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Arwen,s Grief

Author - Leelee

Written on - Tuesday 11th July 2017 (07:01am)

" Oh Aragorn my love, I do love these spectaculor Autumn evenings. They fill my senses with beauty and enchantment"
Queen Arwen Evenstar sighed with contentment and turned away from the window of the castle loke manor
The years thirty in all had not touched the elf and despite bearing sons and daughter who had gr0wn and gone away to their own adventures and marriages had not brought a single line and wrinkle to the maiden,s young brow
The years since the horror of the orcs and of Sauron and his defeat at the bravery of the Hobbit Frodo and his faithful Sam, now only memories since they had cr0ssed the sea, had been a dream
Aragor had been a wise and loving ruler and the people rejoiced daily
Men and Hobbits wrote many lays sbout the awesome love of the King for his lady Queen, and hers for him
Their children were a wonderful happy mix of the two and brought much joy to them
"My love? Arwen stopped brushing 0ut her hair and looked over at the King who was staring into the air his eyes seeming most occupied
Lord Aragorn?
He came out of his preoccupation Did tiy say something my love?
It is of no importance. This is the third time this week you have seemed in another world. Are you well, is something amiss?
Her husband came tp her and gathered the slim ef into his arms. Then he kissed he top of her head and then her lips. "I amm fine I was thinking though that you should journey to see our daughter She is heavy with child and needs her mother at such an hour. What do you think Arwen?
She smiled. "I too have been thinking the same thing. Perhaps in three days I will be packed for the journey Will you come
The king shook his head, now more grey than black "I must attene to business here love.You ready yourself and go"

The day for departure came The lady queen was resplendant in turquoiwe velvet, her hood making her look more an elf than she had in years.
Aragorn held her very tight and kissed her so much she blushed in front of the servants
But till he kissed her, he was lathe to say goodbye
When Aewen and her knights were out of sight a strange look came upon the mans face and he sadly said "Go and fetch Master Pippin When the soldier nodded and left immediately the King hurried into his bed chamber
It took four days and when Pippen arrived he was secluded with the King two days After that he hurried away and came by night a fortnight later. He bowed low before Aragorn who was dressed in a new hand made warrior c ostume forged by Elves. Down the bsck steps he went and into a carriage. Pippin joined him and they secretly went to a spot in the forest nearby.
There in a clearing was a marvellous carven burial tomb
Aragorn,Pippen and the soldier entered the cave. The king embraced the two who willed themselves to not cry. Then he lay atop the high ledge privided for him. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes. In less than ten minutes he hsd breathed his last

It was two days later at dawn when Arwen arrived home, still giddy with joy at the birth of her newest granddaughter Galadriel
She bstepped out of the carriage
"Why Pippen how very good to see you I have a new grandaughter /the words died in her lips
Pippen was weeping, his eyes swollen
Where is Aragorn, where is my husban d?
Before he could answer an inhuman scream came from deep inside her. That is why he was preoccupied and he could not bear to tell me
Arwan screamed again and throwing off her cape she began to run. The entreaties 0f Pippin to let him take her by carriage fell on deaf ears.
On and on she ran, mile after mile until she felt her lungs burstin. Breaths would not coe easily eranymore and soon drops of blood fell from her crimson lips
On and on she ran and fINALLY the clearing came into view
The cave was open a crack only. Like a mad woman the queen tore atn the stone ripping her hands until she was able to squeeze in Staggering she went to his side With barely enough room she pressed into her husband and laying her head upon his breast she too died
It was only anhour before Pippen arrived Seeing the blood from Arwens hands on the cave entrance he moaned and deopped to the ground He had no strength