Who's next?

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Who's next?

Post#1651 » Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:27 pm

That was *hic* total *hic* ly unneces *hic* sary, Grim!
I'm not drunk, just a bit dizzy!
Next one will have smth far more interesting to say than me! (yay, I've finally guessed it!!!)
Evil may yet be good to have been ... and yet remain evil. (Silmarillion)

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Who's next?

Post#1652 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:54 am

Hello ppl! I have had a very boring day yet!

The next person will be sweating!
I am nobody.....and nobody is perfect.......therefore I am perfect.

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Who's next?

Post#1653 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 3:01 am

well of course....it´s really hot in the pits of Hell....what do you expect me to be? suffering from hypothermia?! Ha!
The next lad/lass will be a person that resides in Tellus, Milkyway :grin:
Life's a piece of sheit, when you look at it
Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true
You'll see its all a show, people laughin as you go
Just remember that the last laugh is on you

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Who's next?

Post#1654 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 4:54 am

No i reside in Jellyfish, Bounty.

Give up the Halfring, she-elf...

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lady erbalwen
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Who's next?

Post#1655 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 9:08 am


Next will be CC!!!!
Lady Erbie

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Who's next?

Post#1656 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 11:16 am

Oh! yes! I'm a Champion Cuddler, if that' wat u meant!

The next person will have zits/pimples on his/her face!
I am nobody.....and nobody is perfect.......therefore I am perfect.

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Who's next?

Post#1657 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:08 pm

No, thank goodness. I'm far too old for that kind of thing. Sadly, my skin doesn't always agree.

Next will be supporting Wales in the 6 Nations tomorrow. You don't have to be Welsh, we need all the support we can get!!!

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Who's next?

Post#1658 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:20 pm

Alright, I've never heard of the 6 nations. I'm waaaaay over here in little ol new zealand. (Eew, I hate new zealand, my dream is to live in cArdiff)

Next person will be female

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Who's next?

Post#1659 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:27 pm

Hm! OK, I could do that. Yey, Wales! Do good in...what really? Football? Cricket? Netball? I'm guessing the other nations in the tournie is (N)-Ireland, Scotland and England... And the other two? Hmmm... Anyway, go Wales!!

The next person had hoped that I would have written something fun, and are thus feeling disappointed right now.
What are you looking down here for?

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Who's next?

Post#1660 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 4:55 pm

Not really...

The next person is diabetic.

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