Durin's Vengance

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Durin's Vengance

Post#1 » Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:47 pm

Our tale begins in late Autumn of the year 1419 Shire Reckoning. The Prancing Pony Inn at the village of Bree is scantly populated on this dark and dreary night. Rain falls heavily on the rooftops as the inn door bursts open. A dark hooded creature stands in the doorway. He enters and strides to the bar. Barliman Butterbur, the innkeeper calls to him.

"Hi! Sir! Kindly close the door! Its cheerless enough in here tonight without the wind and rain accompanying my tendors!"

The figure doesn't reply. Instead he raises his hand and the door slams shut. Sitting at a tall bar stool he waves his hand and a mug slips from the counter and fills with beer before placing itself before him. Throwing back his hood reveals a weather worn face with a long black beard and icy blue eyes.

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Durin's Vengance

Post#2 » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:03 pm

A hooded man clad in green and brown steides through the Prancing Pony bar. He sits down near the bar but doesn't take the hood off. His green, weary eyes looking at every detail. His eyes stop on a suspicious man who with a wave of hand serves himself a drink. He places his hand on the hilt of Rift (his sword). If this mysterious man is the type of man he thinks he is then he has too be careful. He's curious of his business. He walks up to the mysterious man and says "I go by Erumber the Stray. What brings one of your kind here?"

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Durin's Vengance

Post#3 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:55 am

A minstrel in the corner of the Inn looks up as he hears the door slam. He was just repairing his flute, one of his Many flutes, I should say. When he looks at the two men, who he has never sen before, talking, he gets suspicious. What are people like them doing here?

Continuing his work on the flute, he gets more and more paranoid. Needless to say he is drunk. He had been in the Pony for over a week now, and thought of this as a safe haven. All that people knew about him here, was that he was a marvellous lute player and singer. Could be worse, he thought. But now mysterious people were coming in, and he was getting worried...

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Durin's Vengance

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Bran the bowman sits quietly in the corner nursing his pint of ale. It has been several months since he left his home in Esgaroth looking for adventure. His spirits had been high on that sunny morning in spring. Now he was alone and down to his last few pennies. An adventuring life was not all glamour. He had thought of giving it up and heading home to his aging mother. Shje would welcome him with open arms but Bran hated the idea. Now, at long last there may be an opportunity. The men talking at the bar seemed like the sort he wanted to meet. One was a wizard unless he was mistaken. He decided to watch and seek a chance to join them.

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Durin's Vengance

Post#5 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:40 am

The dark figure's head snaps to the side as the ragged Ranger speaks.

"What concern be it of yours if i may ask?"

the Ranger grips a long sword at his side.

"It is my concern, to protect the Wilderlands from the Enemy." came his reply.

The Dwarf leapt from his stool and swept off his hood, revealing a large warhammer in his hands, previously hidden. Lightening flashes and the Dwarf's hair catches flame, though it causes no alarm or distress for the Dwarf. The Ranger stumbles back drawing his sword. The other patrons all gasp or fall backwards in alarm.

"I am Shareg of the Northern Reaches! Not I nor any of my kinsman have ever served Sauron or any other force of Evil! No man lives who accuses me of such things!"

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Durin's Vengance

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Bran watched as the two formidable opponents faced one another. If what they said was true then they were both enemies of the one true enemy.
He stood from his stool and before he could stop himself he was striding over to them. This might be his one chance to join real adventurers and he was not about to let it slip.
"Peace friends!" Bran called out to the two. "We are all united in our hatred of the Enemy. Do not waste your strength doing his work. We should fight together against the real foe."
Bran suddenly felt stupid and his courage left him. Why would these mighty warriors listen to him, a naïve bowman who had barely come of age? He looked at them for a response. The room was silent and Bran could hear the gulp in his throat as he swallowed.

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Durin's Vengance

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I'm known for my long and boring posts, so here's one for ya.


After wandering in the rain for what seemed like eternity, Saegron finally reached the tall wooden gates of Bree. And soon he knocked the gates for three times and shouted to the gatekeeper: 'You there, will ya let me in? I'm just a mere journeyman passing by. I'm on my way to the Inn of Prancing Pony.'

Looking doubtful, the gatekeeper studied the wanderer for a while and then answered silently: 'Well, you look like a wanderer to me, but isn't that a staff of some sort that you're leaning to? I dare say that if you're a wizard, know that you should turn around. Magic isn't that wanted here in Bree. For you see, this is a peaceful town.'

Smiling to the gatekeeper, Saegron took the staff into his both hands, showed it to him and said: 'Look, it's just a walking stick made of fine oak wood. Very good for long journeys, since at this age, back problems never seem to go away kindly.' (Which was of course a lie. Saegron wasn't that old and he had always looked young by appearance.)

Having cleared the gatekeeper's doubts, he soon unlocked the gates and let Saegron inn. Nodding as thanks, he threw a gold coin to the man, which seemed to bring a lot of joy to him, though Saegron wasn't sure was it gold or joy that burned so brightly in the man's old eyes. Oh well, he was already late and as it is known, wizards don't enjoy of being late. So, he decided to press on. He even failed to hear the gatekeeper yelling: 'Thank you, sir, thank you!' behind him.

And after walking past a few blocks, he finally arrived to front doors of the Inn of Prancing Pony. By taking his long and cone-shaped grey hat off his head, he entered through the door.

Soon, he was met with odd stares, since the folks noticed his staff, which he soon hid away to cover of his long and black robes. (Saegron had always been known for his strange choose of colors. He always wore black and elegant robes, a dark blue cone-shaped hat in addition to his long and dark blue hair and two-colored eyes. For you see, his eyes had different colors; one being blue and the other being black. Some of you may wonder, why all of these colors, but.. Truth to be told, even he didn't know an answer to that question.)

By scratching his nonexistent beard that also had a blueish color to it, he walked forth to the desk when the Innkeeper, Mr. Barliman Butterbur greeted him by saying: 'Welcome, traveler! Oh, you sure look like you'd be in need of a tankard of ale or two.'

By nodding, Saegron replied silently as he kept looking around: 'Yes, um.. I'd also like to have something to eat.. Maybe some well cooked meat and lots of boiled potatoes.'

'Could that possible be arranged?'

'Of course!' smiled the Inkeeper: 'Just take that table over there in the far corner of this room, but be careful, I bet there's a fight about to take place in the table next to yours. And oh, may I ask your name, Mr.. Hmm, odd. Where did he go?'

But Saegron, oh he was already standing beside his table, looking at the fight that would soon take place. Arguments just kept flying through the air, as Saegron suddenly turned around, opened his robes a little and soon, a black raven flew from it's clothy shelter and sat on his right shoulder. Then to the top of it, he started to speak to the raven by saying: 'Look, Rathik, a battle! Should we take part in it, should we now, Rathik!?'

The raven looked at it's master doubtfully, then it just let out a silent croak and whispered to it's master: 'Croak, if you fight, I'll get to save you again, croak. Give me something to eat, or I'll just go back to sleep, you fool of a wizard.'

Cursing the raven, Saegron just said: 'Bah, you're as boring as always, Rathik. Sleep well then!' and before the raven could even comply, he summoned it away with one of his tricky spells. Then he turned around and walked to the table, where dwarves, elves and many others sat. And as you might have guessed, he opened his big mouth and greeted them by saying: 'Greetings, folks. My name is Saegron Ithael! Are you going to put up a little fight?. Yes, yes, Sauron is our enemy and so forth, but are ya folks still gonna fight? fighting is fun! What say you?'

Saegron didn't seem to get any response at all, instead, they all now stared at this strange looking man, who had just come from out of nowhere to tell them that he would like to fight.

But then Mr. Butterbur came in to the picture, and brought two tankards or fresh ale and a plate full of deliciously cooked meat and boiled potatoes. 'There you go, sir. Eat well!' said the Innkeeper, before he headed back to his post behind the bar desk. By thanking him, Saegron looked at the plate, then at the people around him and it was then, when he realized his own foolishness ('I totally forgot about the food' - was something that he was about to say, but instead he..), took his words back and said: 'I was just kidding.' he grinned. 'Let's all just calm down, take our seats and drink some ale, aye?'

At that point, Saegron looked around him and thought. 'I wonder what will happen next.. If it comes down to fighting, I've to admit that it would be a shame to abandon all this good food. It truly would..'

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Durin's Vengance

Post#8 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:49 pm

The mysterious man doesn't reply. "Fine. Be as you please, wizard. Just don't go causing trouble. Plenty of that is brewing on that table there." Erumber turns around and heads to the his room. His eyes heavy as lead. Some new suspicious folk start to appear. "Maybe I ought to stay a while more." thinks Erumber "Need be I shall prevent trouble". He strides to a dark, gloomy corner of the bar. He sits down and closes his eyes. "A short wink would do me good". All the while he is listening, for a single hint of danger, with his sharp, almost elf quality ears.

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Durin's Vengance

Post#9 » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:44 am

Belegror opens his eyes at the sound of a door being shut down stairs.

He's laying in a rented room, in a warm bed with a candle glowing at his side. His journey had been long, but last night he had finally arrived at the Pony. Happy as he was at the time, he had decided to taste some of the local brew. 23 or so pints of ale, 3 stale lumps of bread and 2 large portions of soup later, he had passed out in his bed.

"What foul smelling goblin would make such a noise?!" - Belegror thought as he woke up. The noise had been like a thundercrack in his head and he instantly decides to get dressed and walk down stairs to see if anything has happened.

Before leaving his room, he makes sure his plate armor, his 2 handed warhammer and his travelling gear is still placed where he left it.

He locks the door, walks down stairs and finds a seat at a empty table.

"What a strange gathering of people here to night" - he thinks to himself as he looks around the other guests...

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Durin's Vengance

Post#10 » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:46 am

The noise hadn't settled since Belegror had entered the main room of the Prancing Pony. As a matter of fact, it still felt like thunder when people talked and laughed. Strange looking persons had entered and left while Belegror had been here.

And thus, he was still struggling with his fifth pint when he had seen the dwarf and the man suddenly started yelling at each other.

"For the love of all the mithril in the world, why cant they quiet down?" - Belegror thought to himself while witnessing the argument from the other end of the main room. Being still hung over, he hadnt sensed the rising tension.

But then a young-looking man had suddenly walked over and interrupted the argument. And apparently, also settled the matter.

"Well done laddie" - Belegror thought as he kept staring at the other dwarf.

A lot of their argument had just been added to the noise in the tavern, but Belegror felt sure that the dwarf had yelled something with the Northern Reaches.

The fact that a fellow dwarf had entered the Pony and that he had mentioned his homelands, made Belegror curious as to who this dwarf could be.

And so, Belegror empties his pint and walks over to the dwarf.

"Greetings friend" - Belegror says in khuzdul, making sure no one else can understand him.

"It's good to see a fellow kinsman in these parts. May I buy you a pint of ale?" - Belegror says.

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