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My father was Guilin, also of Nargothrond.

But who was my brother?
Ah, that would be Gelmer of Nargothrond, who was executed in front of Sirion's Well.
Quite right, it was Gelmir.
Your turn then.
What title did the twenty-eighth King of Gondor add to his name after he took Umbar in a victory over the Corsairs?
Hyarmendacil meaning 'South-victor' or something like that.

Hint: He reigned in the early TA 19th Century.
Telumehtar Umbardacil - had to look up the appendices.
That's why I gave the hint...shucks I don't remember a third of the answers, but I often know where in the text to look for them. Gwindor's turn again. Happy Elf Smilie
How high is Orodruin (Mount Doom) - approximately?
Well, according to a discussion we had at How tall is Barad-dur?,the following was posted by Lord of All on 01 November 2007:
... Mt Doom. Orodruin stood about 4500 feet from pinnacle to base, which is clearly described in Karen Wynn Fonstadd's 'the Atlas of Tolkien's middle-earth'. The 'tumbled shoulders' of the mountain stood some 3000 feet high and then the central cone, which Sammath Naur was built into nearer the lower half stood a further 1500 feet. This places the Doorway into the mountain at around 3200 feet high.

Which I haven't been felt needed any refutation. However her 3000 and 1500 figures come from page 234 of the Ballantine movie cover paperback edition of RotK, my copy of which is falling apart and must now be relegated to the scrap heap of history and a new volume brought forth for future reference. I purchased another four volume set of paperbacks a couple years ago for just such an occurrence. I think this was the second RotK paperback that my research here has destroyed. Read Smilie
Quite right.
So if its 4500 feet above the Plain of Gorgoroth, how high is it above sea level? - which heights are usually measured by.
This is slightly a trick question.
Well, assuming the bottom of Karen Wynn Fonstad's elevation cross-section of Mordor is at sea level (as it appears to be in that of Eriador), I'd say the summit of Orodruin was approximately 13,500 feet above sea level, as it looks like plain is about twice the elevation above sea level as the mountain rises above it. (These elevation cross-sections ignore the curvature of Arda, just showing it as a horizontal line in all cases.)
Didn't know that - I was going to say 4500 ft plus height of Gorgoroth, must get hold of a copy soon.
Your turn then.
Where did Haleth son of Helm die?
At the doors of Meduseld fighting Wulf & co.
Correct Gwindor, your turn again. Happy Elf Smilie

For any who wonder, this tale is laid out near the end of Appendix A to RotK.
Who was the 'father of horses'?
Hint: it was a horse, who was also the first of the Mearas.
Well, Felar’f was the father of the Rohirrim horses, one of the mearas, but I suppose the answer could be Nahar, Orom’'s steed.

Sorry I couldn't be here earlier, but my computer crashed last week needing a new hard drive and all the software; and now once again as I use them, I must add all the spellings of Tolkien's names to the spellchecker, for I find it knows nothing.
I was looking for Felarof, since the quote is in LOTR, but Nahar is also correct.
I noticed you were strangely absent a few days last week, but I've also been away for most of the week. Glad to see your OK.
My hard drive went belly-up causing me to replace it and to start all over because I lost all the software and data.

Who was Bergil's uncle?

Shucky Darn! I just broke the frame of my glasses and can't repair them. Orc Sad Smilie
Iorlas, as in 'as old as my uncle Iorlas' (29). I think that's all we know really. So Beregond's younger brother most likely.
Keerect you are Gwindor; your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who was Gandalf referring to when he said he will take her to the woods,but not to her sisters?
Ioreth in search of Athelas, or in the vernacular, Kingsfoil.
Spot on Grondmaster,
Your turn then.
'Bring out your skulking King!' was said by whom, to whom, about whom, and what was the occasion? Okay, it is actually four questions in one, but if you can answer any two you can easily answer all four. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The Uruk-hai to Aragorn about Theoden.
Oh, it was while they were having that slight altercation at Helm's Deep.
In a nut shell Gwindor, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
What was the isle of Balar originally part of?
Anyone care to have a go at this?
Wow! You've waited a long time for someone to answer! I'll guess the obvious - Numenor.
It was a part of Tol Eressea. When Ulmo landed it in the shallow waters of the bay of Balar, the horn of the isle which was deep grounded in the shallow waters broke off forming the bay of Balar.
Undomiel's got it,
Your turn then.
Is this a question?, if so then what?
Question is who/what is Guthwine??
I think it was a sword!
K. Whose was it?
Hello?? Anyone there??
It was Eomer's sword, wasn't it? I seem to remember that from a passage in ROTK. Either his or Theoden's, but I'm quite sure it belonged to Eomer.
I was thinking no one would guess. But then there has to be someone better always. So your turn then Fornac to question the crowd.
Bump for Fornac. Your turn for the trivia buddy!
You better question us Thorin. He(Fornac) seems to have disappeared.
Who slew Azog the Goblin?
Ah, sorry about disappearing! I didn't check this thread for a while.
Though I'll try to answer Thorin's question.
Ummm... *racks brain desperately* He used to rule the Goblins of the Misty Mountains, and he ruled Moria for a while, then the dwarves attacked him for killing an important dwarf (can't remember his name). And there was some sort of battle and... Dain Ironfoot killed him, I think...
All of the above is probably complete rubbish, or about another goblin. Was Azog the Great Goblin in The Hobbit? In that case he was killed by Gandalf.
I agree with Fornac, and the great dwarf he slew was Balin?

Random question, is the 'Balin' of Moria (Balins Tomb) one of the 13 Dwarves of the Hobbit?
Yes he was one of the thirteen and he was the one who visited Bilbo in the Shire in later days.
Dain Slew him. Correct answer, Fornac's turn now!
Hee hee hee. Really evil one now. Evil verging on twitching mad. Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie

Give the names of Merry's father, uncle, and grandfather on his father's side.
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