Most Annoying Scenes?

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#1 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:29 am

Well I am watching the Master Trilogy of LOTR all the way through for the 7th time.

I bought the uber special collectors bundle on DVD, with a box that holds three box sized dvd cases with two discs per movie with extras.

But i just got through all the extras, and am watching the trilogy for the first time with the knowledge of the hours of extra footage.

Anyways, I like the two towers because there isn't that much time with Frodo. You probably don't know me, but i am a big hater of the elijah frodo and the astin sam. I loved them in the book but there is seriously something wrong with elijah and astin was cool in goonies but thats it.

Anyways, I know i need to vent about stupid things put in movies, so i thought I would ask, what part(s) of the LOTR's most annoyed you and why?

For me, there are many, but I just happen to watched a set of scenes that I just think is stupid.

Just after Farimyer decides to give his king the ring, Sam lies to Farimyer about Boromir dying because he broke an oath that never happened. Which is part of this next scene, and from what I understand, they keep adding these couple of scenes to try and change Farimyers mind about the ring. Obviously Farimyer is a noble man, and would make the right choice with out all the lying and scare tactics, as long as they would just tell him the truth.

So the scene i hate is right after sam lies, and a part of a buliding goes down. The shot goes to froto who has this really disturbed look in his face and that ring noise starts up.
Then froto puts his big bug eyes up and his face down, and says there here, they come.

I mainly think its dumb, cause obviously they know they could be attacked at any moment, but its dumb that the creature doesn't make any sounds until Frodo says something.

With an army at his side, they all scramble like rookies and leave the hobbit with the ring of power unguarded? But if I knew the power of that ring, I would of at least had several guards stay with him to protect the ring from the enemys, especially when the servant of Saron just showed up?

When the story gets back to Frodo, he starts walking out into the fight, and the idiot sam just says "uh What you doing, where you going", when he clearly should of grabbed him and kept him there! As frodo is walking out into the open, you see a dozen of Faramir's men just standing there ducking there heads, when they could of been guarding the ring or attcking the creature? I mean it was just one creature, and there whole army panics?!

It isn't until Frodo goes up stair(in a blink of an eye) and hands out the ring to the servant, that Faramir notices whats going on! And then Sam gets his head out his As$ and goes and pulls him down!

What tops it off, is that a whole army is sitting there trying to hide, when all it took was one arrow from Faramir and the creature n the servent fly away?!?
Once the arrow is shot, it seems like everything around frodo and sam just goes away so that sam and frodo can have their "love" scene.

And what it takes for Faramir to change his mind is sams "speech" which he was just lying to try and trick Faramir again :) cuz he knew he was standing there. And all of a sudden there are like 20 army guys behind frodo n sam?!

I am not a professional screenwrite/actor, but these scenes are just ridculous! I mean i could of written something better for those scenes. But it was sams lying and bs speech to let them contiune the trek.

I just feel that this whole string of scenes felt way to orchestrated and didn't flow like I remember it in the book. Out of all the scenes in the Two Towers, it was just a mess and would only entertain a kid.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#2 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:20 am

One of the main points of this scene is to show the effect that the Nazgûl have on ordinary men - they cower and they flee in terror. It would be next to impossible to keep control of your men in such a situation, and it would be easy to forget about two small hobbits (remember, the majority of Faramir's men do not know what Frodo carries) in the midst of an attack like that.
Frodo senses the Nazgûl before anyone else does because of the Ring - it is slowly taking control of him, and the Nazgûl are drawn to its power. This is also why he offers the Ring to one of them; it's the Ring controlling him. Think of the situation Sam is in. He's a hobbit, a gardener, and has been flung into a world of terror and evil that he should never had seen. The reason he did nothing until the last moment was probably because he was too scared.
I have no problems with this scene. It displays several themes and characters well, in my opinion.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#3 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:51 am

I cannot say that I feel any scene was the most annoying, but there is a scene that got on my nerves a little , but simply because the time it took was at odds with the terrible need to move on. I am referring to King Theoden when he announced they would at last fight . Gamling is rushing about getting his master's war gear together and Theoden is waxing poetic about what things have come to while Gamling, I don't even recall if that is his name, is so anxious for his King to just get on with things. It was beautifully done with the sunlight streaming upon them, but somehow it really got on my nerves.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#4 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:37 pm

Well I did point out a lot of obvious stuff with out giving a solid reason for it being annoying. I just thought the movie was flowing through real well, then those scenes just kind of put a hault to the flow.

It might of been cause they were cutting from one event to the other and so many things were going on.

I think what annoyed me the most was just Elijah's acting, so i bitcted about the whole scene. 

I thought the rest of the movie worked out perfectly. I just didn't like that set of scenes even though they all had motives that i was to hot headed to see.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#5 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:44 pm

This scene annoyed me also, though not nearly as much as the broken staff scene.  This is an example of PJ doing his own thing while the audience wonders where the plotline from the book has gone.  There were constant references and scenes before this point which clearly showed the power of the Ring and its effect on Frodo.  PJ didn't need this one.  There was no reason to have Faramir take Frodo to Osgiliath.  Nor was there any reason to show Frodo in direct confrontation with a Ringwraith.  As I've said elsewhere, that confrontation should have logically been the end of the movie.  Game over.  Sauron wins.  It's not logical with what Tolkien gave us, and it should not have been done that way on screen.  But PJ knows best.  It makes me worried for the new Hobbit movies.

Elijah's and Sean's acting was not as bad as you think.  They were trying to convey dramatically very old-fashioned themes and relationships which Tolkien embedded in his work.  This is very hard to do, especially when the actors are not that old and have not done Shakespeare.  They do not have the experience to carry off the scene without making it look "stupid" by modern viewers.  Yet if you understand the reasons behind these scenes, you'd see the acting was an attempt to get at what the characters really felt and acted.  The acting didn't bother me.  It was rather PJ's constant changing of necessary scenes from the books that irked me.


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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#6 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:07 pm

Ive said in other places, my dislike for there acting is probably because they are shadowed by the greats(Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Sean Bean, Ian Holm, Karl Urban, Hugo Weaving and Viggo) 

Its like these characters the above greats played, that didn't need to much to be good, but they made you believe they are those people and did a super awesome job recreating those character's lifes n emotions.

With Frodo, his character is the one who has to play out the most intricate emotions that have to tell you whats going on by the look in his face. Like you should be able to tell if the ring is hurting him, draining him or telling him what to do. But you can never really tell by his face, only by his actions.

Same goes to Sam, but a lot of their scenes I feel that they could of done a better job. Like Elijah always seems to have the same faces for different emotions. 

From what i watched in the extras, it seems that they filmed long hours, in remote places and the hobbits started a couple of months before everyone else. So the drain on Sam n Frodo might of dulled there acting just a little. But its probably not there fault entirely PJ probably told them to cry, get mad or to make certain faces.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#7 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:42 pm

For me, it was far more annoying that the writers had Faramir take the hobbits to Osgiliath at all, because he needed to show that he "grew" while he was in the film, then that specific scene.

The staff-breaking scene is stupid, but the scene on the stairs of Cirith Ungol, I think, takes the title of "most worthless scene added for dramatic effect."

I also hate those darn ghosts that can cut people and fly onto Mumakil.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#8 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:16 am

I agree with Turin in regards to Faramir taking the Hobbits back to Osgiliath. That scene, in my opinion, completely deviated away from Faramir's true character. In the books, he was not a mini-Boromir; he was a noble man - much more so than his deceased brother. This scene made Faramir look like all the other "weak-minded Men" that Lord Elrond spoke of when he was supposed to stand out as the one man who was unaffected by the Ring's power. I do not understand why PJ refused to acknowledge that. 

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#9 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:55 pm

If you watch the making of the movies, you'll see that they wanted to show Faramir grow on his "journey."

They also thought that it would take away from the draw of the ring they were trying to depict if they showed a character who wasn't tempted by it.


Keep in mind these are the same people who thought pipe weed is marijuana.

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Most Annoying Scenes?

Post#10 » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:15 am

Well, I've played game The Hobbit on ZX Spectrum and red LotR some 25 years ago, so you could say I go way back with Tolkien's world. (Game wasn't so good. blush)

Osgiliath Hobbit-Nazgul fight scene put aside, I liked movie scenes with Denethor and his sons, because they added some everyday time in their lives. I've always felt these three could be more explained in the book, because I didn't quite understand Denethor's feelings towards Faramir.

I guess that sub-plot (although a tiny one) didn't appeal to Tolkien.

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