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Greatest Deed

Post#51 » Sat Dec 09, 2006 1:43 am

An unassuming Hobbit who is very gentle and kind, who cannot bear to even have a sword, who has compassion on a disgusting murderous Smeagel

That's true but without Gandalf's teaching would he have shown compassion to Gollum? When they were in Moria I recall Frodo saying something like 'I wish Bilbo killed him when he had his chance!"

Then Gandalf subliminally calmed Frodo in a masterful way.... Lolling him to sleep with his speeches.

And the greatest deed to me is when the Witch King shanked Frodo!
Ok well seriously how about when Ilúvatar said "Therefore I say: Ea! Let these things be" Without that there would be no other deeds.

*EDIT* well i'm glad i read my own message after posting it because i made a typing error and just wrote 'passion' instead of 'compassion' towards Gollum.... Talk about a sight you would not wanna see... :mad2:

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