Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#151 » Sat May 05, 2007 8:12 am

[u]Him upon meeting her[/u]

When I first saw you
I thought i had strayed into a dream
You flowed as a dizzying current
waters entwinted in purling skeins
of shadows and sky beams
curves ,perfumed and dusk

I longed for nothing but
to cast myself in your stellar
Pray and feel it kiss each inch
of my skin
Even if I were to be
wrecked upon reefs of
doubt and necessity

T'were enough to feel you
beading my senses
in liquescent gems
Drowning my pores in
forgetfulness and facets

I plunged in ,flinging a side
the garments of all chafing caution
carried ,cleansed and taught
Scalded by snow..
frozen by lightning

I drank of you deeply
You hung from my lashes
in crystal fever
Wept from my hair
and crinkled the tips
of my fingers and toes

The sable ropes of your hair,
keept me lashed to the mast
the unqenchable stars of
your eyes..
steered my course

Your skin my sail
Your voice the wind
The harsh snags of my soul
You have smoothed
your pearls I do set
in scepter and crown

I know you will wear me away
and you will flow on
Bearing only my dust
in your lonely undertow

So it must be..
until you reach the place
where all streams converge
in a clamorous torrent.
And join forever
in a dark fathomless bounty

I don't know who actually wrote this. but I find it so beautiful and wanted to share it

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#152 » Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:07 am

[u]Ode to a Nightingale[/u]

MY heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
One minute past, and Mandos-wards had flown:
'Tis not through envy of thy happy lot,
But being too happy in thy happiness,--
That thou, light-footed Elf of Doriath,
In some melodious plot
Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
Singest of summer in full-throated ease.

O for a draught of vintage that hath been
Cool'd by Naugrim in the deep-delvèd earth,
Tasting of Dorthonion and its country green,
Dance, and Elven song, and sunburnt mirth!
O for a beaker full of warm South,
Full of the true, the blissful miruvor,
With beaded bubbles winking at the brim,
And purple-stainèd mouth;
That I might drink, and leave the world unseen,
And with thee fade away into the forest dim:

Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget
What thou among the leaves hast never known,
The weariness, the fever, and the fret
Here, where men sit and hear each other groan;
Where palsy shakes a few, sad, last gray hairs,
Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;
Where but to think is to be full of sorrow
And leaden-eyed despairs,
Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes,
Or new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow.

Away! away! for I will fly to thee,
Not assailed by Morgoth and other fiends,
But on the viewless wings of Love,
Though the dull brain perplexes and retards:
Already with thee! tender is the night,
And haply the Star Queen is on her throne,
Clustered around by all her starry Fays;
But here there is no light,
Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown
Through verdurous glooms and windless mossy ways.

I cannot see what flowers are at my feet,
Nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs,
But, in embalmèd darkness, guess each sweet
Wherewith the seasonable month endows
The grass, the thicket, and the fruit-tree wild;
White hawthorne, and the pastoral eglantine;
Fast fading violets cover'd up in leaves;
And mid-May's eldest child,
The coming musk-rose, full of dewy wine,
The murmurous haunt of flies on summer eves.

Tinúviel, I listen; and for many a time
I have been half in love with easeful Death,
Call'd him soft names in many a musèd rhyme,
To take into the air my quiet breath;
Now more than ever seems it rich to die,
To cease upon the midnight with no pain,
While thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad
In such an ecstasy!
Still wouldst thou sing, and I have ears in vain--
To thy high requiem become a sod.

Thou wast not born for death, immortal Elf!
No hungry generations tread thee down;
The voice I hear this passing night was heard
In ancient days by Imin and Enel:
Perhaps the self-same song that found a path
Through the sad heart of Thingol, when, sick for Melian,
He stood in tears amid Nan Elmoth;
The same that oft-times hath
Charm'd magic casements, opening on the foam
Of perilous seas, in Western lands forlorn.

Forlorn! the very word is like a bell
To toll me back from thee to my sole self!
Namarie! the fancy cannot cheat so well
As she is fam'd to do, deceiving elf.
Namarie! namarie! thy plaintive anthem fades
Past the near meadows, over the still stream,
Up the hill-side; and now 'tis buried deep
In the next valley-glades:
Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music: -- Do I wake or sleep?
Give up the Halfring, she-elf...

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#153 » Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:44 pm

There are some who write poetry that we enjoy, but like a fading flower it does not stay with us. There are others whose poetry flows as freely as their voice, reaching into us and drawing us with them into another world. This is what you have done in this poem, Vir! I cannot begin to praise it for fear of marring the wonder of it. All Hail! The Poet has arrived!

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#154 » Thu Jun 21, 2007 5:34 pm

Yup, Virumor took the poem of John Keats (1795-1821) and placed Middle-earth terminolgy into it such that if fits the situation quite well. This is another of Virumor's unique talents for which he should be praised.
'Share and enjoy'

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#155 » Mon Jul 09, 2007 2:36 pm


The sound of hoofbeats 'cross the glade,
Good folk, lock up your son and daughter,
Beware the deadly flashing blade,
Unless you want to end up shorter.

Fëanor, Fëanor, he rides a pitch black steed.
Fëanor, Fëanor, he's very bad indeed!

Black: his gloves of finest mole,
Black: his codpiece made of metal,
His horse is blacker than a vole
His pot is blacker than his kettle.

Fëanor, Fëanor, with many a cunning plan.
Fëanor, Fëanor, you horrid little man!

Rendered from the theme song of Blackadder I
Give up the Halfring, she-elf...

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#156 » Mon Jul 09, 2007 7:35 pm

LOA, those are lovely; I love the way the words flow like the waves...

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#157 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:08 am

The black... vegetable!

Blackadder is great! I've seen every episode. :orcthumbs:
"Don't complain under the stars
about the lack of bright spots in you life."
Henrik Wergeland, Norwegian writer

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#158 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:52 am

I am surprised that you have seen the First Blackadder series. Not many people have.

Anyway hither is a poem I composed on another thread:

Often Gandalf rode in haste
From burning waste to nether shores
He passed in haste through golden doors
And came at last to Silver walls
and entered Gondor's pride of Halls
To Minas Tirith which never falls.

Until at last he councelled then
To seek aid from the northern Men,
The Horsemen from the plains of gold
And ask that they fulfill of old
The oath that Cirion once said
Till sun should fade and moon be dead.

Theoden then rode with speed,
Flying fast to Men at need,
Then he did the greatest deeds,
Of the Household that he leads.
He fell then in that battle told,
And minstrels sing of him of old:
'Son of Thengel the ever-gold'
Who lies now deep in tomb a-cold.

Eomer became then King,
And harpers often sing of him:
'Free from evil and of sin
leader of the northern kin'.
He turned his horse to Edoras
Through flowing grass he came at last
To Meduseld the Golden Hall
Slightly north of Mountain Wall.

Here is something I composed now (roughly about 20 mins):

Aragorn, O Ellesar old,
whither did you stray of old?
To mountains tall and ever-white,
With Rangers many and much foresight.

Dunedain that seldom dwell,
away from woods or from the fell.
Trusty men they are at need,
and Aragorn he doth them lead.

King of Gondor you rightly are,
Upon your chest a shining star.
High lord of fair Ithilien,
wide Anfalas and Lebennin.

Captain of the Numenor kin,
And leader of all that come therein.
From father to son the line has passed,
And at you it strayed unto the last.

The line of Gondor shall never fail,
Whether or no the Elves set sail,
Unto at last the uttermost west,
and dwell evermore in heaveness.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#159 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 4:45 am

Thank you indeed Sian. :D

I too have all the Blackadder series on DVD and have watched them each a dozen times over. Its my favourite comedy along with Only Fools and Porridge (though I very much like Open all Hours and Keeping up Appearences).

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#160 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:54 am

It seems that there are quite a few nice poets out there, sad that this thread hasn't been in active use for a long while now, but time to change that, I guess. :)

I don't usually write that many short texts or truly poem-alike stuff, but here's something from one incomplete lyric of mine:

Three Aspects of Nature

In all of her grace and glory, she stepped forward
O’ Mother Earth, The Goddess of Nature
There the three stood and remained silent, so it is told
And then she called upon all of the powers of this world

And their souls were embraced by calmness of wind
As many beautiful songs and voices filled their minds
Each of them took new shapes, no longer mortals they were
And so they accepted their gifts, of raven, wolf and bear

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen.
'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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