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Thread: Another Tolkien Trivia Game

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Yes to both the answer and the question; I often resurrect questions, but try not to do it too often. Happy Elf Smilie Estel's turn.
What was the name of the isle in the middle of Anduin the Great on which no foot has set?
That would be the shear-sided Tol Brandir or in Westron, Tindrock.
Correct, your turn then!
Into which two areas, was Harad devided?
Is that by any chance Harad and Far Harad ?
Yes Estel, your turn.

Sorry about that; spent the weekend in hospital. Fun! Fun! Fun!
What is the epithet by which Eomer is known ?
Third Marshall of Riddermark or King of Rohan (eighteenth) or was it something Saruman called him before Gandalf broke Saruman's staff?
It would be in the Fourth Age that the epithet was given to him...
King of the Mark is all I can come up with.
Eomer Eadig he was known in the Fourth Age!!
Okay then, ask another. Happy Elf Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
So, if Estel has no question to ask, Grondy would you start us off again? I think I would like this game better.
What was the birth-date of Aragorn?
2931 T.A. ?
Partially: day and month?
march the 1st?
Now you got it all Grishnkh your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
okay easy one,
what do
translate into english as!
this may be considered two questions so just anwser one or the other or both Smile Smilie
I think that Olog-hai means troll-folk and Uruk-hai means Orc-folk in the Black Speech.
Not quite. The "Hai" part might even be considered as "high". Like they are a higher form of Orc or Troll, more powerful and not afraid of sunlight.
well, this is a bit strange, i allwaqys thought "Hai!" was folk in black speech, but maybe not Orc Grinning Smilie

so it could go to either grondy or fornad!
discuss it amgonst yourselves Smile Smilie
see what i did there!? "yourselves"
because its a tolkien themed- oh never mind
@Grishnakh ...I laughed at your little joke there.
Go ahead Fornad, give us the next one. Happy Elf Smilie
Who founded Vinyalond, and what was its other name?

I know that's two questions, but if you can answer the first the second is easy.
Son of Tar-Meneldur and the husband of Erendis. But I don't want the next question to fall to me, so me not giving the answer!!
Tar Aldarion?
And the other name of the city?
Lond Daer? But i think that's the name of a wide area surrounding the city...
Yes, that is it's other name, though I think I'll give the question to Grondy since he answered the harder question first.
Who slew Carcharoth?
Huan of Valinor
Beleg has the correct answer and the honor of posing the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Thank you Grondy Orc Grinning Smilie

Who was Zamin?
This took me quite a while to find in the Sil; but here it is: Zamn was an old woman who served Erendis, estranged wife of Tar Aldarion (the founder of Vinyalond/Lond Daer, see how these questions are going in circles? Spooky. Big Smile Smilie) during the early Second Age.

That's right! We're waiting for your question, Fornad

I actually started this thread inadvertently, so I'll do this question in Fornad's absence.


Who was Elwe Singollo's brother?

Olwe of Aqualonde?

It is indeed - your turn then.

How long did the siege of Mordor last in the battle of The Last Alliance?

Sorry for my absence!

It was seven years or so, wasn't it?

Correct Answer, your call! And welcome back Big Smile Smilie

Thanks Thorin. indecision

Here's my fiendish question:

How many years passed during the absence of a King of Gondor?

Not sure of the question.

If you mean from the passing of Earnur to Aragorn's coronation then that would be about  969 years.

That's right!  

Gwindor gets the next question.

In Gondor how many years must pass before a Steward becomes King if the King returneth not?

I believe Denethor said something like Not a thousand years would suffice.

It was "10000 years would not suffice" - but near enough, it was a trick question.

Your turn then.

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