Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#251 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:45 am

Also, here's a little part taken from my upcoming story, which will be called: 'A Tower That Lies Within The Heart of Storm.' - this is just one little lyrical part of the actual story, but it's still good.

Spoken by Serannah:

Welcome to my home, the gallery of lies

This is the hall of emptiness and demise

I've a tongue of poison, I've a mind so dim and cruel

I'm the face of every mirror, I'm the serpent's truth

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#252 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:19 pm

Elanorraine, Welcome to our realm of poetry. It is a gift that has eluted me so I live vicariously through others.

I loved the rhythm of the repetitive verse. It is one of my favorite styles. Interestingly enough, your poem reminded me of those nights that my mind keeps obsessing over something that was said (could be recent or ages ago) and from which I struggle to find relief.

Thank-you for your contribution and I look forward to reading more of your creations.

Odette: Wow, you never cease to amaze me with your amazing gift. Your words are so well chosen that, I become lost in the visual images and smells; your pain and healing. It feels as if I am there.

Leelee, I have noticed your absence and share your pain in our loss. I have had a very difficult time dealing with Grondy's untimely passing and have found little heart for posting. He was very committed to Planet-Tolkien and an excellent moderator. Odette is right. Come back soon, dear Leelee.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#253 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:52 pm

Oerath, for some reason that's very chilling, thinking of that short verse alone and without context; is the story equally as terrible?


The only thing I know about poetry is that the stricter the meter, the harder the sculpting - some metres are like clay and others like chipping away at granite.  Also, meters are meant to be broken but not unless it's important.

And learning by example is good; I've been subscribing to

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#254 » Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:28 am

Heh, thank you Elanorraine, I've surely written some 'horrible' stories before, but I doubt that will be one of them, though the whole concept of the story itself is about snakes, in a mythical and powerful way, it will tell of a child, who was destined to be bitten by an ancient snake, and this snake had foreseen that this certain child (in this case, a girl) - would accidently find her way to the snake's hide-out, and in my myth, snakes are very powerful creatures, and it is rare to see a snake, 'cause they're always hiding underground, or in bottom of a lake or pond. Snakes are being kept as forbidden creatures, and one who gets bitten by them, will eventually gain magical powers and transformation abilities, and the snake who bites this person, will fuse with the person itself. So, the snake will become the heart of that person. And main character of this story, being Serannah, a ordinary fourteen year old girl, will eventually become a great sorceress, but the will of the snake cannot be denied, it will drive her towards a fate more darker, than any shadow of the world is, or will ever be.

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#255 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:15 am

I've been a bit silent for the last couple days, no, for the last two weeks, well, it's always good to know when to keep some break from writing, but as I looked at one of my writings I wrote at school (which wasn't nearly even half-way there), I got an inspiration to write, and here it is: Where is the rainbow of my dreams, hope you'll all enjoy of it. :)


Where is the rainbow of my dreams

'This world is full of wonders, but it is also full of tragedy, and darkness..

 And if we do not follow our own footsteps carefully, even the safest and most familiar path you've ever walked, will become a path of death..'

Was it my fate to fall from that cliff..

why all of the gods are so silent, I can't hear anything..

I can only see the sky, I can only hear the roaring sound of a waterfall..

Is this truly the end of everything..

'And there he floated with the flow of a cold river, and so far it seemed none would be able to save him from that cruel fate, and as his last act as a mortal, he wanted to sing a song, and even as much as it hurted, he couldn't deny his desire to sing.'

Where is the rainbow of my dreams, it is so dark for my eyes to see

am I lost all alone, it is so cold, I cannot feel any warmth at all

I wonder where the stream of this river will take me

soon I can't no longer breath

All of the clouds are moving so silently

and even the sun is still smiling at me

Where is the rainbow of my dreams, rain keeps falling down

but I can't see anything

I cannot feel any pain, I can only feel the shivering touch of the rain

I wonder when my heart will cease to pound

I wonder when I'll be left all alone

Clouds are taking familiar shapes, and one of them reminds me...

Of my family and my home..

But just when he was finally closing his eyes

something strange happened, and the sun returned from beyond the clouds and the skies

And suddenly it rained no more, he saw a rainbow so mighty and beautiful, and he thought: 'Now I can pass away in peace, I don't want this memory to fade into oblivion.'

'And as he closed his eyes, his body began to glow like the sun,

and then he heard voice of the mother earth inside his head;

'Rise up, mortal one, and accept my gift, let yourself to fall to embrace of my soil and roots. I weep for your death, but if you truly believe to me, then you also know that this is not the end, 'cause deep inside your heart you know something important, you know that there is a path, which leads to the land of evergreen, but if you do not believe to me from the bottom of your heart, then you won't be able to see that path. So, make your decision, mortal one, free yourself from the shackles of mortality, fly freely as a raven, all you've to do is to believe..'

And so he chose, and he heard voice of the mother earth once more, and she spoke only one word: 'Arise...', then his spirit arose from his body and as winds engulfed him, he transformed into a raven and began to fly towards the edge of the sky, and for one last time, he looked down at all of the landscapes and forests, and said: 'And so one man passed beyond the walls of age and time, he saw the fields of green grass, and the high and lonely mountains, and then with a smile on his face he died.'

So, in the end he truly saw the rainbow of his dreams..

Written by: Otto 'Oerath Timonen

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#256 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:16 pm

hello my dear ones.

I have tiptoed in to this home of homes once or twice to catch up with your stunning works and there is little I can say except that they took me out of myself and transported me into new and awesome worlds.

Thank you very much.

I have a challenge for you all.

Let us pretend that you have never been thru middle-earth. Let us suppose that you woke up and could not quite remember where you had been before, and there were only shadows and fleeting moments of who and what and where you had dwelled previously upon the planet.

Now your attention is on Middle-earth and you begin to wander.

I would like to hear something of your very first impressions of the very first place you are in. Perhaps you awoke beside the base of the Misty Mountains, or on the edge of Lothlorien, perhaps you found yourself strolling through the wonders of Imladris.

tell me about it. Make my heart beat in time with yours.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#257 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:23 pm

Hey, Leelee, and I must say that I like of your idea, and I shall follow the instructions properly; so, I'll suffer from a strong amnesia, In the story itself, I've just awaken, and noticed that I'm somewhere in the deepest corners of Mirkwood, I just remember that my name is Oerath, and as I look at my own clothes, I come to an conclusion that I'm a wanderer, I also carry with me the following things: a fine dagger, wooden staff, a couple of handmade flutes and of course, an old pipe. So, may I assume that I'm a kind of wizard, who smokes pipe, handles both spells and close fighting, sings and also plays flutes. Who knows, but surely, Mirkwood is a little bit too dark place for me, and by The Lords of West - what has brought me to this gloomy and dark forest? Anyway, after I've fully recovered, and risen up, I suddenly remember a land called 'Mordor' and mountains called 'The Misty Mountains', but I'm not sure which one of them has a ringing sound to it, maybe I should go and ask a little from a local town, if there's just any around. And.. Rest of the story can be told in the actual story, which I'll write once I've enough time. But until then, see you, Leelee, and all of you others too!

And oh, be sure to read my newest works, they're nothing special, but I hope you'll enjoy of them.

(PS. I've bought myself train tickets, and I'll be off from this week's friday, which is 22th day of this month - until 30th or 31th day of this month. So, over a week of holidays. And I'm going to spend them wisely, since I'm going to a town called 'Keminmaa', and it also takes over 800 kilometres to get there, so that's why I'm using a train, basicly.

So, those of you who are enjoying of your holidays, you've my blessing, and remember to have fun! Explore, explore, write, write, sing, sing and drink x4!

- Oerath.

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#258 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:20 am

This is a good idea Leelee.I was going to ask you to give us a challenge.Thanks will think of something and post when it's ready.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#259 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:48 am

That was most entertaining, absorbing and I like that you fill our senses with what you are seeing and feeling and we get a nice glimpse of you. well done.

Join this glimmering start the rest of you. come, let us travel through this wondrous space together and learn and grow.

Next please...................

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#260 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:51 pm

Alright.. Let us begin then; I've already entitled this work with the following words

'Oerath's journal : Strangely, all of the pages seem to be empty, and so is my memory'

Sentences or parts which are simply inside a pair of ' - are either words of the storyteller or speaking parts.

Part I : A dream of dreams, and awaking from such is surely a waste.

It is morning of a new day, all of the birds are singing, rivers are flowing so peacefully and silently. There's nothing to break the complete harmony of this moment.. Oh, wait a second, who's the person over there - lying on the green grass, is it.. me? Oh well, luckily this isn't a dream, ah, time to take a good turn to right.. sleepy, sleepy, here we go.. *snoring*..

But only a few moments later he awakes as a huge drip of water falls from the leaves of a tree, which is sadly enough tall and wide to cover his entire sleeping area, and by showing some signs of frustration and wrath, he cries it out clearly and loud: 'Damn it.. It was a dream after all!'

'Well, as it finally seems that the hero of our story is awake, should we tell a little about him, or tell him to do it by himself?'

Part II : I remember.. some things.. but not that much

And as he shakes his head and wonders what is going on, he suddenly notices something more important: 'Hey, this isn't the beautiful and peaceful forest full of green grass where I was in my dream. This is totally the opposite of it! It's so dark.. so gloomy, by the gods - what am I doing here? And by the way, what is my name?'

Four hours and twenty three minutes later.

'I cannot believe that I was taking a afternoon nap or either way, but it still doesn't make any bloody sense!' said the man to himself - 'But now I at least remember something. My name.. is Oerath, and as I took a careful look at my own clothes and equipments (and yes, I even checked my own face from the surface of that small pond, what about it!?) - I came to an conclusion that I'm a wanderer. And from my large back-bag, I found following items and artifacts: a fine elvish dagger, dragon shaped candle, a couple of handmade flutes, an old pipe, some tobacco to it, a small bottle of some weird drink that has a mark on it's side, which says: 'Finest Forest Spiritual Moonshine. Drink on your own responsibility.', a writing book, some pencils and last, but not the least - from lying on the ground, I found a nice hat and a long wooden staff. So - I'm Oerath, and I'm both a wanderer, and a wizard, and it seems that I can handle both close combat and spell casting, I think I can sing and play flutes, drink a lot, smoke pipe and write. What else? I don't know, but this is certainly a good start. I also recall to remember such names as: 'Mirkwood', 'Mordor', 'Lothlorien', 'The Misty Mountains', 'Silvershade' and 'Inn of Prancing Pony'.

I may just be guessing, but this dark forest must be called 'Mirkwood', there's no doubt of it.

Oh well, I'd better take my stuff and be going, and if or when I find my way out of this forest, I'll try to find a common road and that way I could just maybe find my way to a nearby town or village - if there's just any around, that is.

Part III : And so the journey of Oerath; a clueless wizard - finally begins.

'So, Oerath took his belongings and headed on. The forest of Mirkwood seemed to be darkening all the time, and he didn't want to stay for any longer. But minutes turned quickly to hours, and even seconds seemed to last for one great eternity, as he tried to make his way through all of the thick lines of bushes and trees, while occasionally stumbling into nasty roots and rocks.'

'And at some point, Oerath began to hear things. Voices and whispers of some kind, and for a while he even thought that was he losing his mind? Or was there something more to those disturbing voices. Sadly he didn't know the answer, so he had to go on and find it out.'

'And when he had walked for two hours straight on, he came to an open area. Wind waved gently all branches of the trees, and even sun shone a bit through the thick and grey sky, but it's brightness wasn't enough to penetrate through all of those dark clouds. And as he sat down on small stump of a tree, he finally felt some peace and serenity, but still, he couldn't stop thinking about one strange thing.. At some point of his journey, he had heard something, maybe silent footsteps, and the sound of them had come clearly from behind him. And back then he had thought it to be only the wind, but now it was quite obvious. Someone was following him. He didn't know what or who, but he just knew it.'

And as Oerath suddenly arose and reached out for his dagger, he yelled:

'Come out, whoever you are, I've noticed your presence!'

'And then only a moment later, a shadowy figure ran from behind the trees, with a kind of weapon in it's hands. Oerath couldn't see who or what it really was, because it was still so dark, but he was prepared for a battle. And then his enemy jumped to air, bringing it's two-handed weapon down at him. Luckily Oerath was quick, and he blocked the attack with his staff, and as a result of the attack, both of them fell back a bit, and the shadowy being almost lost it's balance. It's weapon also broke, 'cause Oerath had somehow hardened his staff, and now it was fairly stronger than finest mithril.

And smiling a bit at the clumsiness of his opponent, Oerath said: 'I don't know who you are, but I've no intent to fight you, for you see, I'm quite tired. I've just walked for over 7 hours, and I want to rest a bit.' So Oerath just sat down and began to smoke his pipe. And this seemed to relax his enemy greatly, and the shadowy figure finally spoke with soft voice of a female: 'So I was right after all. I was just merely testing your might, oh great one.' - now Oerath got quite confused and yelled: 'Who are you!? Step forth from the shadows, and show yourself.'

And so the shadowy figure stepped forth from the shadows, took off it's hood and to Oerath's surprise, it was a woman. And as she had bowed to Oerath, she said: 'Greetings, Oerath, The Elder of Woods. My name is Alyssa, and some people call me 'The Silvershade'.

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen

These were the first three parts, I hope you enjoyed of them. I'll write more when I return from my trip.

(PS. there may be some spelling mistakes - corrected!)

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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