all.