Whose is the coolest?

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Whose is the coolest?

Post#1 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Thats a good question Peredhil. :)

I think:

A) Me
B) Mellie/Anilorak
C)Taznn[Edited on 5/7/2003 by Stonehelm]
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Whose is the coolest?

Post#2 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

This is a cute thread.

A) coolest Username - Plastic Squirrel or Val's (Even though I can never spell his correctly)

B) coolest Signature - Prog

C) coolest Avatar - Me. I searched long and hard for mine. I also like the ones that Amarie has drawn.

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Whose is the coolest?

Post#4 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

That is a good question Pere.

Avatar: Amarie, Mellie or Elfstone.
Signature: no idea yet
Username: yes I like LadyAutomnBlueSky a lot. I also like Eryan, Valedhelgwath and Einar.

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Whose is the coolest?

Post#5 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

User Name:- Chathol-linn, Chikakat and Rednell

Signature:- Chathol-linn's, "They gave much to Midde-Earth and lost much. Such is the story of the Elves."

and Mellie's, I have spread my dreams under your feet: Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Avatar:- Darous's, Virumor's and Elfstone's (although my real favourite is really my own)

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Whose is the coolest?

Post#6 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

interesting thread....
User Name-Vals, Mellies, and Einars
Signature-Mellies,+ Ringfacwens
Avatar: Allyssa. I absolutly (know I spelled that wrong) love her avatar.

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Whose is the coolest?

Post#8 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

I would now have to say that Virumor has the best avatar.
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Whose is the coolest?

Post#9 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

One of the 'best' avatars would have to be Anilorak's avatar,I also like Peredhil's alot too.
But when my personal avatar is all fixed up I think ya'all will like it alot.
Valedhelgwath I think has just one of the best screen names, though its bloody hard to spell,sorry Val, now ain't that why copy & paste where made? ;).

I wish we could pick more then one favorite!
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Whose is the coolest?

Post#10 » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am

Signature-I have no idea! I can`t pick one...
Avatar-Peredhil (I luv cheaters!) and Taz.(It reminds me of Taz, a little fluffy fraggle, Amarie, I think that nick will stay with hiim forever! Well, as long as we know him...) :D
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I love you! I love you!
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