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Thread: Tolkien Psychological Wording

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Winding Stair

Haha, your humor never whithers Marion Orc Smiling Smilie Just like my irony, which no-one gets Orc Going Huh SmilieOrc Grinning Smilie
Endless Stair
Elf King's Cave
Dwarven Battle Axe
Bow of the Galadhrim
Mithril Shirt
Orc-chieftain's spear
Gil-galad According to Sam in The Fellowship of the Ring.

His sword was long, his lance was keen,
His shining helm afar was seen;
the countless stars of heaven's field
were mirrored in his silver shield.

Fingon - Gil-galad's Father
Erendil great-grand-nephew of Fingon
Melian's Girdle
Nivrim - A wood of Doriath that came under protected of the girdle
Iron Crown
Angrist = iron-cleaver Beren used to remove one of the Silmarils from Morgoth's crown
Curufin - son of Feanor who originaly owned angrist
Curunr = Saruman's older name
Olrin - Gandalf as he was in his youth
Mithrandir = Gandalf as he was known by the Elves
Stormcrow - A name given to Gandalf at Rohan
Grima Wormtongue
River Isen
Isenmouthe which has no relationship to the above named river, but is instead the pass in Mordor between Gorgoroth and Udn.
Plateau of Gorgoroth - Just South of the Isenmouthe
Thorn-breaks one of the olvar of Mordor
Sauron's escape to Mordor
Dol Gulder whwere sauron fled from to mordor
The Necromancer is what Sauron was called in The Hobbit, and he had been using Dol Guldor as a base of operations until Gandalf and the White Council chased him from there back to Barad-dr.
Hobbiton - where lots of happy halflings live!
kuduk westron for hobbit
Kd-dkan = Rohirric name for hobbits; it means 'hole-dweller'.
Smaug - another hole-dweller
The Arkenstone = the most valuable treasure in Smaug's hoard, according to Thorin Oakenshield.
Glittering Caves - a place well-known by dwarves
HOME = the Glittering Caves are home to Grondmaster.
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