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Thread: Tolkien-Related Game

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Saruman Multicolored
Plains of the Mark
Fords of the Isen
OINNNNNNK. Erratum - two places in a row! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You caught me there man. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Gimli traversed those plains
Minas Tirith - walked the streets with Legolas
Bergil lived there
High Court of Minas Tirith - was on guard duty there
Faramir was told to leave there and return to the river crossing
Osgilliath - defended it for a while
Sam - went there (only in the movie)
Ithilien - tread there with Frodo
Mablung, Ranger of the West - hunted Southrons under Faramir's command there
Henneth Annun
Samwise Gamgee saw a magnificent sunset from there.
Crickhollow - officially went there to help Mr Frodo
Bill the Pony - went there with Sam to fetch bavk home Mr. Baggin's spoons, linen, and underwear. You had me there for a bit. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Rivendell - went there with sam too
Boromir showed up there too
Lothlorien went there with the Company of the Ring
Celeborn ruled there as CLord of the Galadrim.
Celebrian - his daughter
Misty Mountains - She was attacked there.
Beorning - guarded some pass'
Bilbo Baggins crossed from east to west that very pass on the way 'back again'.
Wrong Grondy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie My answer was Beorning not the pass. Thus Bilbo is not related to Beornings which makes your answer wrong. Just a case of mistaken identity! Orc Grinning Smilie
Ah, one can't have two of the same race in a row unless they are near related, but one may have two of different races in a row. Still, Bilbo is a hobbit, not a Beorning, so he needn't be a near relation to them, and my answer stands.
I guess you're rightElf With a Big Grin Smilie

Thorin Oakenshield
Azanulbizar - fought there
Thráin Thorin Oakenshield's father fought there too.
Dol Guldor was imprisoned there
Gandalf infiltrated that fair establishment in hopes of learning the identity of the Necromancer.
Bag End visited famous bagginses there
Elanore Gamgee was born there
Annuminas being a hand maid of Queen Arwen she visited her there when the King went to stay in the North
King Elessar - Rebuilt it and established it as the northern capital of the Reunited Kingdom.
Arwen Evenstar - his wife
Eldarion their son
Rath Dinen - went to take the Crown of Gondor there when Aragorn took his eternal sleep
Pippin followed Denethor's funeral party there
Fangorn Forest
Gimli refrained from using his axe there.
Gloin his father and member of the Great Smaug Party
Bilbo Baggins, one time burglar, also a member of the Great Smaug Party
Rivendell - Retired there
Aragorn grew up there
Umbar Went there
Gimli accompanied Aragorn there.
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