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Thread: Quote Game

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A samll box with a G on it, more precisely Galadriel's gift to Sam.
Yup, your turn Thorin. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said and where
"It will not last much longer, i am afraid," he said; "but i think we need it after the horror at the gate."

hey grondy couldn't we include quotes from the sil & the hobbit as well?
Your quote, without even looking it up is by Gandalf to the other eight members of the Fellowship, after they were trapped inside Moria with the western door destroyed by the Watcher in the Water.

We could, though I for one would probably have to pass on guessing those from 'The Silmarillion' as I don't know it well enough to be able to differentiate from which story or even part of the book it would come. As you and I are the only ones currently playing this game I don't think you would have much fun by yourself. However, I would like to include 'The Hobbit' from now on, if you are agreeable. That said here is one from that book.

Who said,
"A very good tale! said he. "The best I have heard for a long while. If all beggars could tell such a good one, they might find me kinder."

It's been a long time since I've read the Hobbit, but for some reason that quote makes me think of Bilbo's first meeting with Gandalf - so I would say Bilbo said it, but I could be way off. Dunce Smilie
No, Elf Winking Smilie but it was said to Gandalf.
Ok i agree about the hobbit.

the answer is Beorn. Fairly easy.

Who said & where?
"There's more to come yet," said ....... "or i'm mighty mistook."
One Thomas Troll to his companions, William Huggins and Bert. He didn't think there were any more burrahobbits a coming, but might be a few more Dwarves, maybe even lots. - found in 'Roast Mutton' of The Hobbit.

'I did not know that you were with us in the sortie. But oft the unbidden guest proves the best company. How came you there?'
Eomer to Gimli at Helm's Deep?
Yes, after Gimli had beheaded two orcs and scared off ten other ambushers in rescuing Eomer before Aragorn could engage with them. This was outside the gates of Helm's Deep where Aragorn and Eomer had forstalled the battering ram wielders while the gates were being reinforced on the inside. Eomer had been ambushed on the way back to the postern gate. They hadn't known Gimli had followed them, but he didn't want to hinder their sword-work, so he sat watching until he was needed; those were his first and second kills of the 42 he made that night.

Your turn again. Happy Elf Smilie
But Thorin seems to have vanished! He has been away for a week. He has told us that there has been some connection problems, so what is wrong?

I'm missing the bearded youth!
Moderator Smilie If Thorin hasn't come back to post us a new quote to guess, anyone else may do it, if they promise to try and be around to maintain it almost daily until it has been guessed. Happy Elf Smilie
Okay, I'll try:

"Who will leas us now in this deadly dark?"
Off the top of my head with no peeking, I'd say it was Boromir after the Watcher had broken the western door of Khazad-dm, trapping the Fellowship inside the dreary, dank, dreaded, dusty passages of Moria.
Surprisingly correct as ever!
When and where?

'Shadowfax tossed his head and cried aloud, as if a trumpet had summoned him to battle. Then he sprang forward. Fire flew from his feet; night rushed over him.'
Gandalf with Pippin on Shadowfax starting the wild ride towards Minas Tirith! (found in the chapter:'The Palantir' TTT) Angel Smilie
Very good Rafael, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who, when and where?

Suddenly they heard the water again, loud now, running and splashing.
Could that be what Frodo and Sam heard blindfolded as captives of Captain Faramir and his Ithilen Rangers on their way to the secret hideout of Henneth Annun?
And ever so correct! You may give us some hints of where we may beat you, sir Grondy!
Who and where?

'Run away now!' said __________. 'You will get plenty when the time comes.'
Gandalf said this to the hobbit children who had followed him (and his cart full of fireworks) when he arrived at Bilbo's home for the Long Expected Party, Bilbo gave the kids money but they had to wait for the fireworks. Jumping Flame Smilie
Correct Tinvial, you may post the next quote for us to guess. Happy Elf Smilie
Anyone may post a new quote for us to guess, if they wish.
Well here I try:

"You are an interfering old busybody"

Who said that to whom, where?
Sounds like something Grima would have said to Gandalf in Edoras when Gandalf was warning Theoden about Sarumen's treachery; however the actual words seem new to me, it could be the translation thing, or just my memory. And then again I may have the wrong characters, place, and time. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And then again I may have the wrong characters, place, and time.

Partly true! You have one of the characters, but wrong place, time and the other character. Shocked Smilie So it's time for a timejump!
Okay, it must be Bilbo to Gandalf after the eleventy-first birthday party before Bilbo took off with the dwarves, leaving the Ring behind for Frodo.
Yes, for once in your life you made a correct deduction?!!

Unstoppably!! Angel Smilie Angel SmilieAngel SmilieAngel Smilie Angel SmilieAngel Smilie
'Wise man trusts not to chance-meeting on the road in this land.'

Who, to whom, and where?
Burned again, master G!
If I remember correctly the statement occurred somewhere in Ithilien; though it has been nigh on a week, and I didn't write it down.
Running aimless around in Ithilien hunting wise men high and low, but none has appeared yet! Read Smilie
Ah, I found I left a bookmark on the page before the Ithilien Rangers went off to ambush the Men of Harad. That should get you to the quote; though how it will be worded in Norwegian might be another matter. Happy Elf Smilie
'Wise man trusts not to chance-meeting on the road in this land.'

Gandalf to the Council of Elrond at rivendell?
Nope, see my hint left on Wednesday 28 March.
Faramir to frodo after having captured them in the ferns?
You got it Thorin; your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said and where

"Sleep while you may," said...... "But the captain will return, if he is unhurt; and when he comes we shall depart swiftly...."
It was one of the two Ithilien Rangers that Faramir left to guard Frodo and Sam while he and the rest of his force was ambushing the Southrons. I can't remember their names at the moment. I'll look it up tomorrow if no one else has answered it by then.
Yup the where is correct now remains the who. Winking Smilie
Mablung said it.

Who said and where: 'But the Forest is queer. Everthing in it is very much more alive, more aware of what is going on, so to speak, than things are in the Shire.' ?
Merry in the old forest i think.
Yes it was there he said it. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said and where:

'Well do i understand your speech,' he answered in the same language; 'yet few strangers do so...'
I don't have it on the tip of my tongue yet; doesn't sound like Treebeard or Ghn-buri-Ghn, so I'll have ponder a bit more.
Nope. certainly ghan-Buri-Ghan does not talk such good english... Dunce Smilie
And it was way too short a speech for Treebeard.

Was it Haldir to someone in the Fellowship as they entered the border of Lothlorien. I haven't looked it up for I'm pushing 5.5 hours here today and mine eyes are too pooped to pop, let alone to see clearly. Orc Grinning Smilie
Nope. And to think that i thought it was an extremely easy one when i wrote it! Orc Grinning Smilie
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