Legolas's Eye Color

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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#1 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

What happened with his eyes??? Is it an elf thing or what?
No, it is merely a case of bad continuity. Orlando Bloom/Legolas forgot to put the colored contact lenses in his eyes before the cameras rolled that day. :elfbiggrin: nn[Edited on 4/2/2003 by Grondmaster]
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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#2 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Orlando Bloom/Legolas forgot to put the colored contact lenses in his eyes before the cameras rolled that day.

Ye, probably

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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#3 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

I think when Orlando was filming huge battle scenes he doesn't wear his contacts in case one popped out and Legolas will then have multi-coloured eyes...I THINK. :elfwink:
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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#5 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Or it could just be P.Jackson who forgot to tell him to take them on, like he forgot to tell Liv Tyler she wasn't supposed to act as Glorfindel in FotR..

Could be! :D
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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#6 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Lol Remi!

I was acctually quite disappointed, after I'd read about his eyes and other elves who's eyes was supposed to be something extraordinary and very beautiful, I was expecting something extraordinary and beautiful. His eyes were plain blue. Or purplish blue. Whatever.
Even more so with Treebeards eyes... I had acctually looked forward to looking into his eyes, after Pippin's description of how they looked in the book. :(
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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#7 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Looks like his memory is short...

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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#8 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

im so sorry grondmaster but that is wrong truly it is an elf thing it depends on the mood the elf is in their eyes can change color sor but it may have been he forgot to put them in but i dont think thats the case

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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#9 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Gosh, we do take in every detail don't we? I wear contacts myself. I personally don't have trouble with mine popping out but I wear rigid gas permeable lenses, not your traditional soft floppy contact lenses. I have heard they do that, maybe the technology has come further along by now that they don't. I would certainly hope that if contacts are touted as perfect for an active lifestyle, etc, they don't just fall out of your eye for something such as an actor's battle scene. What I have noticed with my lenses is that my eyes are MUCH more sensitive both to light and any speck of anything that gets in my eye...and maybe if Bloom was kicking up some dust in a battle scene, he left them out. It really hurts to get stuff in your eyes with them in, a LOT worse than when your eyes are "nude".

So by this discussion, I'm assuming that Orlando Bloom either wears colored contacts in real life or needed them as costuming to change his eye color to Legolas'.

As long as we are talking about eye color, I wonder if anyone noticed Gollum's eyes in the movie. I hadn't gotten to the part where Tolkien says that Gollum's and Smeagol's eyes change from blue to green, not sure who has which. At any rate, I didn't know about it either time that I saw the movie so I wasn't watching for it. Did anyone notice if Gollum's eyes change when he switches to Smeagol?

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Legolas's Eye Color

Post#10 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

I didn`t notice the eye colour changing. I suppose that part of the film flew past my eyes. :funnylaugh: Okay, that wasn`t funny.............

Oh well, maybe I`ll notice it next time. I hope I don`t, because, it`s a negative and I don`t like negatives. :(

Well, c ya l8tr. xx :cool:
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