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Post#1 » Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:55 pm

hullo. thought i'd say that before i went around and started talking to all yous. i got hooked by looking for an online text of The Last Ship, for which i most heartily thank Grondmaster. gracias.
we are men of action. lies do not become us.

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Post#2 » Mon Feb 16, 2004 3:10 pm


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Post#4 » Tue Feb 17, 2004 2:25 pm

Hello, and welcome to PT Whimseydriven, and Erbalwen! :wavehello:
"I would have the Ring-bearer bring the crown to me, and let Mithrandir set it upon my head, if he will; for he has been the mover of all that has been accomplished, and this is his victory." Elessar

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Post#5 » Tue Feb 17, 2004 6:41 pm

Howdy Newbies!

Wow, does that mean I'm not a newbie any more?

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Post#6 » Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:42 am

I guess it does Vee. ;)
A mind full of fire and a fistful of steel.

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Post#7 » Wed Feb 18, 2004 1:55 pm

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Whimseydriven and Erbalwen. I hope you both have a great time here. I look forward to seeing the both of you around.

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Post#8 » Thu Feb 19, 2004 1:23 pm

Hi, I am new. Greetings to all you good people out there from Warwickshire England

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Post#9 » Fri Feb 20, 2004 8:11 am

Hi there. Greetings right back to you Astrid. :D
"My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dogs already think I am."

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Post#10 » Fri Feb 20, 2004 8:29 am

Welcome ms Astrid! That is a good and proper scandinavian name you've got there!
It means good and beautiful, did you know that? :)
Welcome to Whimseydriven and Erbalwen also, don't think I have greeted you yet. :wavehello:

"Don't complain under the stars
about the lack of bright spots in you life."
Henrik Wergeland, Norwegian writer

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