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3 little niggles

Post#1 » Fri Oct 14, 2005 4:09 pm

i've just read the post : if you could change 1 thing. and after starting the book again, and watchin 2 towers with the family.. i've already chosen about 20..

if you could worm it down into 3 : just little things mind you... that just bug you / or you miss... let me know...

mine are

1 in the film, the trio hide behind some rocks, where as in the book theyre just sat... couldnt they afford the graphics to put it into reality.... and that one bugs me....

2 when eomer gives the trio horses... in the film they just crack on, but in the book, legolas takes of the tack, and talks to it in elvish.... i just totally miss that bit..

3 after theoden and the troops visit isenguard, they bump into the rangers.. where aragorn gets roheryn brought to him.... again totally miss it

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