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Thread: Another Tolkien Trivia Game

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Yes violins, or fiddles as Tolkien called them in The Hobbit.

Gwindor's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
The violin was just a guess, I was actually inclined towards the Gibson Les Paul with Fender Twin-Reverb amplifier. You know what young dwarves are like.

So, where was Fredegar (Fatty) Bolger from?
Buckland I think, but that is just a guess; I won't look it up until tomorrow.
Hint - its in the Eastfarthing
Micheal Delving?
Budge Ford, where the road between Whitfurrows and Scary crossed The Water. I had to look it up.

Where in the World of Arda is the village Pincup, and if you wanted to get there by road, what other village would you need to go to first? This is a hard one, I had to search quite a bit to find any canonical reference to it.
Found it.
Its in the South Farthing - I've got a large map of the Shire.
To get to it by road go through Oakleaf. A long way around, why not have a connecting road to the Tookborough-Stock freeway.
Well, Gwindor has the location correct, but how to get there depends on whose map you look at. Tolkien's map of the Shire didn't show which village on the road to Longbottom connected to it. As of today, I have seen maps with that village labeled as "Longbottom", "Gamwich", and like Gwindor wrote above, "Oakleaf". So I guess there is no canonical way to get there other than to go to the west and then far to the south, and then back up to Pincup from village where the two roads meet, whatever it is called. If any one meets a Shire Postperson on their rounds, please ask them how to get there from Hobbiton; then again maybe they will tell you the punchline to that old New England joke, "You can't there from here!" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Anyway it is Gwindor's turn to pose the next question.
Actually, my map has both Longbottom and Oakleaf, but I guess we'll never know.

What happened to the Palantiri?
One was corrupted upon Denethor's death.
One was with Aragorn
The Palantiri of Osgilliath was drowned in water.
That of Minas Ithil was taken by Sauron and was lost in the ruin of Barad Dur when the tower was destroyed.
One was Kept at the White Towers of the Elf and was taken by Elrond on his leaving Middle Earth.
I think the other two palantíri, that of Amon Sűl and Annúminas, which had later been kept in Fornost, were ultimately lost in a shipwreck in 1975 TA, along with Arvedui when he was fleeing from Arnor after the final fall of Arthedain and Fornost to the Witch King.
Well, we have to get some scuba-diving treasure-hunters together to go searching! I wonder if Aragorn ever tried to direct his palantir to see what surroundings the others were in. Now I know the one in the Elf-havens was said to only look toward Elvenhome in the West, but once it got back there, I wonder if Elrond ever used it for long-distance palantir-cam chats with Arwen.
Thorin and Grondmaster have got it between them - since Thorin got most of them it should be his turn.
Who lived at Bamfurlong?
Grip, Fang, and Wolf lived at Bamfurlong, which I believe was the name of Farmer Maggot's farm. So he and his family lived their too, as well as their seed and vegetable crops, flowers, weeds, livestock, pets, poultry, birds, wild animals, vermin, spiders, grubs, and insects, not to mention a multiplicity of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. I probably have left something off this list, but have undoubtedly added more than anyone might ever want to know. It has been a slow day. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Mushrooms Grondy! Don't ever forget the mushrooms! Orc Grinning Smilie

Good answer Grondy! Your turn!
Oops, I thought I had added "fungi" in my list to cover Mushrooms, but I must have inadvertently deleted it during one of my many edits of that post. Wiggle Smilie

What snack was Sam having as Aragorn led the hobbits from Bree?
An apple which he afterwards used as a missile! Orc Grinning Smilie
'Waste of a good apple,' said Sam regretfully.

Correct Thorin; your turn again.
How the Breelanders referred to by the Shire folks?
Outlanders? From whence did come the word "outlandish": pertaining to the acts of those beyond the Pale, foreigners, aliens, them, as opposed to us and we'uns.
Nope Grondy! It isn't Outlanders!
Well, after looking it up, it appears the Shire-folk called them the Bree-folk and visa versa, whether they be Men or hobbits.
Actually, they're called Outsiders, as is anyone from outside the Shire.
I think the Bree hobbits refer to Shirefolk as colonists.
It is outsider.

Refer to the chapter, At the sign of the Prancing Pony where Butterbur tell Frodo that they don't get outsiders often now.
Well, Merry used "Bree-folk" talking to old Harry at the gate, but then Merry was also a Bucklander.
Later on in the chapter the narrator wrote saying 'Butterburr introduced the newcomers to the Bree-folk' and also wrote "Bree-landers", "Bree-hobbits", and "Shire-folk"; but of course, the narrator was neither from Bree nor the Shire.

I'll also go along with Gwindor's "Outsiders". And we will agree it is his turn.
What are 'Biter' and 'Beater'?
The Orcish names for a pair of swords that were made in Westernesse and found by Thorin and Company in a Troll cave. "Biter" is "Glamdring, last wielded by Gandalf the White; and "Beater" is "Foe Hammer", and last wielded by and entombed with Thorin Oakenshield.

Of all the items Tom Bombadil removed from the Barrow-wights barrow, which one did he save for Goldberry?
A butterfly clasp?
Yup, a brooch shaped like a flutterby. Thorin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
What were the name of the 3 provinces of Arnor after they had been divided?

Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur.

Absolutely right! Your turn. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Who seized power in Rhudaur?
Hill-men in league with Angmar?
Quite correct, 'An evil lord of the hillmen'
Your turn then
What did Men call the wasted gardens of the Entwives?
The Brown Lands
Correct, Gwindor's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who was the leader of the Rangers who joined Aragorn in Rohan?
Halbarad ? An "n" snuck into his name the first time I wrote it here, but it didn't look right.
Halbarad it was(no n).
Your turn then.
After their stewed cony feast, Frodo and Sam were watched over by which two Rangers of Ithilien during Faramir's ambush of the Southrons?
Mablung and Damrod I think.
Yes, Gwindor's turn to ask the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Who's companion was Mablung the Elf?
If you mean Mablung of the Heavy Hand, then I think it was Thingol, though he also dealt with Beleg and Turin, but not as long as when he was Chief Captain of Thingol.
You've got it, bit more than I expected.
Your turn then.
You, Gwindor, once told Túrin the name of your father, what was his name?
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