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I think your caps lock key is on.

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well personally i think that it is genuine love between them both, to start with i think that Aragorn is alot more cleverer than that, could he ever be jealous when he has Arwen the Evenstar, plus i think that Eowyn is more smarter than that anyway, or was it her womenly instincts to try it?? :elfbiggrin: (no offence, men can do alot worse :D )

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I think we already have threads about Éowyn. No need to start another one.Go to the Concerning Éowyn thread, for instance, if you want to share any opinions about her.

And btw, NInerl, next time do not post in caps. You're shouting, and we are not deaf.
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Shouting? I detect the same decibel level in all the posts in this thread: 0. Though there's no reason to provoke people when there's a perfectly good toggle button (well, in most cases.) But yeah, I agree, by the time Eowyn started carrying a torch for Faramir King Ellesar was taking the wife he'd been pursuing for over half a century; kind of difficult to make him jealous. Faramir and Eowyn are as represented, and Aragorn as well: IN THE BOOKS.

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I have a lot of respect for Éowyn, Faramir, and Aragorn and do not believe Νinerl's hypothesis would hold water, because Éowyn wouldn't have stooped so low; Faramir won the ladies heart with his empathy; and Aragron was nobody's fool.

Νinerl: A word to the wise, in case you haven't yet understood: the use of all capitals is considered as yelling and as such should be limited to those cases where it is really meant to make a very strong statement. Do not consider yourself browbeat about this, just learn from it and enjoy our company as we will yours. :happyelf:
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oh, I thought caps were for the seeing impaired. no I didn't that is a falsehood. But I have always wanted to throw that out and see if in deed anyone uses it for that purpose.
I am still tormented by the Eowyn Faramir thing. I identify with her most of anyone in the whole in the LOTR save Frodo.I just don't know whether, being not healed in mind yet from all the traumas of her life and her major crush on Aragorn , she might of convinced herself that she loved this kind, gentle dear man. I always worry that down the road when she finally knew herself she might discover she loved him but as a friend and because she was noble and was used to [u]doing her duty[/u] and just silently went on with things, careful to hide the truth from her devoted husband and children and friends etc. She was after all a mortal woman with all the flaws and strengths as any other woman.

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I think Eowyn did truely love Faramir. I think it did take awhile for her feelings for Aragorn to lessen and the feelings for Faramir to grow but she was a very honest person and I believe completely that she wouldn't say she loved someone when she didn't. They were friends when they stood on the walls of the city and saw the eagles bring good news to Minas Tirith and after there was time for her heart to heal and her friendly affection for Faramir to grow into something more. Hearing him say that he loved her made her look inside herself and see how she really felt and that she could have joy in her life again. Plus, there was plenty of time for her to change her mind. Anyone who would defy their king, disguise themselves as a man and ride to war wouldn't lie and say they loved someone out of a sense of duty..she was a strong gal and did what she believed in doing. It would be a tragedy if someone as sweet as Faramir was decieved but there's no doubt in my mind that he wasn't; they lived happily ever after.

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:withstupid: (No offence intended)
I couldn't agree more, Sian!

Leelee, I think you have a very depressing view on Faramir and Eowyn, Leelee. I don't recognize them at all when you talk about them. :( Have you ever thought about how much those two have in common?

Both had a royal upbringing, both lost their mother early on, both had grown up among warriors, both had a loving older brother, both had struggled to be seen as equals to their brothers, both had recently lost a brother/cousin (Theodred), both had father(figure)s who were under the spell of evil maias, both nearly died in the battle, both lost their father/uncle during the battle, both were highly loved by their people, both had their roots firmly planted in this part of the land, both had proved themselves as brave warriors...

Both their lives had completly changed by all this. But now the evil is gone and they are free. What better way to start rebuilding the land and their lives, than side by side with a person you can share your entire life of happiness and sadness with, and who can honestly say "I know exactly how you feel" ?
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both had father(figure)s who were under the spell of evil maias

I agree with everything, but Denethor was never under the spell of Sauron - if you mean that literally, that is. He was a rightful user of the Palantir, hence Sauron could not force him unlike Saruman.

Like Tolkien wrote in his Letters, Denethor was merely tainted by politics.

See also The Enigmatic Denethor.

Furthermore, I also like to note that Theoden was not under the spell of Saruman as shown in the TTT movie. He was under the influence of the poison of a sycophant instead.

I doubt whether Eowyn was regarded by the Eorlingas the way Faramir was regarded as a lesser version of his brother by the ppl of Minas Tirith. It is different because any competition was never possible for Eowyn was a woman. That said though : Eowyn might have felt she was being left out of everything because she was a woman, it was not so :

'Behold! I go forth, and it seems like to be my last riding,' said Théoden. 'I have no child. Théodred my son is slain. I name Éomer my sister-son to be my heir. If neither of us return, then choose a new lord as you will. But to some one I must now entrust my people that I leave behind, to rule them in my place. Which of you will stay?'
No man spoke.
'Is there none whom you would name? In whom do my people trust?'
'In the House of Eorl,' answered Háma.
'But Éomer I cannot spare, nor would he stay,' said the king; 'and he is the last of that House.'
'I said not Éomer,' answered Háma. 'And he is not the last. There is Éowyn, daughter of Éomund, his sister. She is fearless and high-hearted. All love her. Let her be as lord to the Eorlingas, while we are gone.'
(from TTT)

I always worry that down the road when she finally knew herself she might discover she loved him but as a friend and because she was noble and was used to doing her duty and just silently went on with things, careful to hide the truth from her devoted husband and children and friends etc. She was after all a mortal woman with all the flaws and strengths as any other woman.

Tolkien did write about this in his Letters; he wrote that it is possible to love two people at the same time -indeed, Eowyn was still 'indecisive' until Faramir openly told her he loved him (the cheek!)- but eventually she came to love him like a citizen loves his/her ruling King.

I am sure this excerpt has already be posted elsewhere.

Anyway, maybe Eowyn's 'indecision' or realizing whom she really loved was based on Tolkien and Edith? After all, Edith was originally betrothed to someone else before Tolkien swayed her.

At any rate, in the old days there were different rules for the nobility. Marriage was merely a way to seal political deals or ensure power. Eowyn would gladly be stolen by the most important man in Gondor safe one, instead of returning to the thatched barns of the House of Eorl, where brigands drink in the reek, their brats rolling on the floor amongst their dogs...

In the words of Duke Paulus Atreides : 'If you want to bring down your House, marry out of love!'.
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