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Thread: The Hobbit edition help...

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Ok I just want to start off by saying that this is my first visit to this site so hello everyone!

Ok I've read The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings in the past but I am finally buying my own copies of the books as well as some others to help engross myself in the world of M.E. So I have a question to ask of you who are familiar with the different editions of The Hobbit. I recently purchased the 50th Anniversary Edition of LOTR and was trying to find out which edition of TH would compliment it the best. I've seen the 50th Anniversary Edition of TH and it seems like the one I'm going to grab, but I've also seen the Illustrated Edition that was released as a sort of 60th Anniversary Edition. I love all the art that is included in the books so I was just wondering how much art is included in the 50th Anniversary Edition? Does the Illustrated Edition have much more? Also how does the book feel on the Illustrated Edition? Is it also a leatherette version? or just a hardcover with textured paper covering?

Thanks in advance!
Not sure I can answer your question directly but I'll add another possibility. I currently own an edition in hardback illustrated by Michael Hague. But I think I'm going to put "the annotated Hobbit" on my wish list. I think it may be worth having... but I'd also like to have the one with tolkien's illustrations in it...

I've a few editions of the Hobbit. The illustrated edition by Alan lee, the Pocket edition and my cherished edition, the limited deluxe edition published by Harper Colllins. Which I think is sublime. It's presented lovely & comes in a green slipcase cover etc... It has the definitive version of the text, with Tolkien's original illustrations in full colour with an addition of having one illustration byTokien  that hasn't been in any previous editions of the book. I would recommend this one  as it's pure quality. Whether it's still available I'm not sure. But if it is you can get it online either at the official Tolkien bookshop U.K or amazon U.K, It sells for £60 on the Tolkien shop & about £48-50 on amazon U.K  

I hope I've been of some help