Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#751 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:06 pm

Elbereth, that was totally amazing, beautiful, achingly sad and yet so true and powerful. WELL DONE.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#752 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:17 pm

Gleddon, FORGIVE ME, I have been so overtired and did not see your post. Please come back and share some more, I am excited to get to know you a little through your thought and words. You honor us by coming.


I have studied for years the middle ages , the culture, the politics which we cannot speak of here, the religion, also taboo. And the life of a bard. Did you know that a bard was so revered and feared even that some kings and queens happily gave great gifts and wealth to a bard that in rhyme and song could make a could image for the king in front of his people. Bards were magic, every word they said was held as if it was pure gold.

I believe you are a bard in the making. That was amazing and in much the same manner as many of the bards. You blended humour, seriousness, puzzle and rhymn to make something one would remember all their life. You just relax and practise and read some work from the middle centuries and compare.

Also,many people like myself suck at poetry per se but write in a poetic style. when I was a women's editor I would also do poems and poetic prose and that was my place. I think you also are a poetic prose writer. And with that in mind i shall start a prose thread in a day or so.

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Wenlesael Isil
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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#753 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:13 am

Elbereth, as I read each of your works, I feels that you are a very understanding and caring person. Good work! Thank you for all you posts on PT!

Rukain, that really was outstanding, I read it through twice and thought about it for awhile afterward. Congratulations! You really out did yourself. But you want truth...? Here it is, you need to relax more if this is what comes from it!

Leelee, please do that! A prose thread would be welcome. Also, on the topic of bards....I have often contemplated being one. You know, many times when people think of a bard, they picture a wizened, old man with long white hair, a beard and a unique staff. No. Personally, I think a bard can be anyone. The way I imagine myself as a bard is a young man, strong, tall, smiling, singing and overflowing with creativity, truth, and poems, songs, stories, etc. Really, I think that most of us here on this thread are bards at heart. Don't you think?



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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#754 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:40 am

Hail Wen, Lee & Elbereth. Wonderful words from you all.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#755 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:04 pm

A Wonderful poem Elbereth.

Here's one of mine now, it's a bit sad I think, inspired by many past wars all put together.



Lost Child

Once he was a happy child

With family and friends to confide.

Once before, a long time ago,

Before they came and took them.


They came within the dark of night,

They came so sudden and so secret

They took all and leaving none,

None but the frightened child.


He had hidden from all, too scared

Had not realized what they had done.

Though he was safe; they wouldn’t take him

Thought they’d left him with his family.


Little did he know that they were waiting,

Watching for hiders, not leaving any.

Little did he know that they were there,

In the dark beside him, aware.


He snuck out and went to find them,

Went to find his family gone.

He looked around in loss and despair,

Then he saw them standing there.


He turned around, he turned to run,

But they chased him.

Shot him dead, broke him down,

There they left him, alone for death....

                                                                          Lady Alyss

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#756 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:47 pm

Lady, if you were here I would enfold you in my arms and hold you close. This is as Tolkien would have described things in the more serious of his work. i was literally ill through most of The Children Of Hurin, I felt like part of me was dying as i read tragedy upon tragedy. Thank you for that.

Wen, you are so effervescent and full of adventure and life and you make me smile. A combination of Robin of Loxley, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot and the local story book reader at many of the big book stores.

I personally could never be a bard Sir Wen, because you sit there on a chair or a rock or whatever and the whole world as it were is gathered round to listen and be spell  bound. Unless my audience is under about eight I would be too shy and nervous. No any bardness I have is in the nursery or with sick children or children that need healing in their bodies, minds or emotions. If I had to do it in front of a body of grown ups i would want a bag over my head or st. John's Ambulance waiting in the background.

Now you dear Wen, i can see you touring the country coast to coast doing a one man theatre show and getting standing ovation. As for the others I think Brego is too elven and private to be a Bard, a teacher in a small classroom sharing his passions perhaps. Oerath of course, the perfect bard. just as you would be,.Lady I see sitting elegantly in a peacock shaped rattan chair on a marbled balcony telling stories to all the children and their nanny, and all your girlfriends, at least the ones who will be quiet for a bit and listen!

The rest I would have to get to know a bit better before I speak.

My what a motley crew we are, you are all dear to this heart.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#757 » Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:50 pm

Thank you for your words. It's wonderful to read such encouraging posts! That makes me work harder and happier too.

Lady Alyss, I almost cry with your last work. How sad it is! It's beautifully written but when you imagine such story, it tightens the heart! Your poems are always so full of a dark emotion, infinite sorrow, etc. I love them but they make me think about you and sometimes I wonder, how a young girl can feel those things? It's stunning the way you express them, simple and direct.

Regarding to the bard discussion, I feel the same as Leelee, I couldn't be in front of an audience because I am too shy so I would turn suddenly red and forget everything I had to say. By the way, a bard was one of those people that are not mentioned in the books such as the names of Kings or Battles but they had an interesting role in the society long ago. 

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#758 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:47 am

Ah, nice to see some new words and sentences, something new.

Good job, Elbereth and Lady Alyss. I've been quite silent and sleepy for over a week, and now I feel that I should take some tricks out off my sleeve. So, I'll post something surprising tonight. Just for fun. :)

By the way, Leelee, I wish ya lived a bit more closer to Finland, it would be fun to do some music. I guess you once listened to some of my youtube stuff, but that's not so serious, just singing over music to a microphone that even doesn't work properly. But I can do lot more with my voice. I've been thinking about joining to another band, so I could use my harsh vocals again. Scandinavian style! :)

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#759 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:47 pm

Elberth I completely agree with you about Lady, so dark and haunting, so real and intimate. Lady my chat thing refuses to work most of the time, could you try once more please? I laughed so hard about you turning red, for shyness has plagued me since a very young child and I could almost fry eggs on my cheeks when anyone even looks at me. So why I was in ballet, taught interpretive and rock ballet, and sang in a rock band and played Celtic music is rather a mystery. It is just that I love music and dance and like to share with others that might benefit from it emotionally. In one of my dance classes I simply could not get rid of the dancers afterward, It was like suddenly having sixty other family members and they all wanted to sit about and talk and that was AGONY for me for I like being quiet and alone. All of us here are quite monastic most of the time and actually that helps my daughter to be able to be here and rest. I suppose if we were both together El we would look like red apples most of the time!

Oerath I would LOVE to jam with you. We do everything from classical to rock to metal to Celtic, Middle-Eastern, all of us would love to jam with you. your voice is like thunder from the mountains. love it.

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Do you have a poem to share? - Undale (ALL POEMS HERE, PLEASE)

Post#760 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:47 am

I had a late call to early wake-up work yesterday, so, I didn't have time to post this one, but now I do.

I will finish it and write it right to this window, just like always before.

Here I go.


Lost and Forgotten..


Is it the rain that makes me to think and wonder..

Why I can still hear the raging sounds of thunder..

I am all alone, I've none to accompany me..

These woods seem to be my only home.. These nights are relieving..


Is there any hope to find a way..

To see the luminous light.. Far away..

In the sky.. There it shines.. But it can't hear my cries..

Do I've to sing that song once more?

Do I've to accept the offer of darkness and shadows?


Long ago, before the age of frost and snow

When the days were darker and colder than the winter storms

I got lost, never to be found again..

I was afraid of every shadow, I even feared the touch of the rain..


Unable to hear the voices of earth and trees..

Unable to see any visions and dreams..

Nothing to give to anyone in this world..

Lost and forgotten.. A broken spirit.. So weak and cursed..


And here I am, lying on the burning grass, trying to reach a star with my hands..

But it's too far away, just like the shadows today.. And I wish that there would be a way..

To end this all without any sorrow or pain..


Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.'

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