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Gamling the Old was also trapped there with Gimli and ’omer.
Westfold - Lived there
Merry traveled through there riding Stybba on his way to Dunharrow.
Pelenor Fields - fought there
King Theoden died there.
Meduseld - Lived there
Legolas, 'Green Leaf' visited there
Gimli, Gloin's son visited there.
Black stone of Erech - went there with Aragorn
Legolas was also in their party
Mouth of Anduin - fought there
Mouth of Anduin - fought there
Don't think so, they fought and entered the river at Pelargir, about 100 miles upstream of Ethir Anduin (the Mouths of Anduin). But using Pelargir as your location, the King of the Mountains (leader of the oath breakers) fought there too, or at least scared the heck out of the Southrons allowing the capture of their fleet.
I don't remember that battle much. My answer was in reference of a song of legolas where he was singing about the sea gulls of Anduin. Elk Grinning Smilie
Then my response must be of course, Gimli, Lord of the Glittering Caves, for he accompanied Legolas on his later journeys.
Chamber of Mazarbul - got to know about Balin's fate there
Frodo got a bruise under his mithril shirt there
Kheled Zaram fair and wonderful - was shown this wonder by gimli
Boromir was by its shore, but didn't actually see the stars reflected from its surface in the daylight, because he didn't get that close and had little imagination to accept such miracles.
Tower of Etchellion - used to stand there in the morning
Denethor ate his lunch there
Faramir - his younger son
Boromir his older brother
Entwash - Lost his horse there
Grishn’kh crossed that river on his way to a bonfire
Thief in the night
I assume that is in reference to that horse thief Sauman, who sometime in his career crossed the river, as did Pippin.
I assume that is in reference to that horse thief Sauman, who sometime in his career crossed the river,

Euhhh, sorry Grondy i think i forgot in which game thread i was. I really must stop simultaneous surfing on different sites when i'm here! Elk Grinning Smilie

Pimpernel Took brother of Peregrin I (Pippin)
The Shire - his country
Kili traveled there with his uncle Thorin Oakenshield
The Last Homely House - went there with his other friends guided by Gandalf
K’li brother of F’li was also there.
The Mountain Pass - was caught in a storm there
Bilbo Baggins traveled there too
The Carrock - had a bath there and crossed it too on his way to a Skin Changers'
Beorn used to spend nights there watching for Orc-sign.
Misty mountains - it is believed he came from there
Gandalf killed the Great Goblin and rescued Thorin's Company there.
Necromancer's Dungeon - visited them on an open day
Thr’in II Thorin Okenshield's father was able to keep a key hidden there, but lost to Sauron, the last of the Dwarven rings of power
Wilderland - traveled through it
Thorin Okenshield leader of Company who went there later.
Dis his sister
Kili her son
Fili - his brother
The Carrock - they dismounted there on their trip to the Lonely Mountain.
Great River passed through the carrock
Nope, Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie the rules state no two places in a row. So it must be a direct relative, or a separate race who visited there.
Gandalf - then, guided the hobbit and dwarves there Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
On the doorstep of Orthanc.
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