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Me too Shaking Head Smilie Maybe its OZ-slang; or maybe we're going to feel sheepish when we find out? Sad Smilie
Lifting? Hitch-hiking? I dunno... Lost me too now... Rolling Eyes Smilie
Shaking Head Smilie Oh for heaven's sake.

No, dinking(I thought 42 would get this right away) is what many people like to do with beer.

Not me (yuick).
no, drinking is what a bell does
No, ringing is how an avian moves through the air.
oops, posted at the same time as you Grondmaster!

Nope winging is is what you are doing when you come first!

(Sorry Allyssa, I have never heard that term this side of the ditch-must be a pure Aussie-ismWink Smilie)

[Edited on 16/5/2002 by 42]
No, winning is the noise that children make in order to try to get the situation reversed, when they want something that their parents don't want them to have; or when they don't want to do something that their parents want them to do.

(I did find this definition for that fine old OZy bicycling term, of which I also had never heard before. Smile Smilie
Dinking = having dressed oneself in fine array. [Scot.] )
No, Whining is a posh word for eating.

Dink: verb, Aust. Sl. Carry second person on bicycle.

- Collins Australian Gem English Dictionary

I guess you need an Australian dictionary. Wink Smilie

Oh, and I thought 42 meant "Whinging" back there which is an Aust/NZ collocquialism for complaining. Just thought I should aknowledge. Smile Smilie Do continue.
No dining is what you do off a platform into a swimming pool.
No, diving is what you do with a car
Nope, driving is a lot of silly, foolish talk
No, drivel is what your feet do with a soccer ball or tour hands do with a basketball.

(And both words define the slobber down your chin. Wink Smilie )
Nope dribble is what you find between the beginning and the end.
No, middle is what you get into if you are confused - me a lot of the time! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Nope a muddle is what you jump in when it's been raining...
No, a puddle is what you use to propel a canoe.
Nope, you use a paddle to sit on a horse.
Nope a saddle is what you put in a baby in to sleep.
nope, a cradle is what you use to dish out soup...
No, a ladle is an affixed small sign or tag containing explanatory information.
Nope a label is a piece of writing or publication written to bring a person into disrepute.
No Bible was a mythical tower after the dedication of which, the human race lost their common tongue and were filled with confusion due to everyone speaking a different language.
Nope, Libel is a very popular book that contains nothing but a pack of of lies, and has caused more problems than it's ever solved.
No, Babel is a very young human who depends completely on its mother.
Nope, a baby is an answer that means neither yes or no.....
no, maybe is another word for being in a really good mood
No Merry is the name of that anoying kid with the glasses in that "other" wizzard movie...
No, Harry is a description of Great Aunt Agatha's lower limbs, not to mention her upper lip. Winking Smilie
No, hairy describes something that is truly frightening.
No, scary is when you are being really careful, in case there are bad guys lurking just around the corner...
No, warey is a type of food product containing lots of calcium.
nope, dairy is a little pixie sort of thing...for example Tinkerbell...
No, a fairy is a form of water transportation, usually for automobiles. Smile Smilie
Nope, ferry is the name of one of the hobbits in LotR!
no, merry is is the tiltle of a Stephen King book.
No, Carrie, is the same job you work at forever.
No a dairy is a book in which to write your closest secrets.

(Milking cows is the only job I know of that is never done, needs doing twice a day, year in and year out.)
(I thought it was a career...)

Nope, a diary is what you call a rainly, gloomy, dull day...
no, dreary describes a happy, bubbly person.
No, a cheery is a small red fruit that has a pit in it.
Nope a cherry is what you are when you are sad and have been crying Very Sad Smilie
no, teary is what a princess wears on her head when she goes to the ball.
No, a tiara is a range of hills or mountains with jagged or sawlike ridges.

(Hint: The ****** Madre Mountains and The ****** Nevada Mountains to name a few, and there are quite a few mountain ranges all having the former name. Also part of a Bogie film title.)

[Edited on 12/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
No, a sierra is an afternoon nap shaded from the hot sun by a sombrero.
No way, a siesta is a big ol' party in the streets.
(have we done enough car names yet?)
uh-uh, a fiesta is what they call the work break TV actors take during the summer.
Nope a rest up (not too sure about this one!) is when something becomes unpostThreadIDy.
No messed up is a kind of red sauce that you put on your chips (or fries if you're illiterate)
Nope, ketchup is the guy who stands or crouches behind the batter.
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