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Thread: concerning legolas

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i have just one question, why does legolas know how to surf, its unreasonabel, how did he learn? he is a wood elf if i remeber correctly. how would he learn how to surf? Exploding Head Smilie (dont think to hard)
Coz he wonderful, super duper and can do anything (and he dosen't even need to change behind a tree to be a hero) You just hve to look at himmmmmm In Love Smilie Mind you I think the films may have a little more to with this than the book i.e Orlando Bloom.

But reading LOTR I fell in love with Strider so, who knows.... Wink Smilie

I fell in lurve with my hubby but he doesn't look like OB, now I'm thinking too much Exploding Head Smilie

Waving Hello Smilie
What a silly question. Legolas never surfed. This is the BOOK part of the forum.
You mean you don't remember that part of the book Vir? Animated Wink Smilie You know, about the tree surfing competitions of Mirkwood. Legolas is a champion tree surfer in Mirkwood, that's where they got his name: Green Leaf. That was the name of the award given to the winners of the tree surfing contest.

Archery was more popular though, because hardly any Elves have a knack for tree surfing. And so they'd get Elves from Lothlorien to come there, and Elves from Mirkwood to go to Lothlorien every other year, like the olympics.

Tolkien's earlier versions of Middle Earth included Tarzan, but he later decided that he was going with a Middle Ages type theme, hence Tarzan was cut earlier on. Big Smile Smilie

(Purely joking of course Wiggle Smilie )
Sounds like a run-of-the-mill Legolamb fanfic to me.
*frolick frolick* I am not! People who call Legolas "Legolamb" are ewww.... Besides, I got over my fangirl obssession a long time ago, now I just think that he seems cool! Big Smile Smilie And Orli is hot. *frolick* Besides, I was just joking when I said that ... but wouldn't it be funny to watch Haldir, Legolas, Tarzan, and Elrond tree surfing? Or even just Elrond. Big Smile Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Wiggle Smilie Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie ;D *frolick frolick*
Legless cannot surf. Well, atleast not the internet. (Okay, bad joke)

I don't know where PJ got this idea of making Legless surf every d*mn thing in his sight whether be it shields, snow or even some poor animal's trunk. I don't like it. Makes it look to "modern". Like the "Hang on!" that Aragorn says in the FotR. I wonder if Legless is originally from Hawaii!
Have you noticed that Legolas has to have his 'cool' bit in each film? Like in FOTR he jumps onto the cave troll and shoots it with two arrows into the head. And then in TT he surfs down some stairs on a shield (hence this thread, eh?) whilst shooting arrows and ends up landing with the shield in an Uruk's neck. And then in ROTK he does the whole Mumakil thing that I am not even gonna bother explaining Sleeping Smilie
It is common knowledge that the Wood-elves quickly climbed into the tree tops with shields strapped to their backs and when they got there they used the shields to quickly surf across the forest as a means of fast transit from one side to the other. And of course this was the origination of the saying: "From here on up, it's all down hill." Though I had always thought that saying originated with Walt Kelly, the creator of Pogo.

The movie Lego-lass was required to surf so as to get the teenie-boppers and their thirty-some counterparts into the theatres time and again just to watch the gymnastics of this would-be heart-throb. And we won't even make mention of his great flying feat of horse mounting.
Orlando just owes so much coolness to computer generated graphics. Pity the other films he has appeared in did not have similar budgets to spend digitally enhancing his performance. In just about everything else I've seen him in, his acting is as stiff as his surf board.
He's only in to attract the teenyboppers, anyway. Just like with his latest flick, "kingdom of heaven". Lucky there are also some good actors in, like Jeremy Irons and Liam Neeson, so that he doesn't completely ruin it.